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Bim Kadir
RT button is such a hell, sometimes.
People, please grow up. Spongebob is way smarter than you.
Changing name from Aswara to University P. Ramlee doesn't make a difference. Changing the management, syllabus and environment will.
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University P. Ramlee. Ok bye
A brilliant storyline but it's too hard to understand. Fagh
Naruto Madley oleh May Ling - PeTA 2015 Aswara via @YouTube
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I'm far away to beat Xander in mastering various of languages. He mastered seven languages while me, sadly four.
이젠 우리가 비겁한 도덕이 아닌 진짜 도덕을 어른들에게 말할수 있는 사람이 되자
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하지만 답습하지 말자 어른들이 지켜온 숭고함은 어쩌면 더 독하고 당당하게 정의로움을 이야기하는 나의 자랑스러운 아들, 딸들을 위한 의식이였다고 생각하자
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비겁한 도덕을 가르치는 어른들을 이해하자 사회란 그런 곳이라며 합리화 시키지만 그 분들이 버티고 견디며 지켜오던 삶의 무게를 존경하자
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I once ate cat food because I was bored and it taste good LOL. No worries, nothing happen to me 😂
Al-Fatiha for Loqman.
Only Malaysian and Singaporean could take various of languages in one sentence. "Wei macha, you want to makan here or tapau?"
Sah rabun tahap maksima aku ni.
Sale, sale, sale. Gotta, gotta, go, go. Gotta find desperado, desperado. LMAO 😂😂�
Can't your attitude be as nice as your voice not as shitty as your poop?
0323822165 idk what company you are and I'm going to hand this to the police to handle it.
Keratan akhbar Seni & Budaya-Mingguan Malaysia pada 31 Mei 2015 oleh Ku Seman Ku Hussain "ASWARA bertaraf Universiti"
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If I was a Satan, I would throw you off to the 7th hell's gate.
Thank you for the compliments. I do appreciate that, really.
This heartless bitch back you up when you got into trouble and this heartless bitch help you when you're into trouble. FU
Me? Heartless? Thank you, you describe me well.
After 48 hours of being a damn zombie, let me sleep for good.
I’m like a cocky ghost who was too ignorant to follow rules.
Young blood, bullshit. 3:33AM 🌔
When your parents ask you to say 'Hi' 👍�
That pair of shoes can be wait but not my school fees.
I'll be what I wanna be. It's better to lose friends than lose my real self. I don't care, because I have my family by my side.
I'm type of person who sometimes will go 'walala' when I get way too excited.
Me: Mak, can I talk to ayah? Then I heard ayah's voice from behind said "No, I'm full. Can't talk right now." Okay.
"Ken Lee tulibu dibu douchoooo" LMFAO
My lil' bros #BTS out here in Korea yesterday! Continue showing the world why you're the greatest #kpop group ever!
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Mak, I already get a present for your for your belated birthday and for mother's day. I'll be coming home soon 😊
The magic fake grass carpet- I mean, it's not-so comfortable 😅
As for me, I never show how I care for my friends. I just stay and watch. It would be better if they don't know that I cared for them.
Lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar 😭
People who speak just ONE damn language laughing at us, people who speak MULTI-languages. Who should be laughing right now?
Woah thanks dude, tau huey never be tau huey to me again. LOL
Idk whose face should I crop LOL 😂
[PROMOTE] EXO sweatshirt to sell. RM58 + RM8 shipping fee. Mention me if you're interested! For Malaysian only, TQ.
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UNICEF is taking action to help children+families affected by the devastating #NepalEarthquake. To help
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It's not about brand, it's about style.
Do you know there's a species called human? Human are not perfect but human do have a high expectation on others human to be perfect.

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