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Baqya Muhamad
Dear potato, I will forever be your banana.
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How I ended up being called as 'banana'? One day, I was swearing and I accidentally mentioned banana. That's how I was called banana. LOL
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Instead of homework, children worry about when their next meal will be in #SouthSudanNOW.
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Tens of thousands of women & children among more than 191k people killed in #Syria, @UNrightswire says @BBCWorld
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"@dksdeeja: anda ada satu hari lagi untuk menikmati cuti anda @bimxbm :)" Potong stim gila haha
Setahu aku, kaki aku cramp belah kanan je. Ni dah pehal betis aku kiri kanan keras semacam je?
"Standing in the hall of fame, and the worlds gonna know your name."
Llama's korean lesson of the day (4 da non korean speaking fans). 밤 (Bah-m) is korean for chestnut. This concludes today's lesson. <3
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terrorized #Palestinian children being treated at Al Shifa Hospital #Gaza after their homes were destroyed by Israel.
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What style of sleep was that? LOL
"Ice Bucket Challenge" is a big waste.
We lose to win.
John Bosco, 3, at hospital in Juba. He’s one of 1m children suffering from malnutrition in #SouthSudanNOW
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Bangtan Boys is dope!
"Woman over 50kg is considered a pig." Aww are you kidding? I'm a buffalo!
What am I doing in this 19 years old body...............?
Macam bangang je aku pandang van pos laju tadi
"@ohhleikaaa_: aku rasa van poslaju tadi patut berhenti kat depan rumah aku laa" Aku rasa dia patut berhenti depan rumah aku tadi haha
I live not to please anyone.
Actually, both side are immature and no one is right in this matter. I'm not taking anyone's side but it would be better if all of you stop.
Can Samsung just release Samsung EXO series where everything inside of the phone is all about EXO? The icons, the apps, everything!
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Every child has the right to education - CAR students with their school kits @UNICEF_CAR #CARcrisis
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"@missfara: @bimxbm" What is this? Mom, dad looks like he's on high.
"Yup I ain’t no born player so why not give a shot I mean I ain’t no liar."
Utan dina andetag~