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Billy Connolly
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I played at the Opera house in Cork last night.I had a great time.Great crowd,great theatre,great staff.Great to be back.
The photographer from Killarney seems to have run to the media weeping about the big bad comedian who gave her a hard time.Boo Hoo.
I met some lovely people after the gig in Killarney.We talked for ages,it was lovely.Some great fans of Boondocks Saints.In Killarney!,,
I seem to have caused a little ripple on the Lakes of Killarney,by telling a photographer to get the Hell out of my eye line.No regrets.
The gig I did tonight in Castlebar Co.Mayo,and the previous night in Galway,are the most satisfying gigs I have done in a long time.
Meeting Seamus Heaney is weird. It feels like meeting William Wordsworth and Bob Dylan at Dinner. It's nice to meet someone older than me.
I had a meeting with Seamus Heaney in Dublin. He has translated some old Scottish fables,which I will read this week for animation on BBC.
Just finished a week in Dublin. The Gaiety theatre is a real old jewellery box. What a great audience,I couldn't be happier.
Goodbye Sweet Riochard Griffiths,you we're a nice big Man.
About the Waterboys. The Lake Isle of Innisfree will never be the same again.Mike Scott did it as a blues and just blew me out of my seat.
I went to see The Waterboys at the Town Hall last night.They were amazing. The whole show was Yeats put to. Mike Scott's music.Happy me.
Hello Joanna,I didn't even notice you following me!
I just watched" Winter's Bone"with Jennifer Lawrence,and loved every second.The banjo seems to get better as the fim gets weirder.I love it
For the good of your immortal soul,go and see"The Book of Mormon"if you get half a chance.The funniest thing I've seen in years.
Does anybody know anything about the band who appeared on SNL last night?I thought the were beathtaking.Alabama something.
I had a great time at the Baftas Last night.Stephen Fry just gets better all the time.What a Host.
So far it looks as if I'm getting on my flight to London tonight.The snow seems to have calmed down to a blinding deluge.
How did you come across this man's medals,and what progress have you made in finding his family.
How nice to hear from you. Are you still down in Dunoon?
I had my fourth Tango lesson today.My God it's more difficult than it looks! I'm loving it though.Can't be long now before the hair gel.
Tonight I went to see Peter Asher's show and loved every second of it.The story telling is flawless,and the music is a joy.Oh happy me!
"Quartet" has now reached No.1 at the UK box office! - Billy's management @QuartetFilm
The Billy Connolly Special Best Bits podcast, from the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on 14th December, is now...
To anyone who attended my Bafta"Do".Thank you so much.You made me very happy.I am genuinely deeply grateful.
I was interviewed by a journalist during the week,who told me sincerely that I should think about doing stand-up comedy!Standards are diving
I seem to be incapable of composing a tweet without mistakes on my Blackberry.I think I'll stick to the Ipad in future.I look such a jerk,
I just finished performing to to of the best udiences of my life,at the Beacon Theatre in New York.Thank you,you're the best.I was Flying.
Don’t miss Billy Connolly performing live at The Beacon Theatre, New York, on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th...
I travelled back to Ny on the train with Led Zepellin.If name droppiong is ever part of the Olympics I'll get a Gold Medal.I know Eric Idle.
A secret service guy at the White House last night confessed to being a big fan of Route 66,and intends doing it next year on his Harley D!
Last night I performed at the Kennedy Awards.I've never met an American President before.What a buzz.I was paying tribute to Dustin Hoffman.
I had a fantastic gig last night in San Francisco,and I'm looking foreward to the next four,or is it five?Not only that,I met Carlos Santana
I juuist did Conan O'Brian's show tonight and hjad a lovely time.I'm so glad to se people survive.It makes my heart sing a lottle song.
Thank you to everyone who wished me well on this,the forty-ninth anniversary of my 21st birthday.I love you all(one at a time)
How much was that Doggie in the window.Surely we have a right to know after all this time?statute of limitations and all that musy count?
While we're on the subject of who did what:Who's Sorry Now?
I bought a new tuxedo today.It is very smart,but I can't help thinking that I look like a man with a head transplant.
Iwas just thinking over a cu of tea this morning,did anyone find out Who wrote the Book of Love?
Billy Connolly will be performing at San Francisco’s Marines Memorial Theatre from 27th November until 1st...
I must arise and go now,Bye Bye Dickheads everywhere!
I could gut a Moose with one hand tied behind It's back.
How great to wake up this morning and find that it was true,CEltic beat the best team in the World last night!
How pleasant to be followed by Phoebe Grigor,lucky me.
The QuadRophonic sound Balaklava is th next big thing,tereust me.
MY fihing guide in Mexico came out with this beauty,"Shits Happen"You know what to say if Mitt Romney gets even close to winning!
Barca do it in the 93rd minute.Roll on Paradise!
I am on the side of Rio Ferdinand,when he refuses to wear the FA sponsored T--shirt.The punishments were not enough. For the racists.