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Baqya Muhamad
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Some people have a "natural alarm clock" allowing them to wake up when they want - This is actually caused by a stress hormone.
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Stop looking at me as if I'm a sinner. Doesn't mean I don't smile, I'm rude.
Too much of assignments. Spare my ass please!
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I remember when I was on my back to Singapore and this uncle scared the shit hell out of me.
aku rasa si bim tak perlu aq mention kot.. sbb dia favorite smua tweet aku sampai teberanak notification .. hish hish.. hahahah
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Whatever you want to do in your life, be sure you have blessing from your parents or everything you do will be waste.
I feel like want to eat whatever I've been craving, tomorrow 😋
I got it. Thank you so much 👍
I got my new laptop already!
Ban Ki-moon on the fight against #Ebola: "Now is no time to let down our guard." via @washingtonpost
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Potato is being extra cheesy lol. I like cheese!
we may not meet yet but i believe banana and potato are meant to be lmfaolmfaolmfaolmfao
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Semua taknak balik KL hahaha
We’re at our best age to experience everything in the world.
Don't talk, act. Don't say, show. Don't promise, prove.
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Don't count how many times people have hurt and left you. Count how many times you have disobeyed Allah, yet ... He still never leaves you.
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Have you ever meet someone who proud of their phone when it's not even a smart phone? Yes, my mom and she's still using Nokia.
It's funny that you still got the nerve to ask me how have I been.
baqya muhamad's breakfast is faving tweets
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Jackson being jackass. He's Jackson, no doubt.
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Yeay!! I got myself a new backpack 😍
Bim nie rajin sangat scroll tl fav tweet orangg~
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Adding another song in my weibo playlist.
"Some bullies are looking for attention." And there you have the whole country is hating on you. Ta-dah!
Those bullies should be scout into MMA club and let them die in the ring after fight against the strongest.
I'm pissed than ever.
Can't let Mark see this....will scare the shit out of him! Hahahahaha I love this book! Hahahahaha......
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The skies are blue and fields are green and laughter is the language of the world.
In my dream, children sing a song of love for every boy and girl.
The laziest person to sleep and the laziest person to wake up in the morning. Level, me.
As long as I get up tomorrow as I have today. Surely I’ll live through yet another day.
I asked for a new laptop and my parents want me to list down the shits why they should buy me a new one.
I am an art maniac.
bim really make my notifications going crazy
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Scream. 외침. 呼喊。
Wu Yifan and Luhan, may both of you success in your career. Jiayou!
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"Don't touch" Sierra Leoneans now live by these words. But with children in need, it's a hard rule to follow #Ebola
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EXO-K Sabor a Mi (A Taste of M)
Amor fati is a Latin phrase loosely translating to "love of fate" or "love of one's fate".