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Bill Maher
#EbolaQuarantine I wlda bet it wlda been the TeaParty types who were AGAINST it cuz its Gov't limiting their freeedom! See what panic does?
Every news outlet asking me 4 comment on this Berkeley thing but then i remembered: I'VE got a show!And thats where I'll address it,Fri nite
John Kline gets $ from Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, votes agst raising minimum wage. Probly just a coincidence. Flip this loser, pleeeeze!
#Canada: Turns out the attacker was Islamic - what are the odds, huh? Its almost like there's an elephant in the room. #ImTheLiberal
Hey #MNO2 we're getting down to the wire; polling shows Kline slipping! Keep spreading the word and we will #FlipKline!
Hey #MNO2 we're getting down to the wire; polling shows Kline slipping! Keep spreading the word and we will #FlipKline!
Joe Biden's son ousted from the Navy for cocaine? If the son is like the father, that's a scary thought: think of Joe Biden. Now add cocaine
Free Pigs From the Abusive Crates: @nytimes
Ebola on cruise ships now too? You know who's getting the last laugh? Those Orthodox Jews with the plastic bags over their heads.
You know what, Nigeria? I take it back - we'd have to improve to come up to your standards. #JesusFuckingChrist
Nigeria has successfully contained #Ebola. We don't have to be perfect to win this. No offense, Nigeria, but if we can't at least do you...
Headin to Vegas for tonight and tomorrow at the Palms hotel -come see me if U wanna laugh! OK, you're right, that was kind of a blatant plug
Bill Maher’s: Why progressives must defend enlightenment, critique religious extremism… via @Salon
Getting ready for my town hall in Northfield, Minn. to #FlipKline
The truth about Reza Aslan's "brilliant" take-down of Bill Maher: @rezaaslan @billmaher
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I like Texas' new tourism slogan: Come to have an unwanted baby, stay because you're dying of Ebola.
I hope the microbes and insects like the planet when they have it all to themselves. Sorry about the mess.
You know #RealTime is trying to flip #JohnKline, right? I need eyes on the ground in #MN02! He's hiding - get me video! Tag #FlipADistrict
Wow, i just saw J-Law's face full of splooge on the internet...people, i told you this would happen if we took prayer out of school!!
#NewRule for #iPhone6 #BendGate
Live Stand-Up! @billmaher Performance stuff some of us live for... #TucsonMusicHall 8p Sun10/5… 260 S. Church #Tucson
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Defense stocks way up:Hey, broker,I live in a nation of sheep that spends unlimited $ on whatever bogeyman they see on tv,get me in on that!
Does anyone know if in fact #DerekJeter is retiring? Hit me up if you have any information, cuz i can't find anything about it in the media
Hey foreigners,i know U get me, fyi tonight's Overtime on is Special Edition: Issues for Overseas Viewers! After RT
Thank god we're bombing ‪#‎Khorasan‬ because they're SO much worse than Isis! Even tho 2 days ago I thought Khorosan was a restaurant in Brentwood.
Thank god we're bombing #Khorasan cuz they're SO much worse than Isis! Even tho 2 days ago I thought Khorosan was a restaurant in Brentwood
Pre-sale tickets available this now for the #Aloha Comedy Tour in #Hawaii! Use password: RBP.
Bill Maher: "If stupid atheists want to give me their money," that's their business [VIDEO]
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I guess my secret is out...
Why does our media act as a terrorist delivery system? When a fan runs on field NFL doesn't show it, but we oblige ISIS. More on this Friday
Sorry Mr President, but saying Isis isn't Islamic is like saying Mel Gibson isn't Catholic; religions don't include just the ones you like
Keith Olbermann and I doing the play by play last night in between Bill Maher's two live shows on HBO:…
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Thanku to all wellwishers! And to those who think last nite's doubledare was a cheap stunt, it was a very expensive stunt!
#DCLIVE #Realtime #StandUp Tonight 9PM! @HBO
#DCLIVE #DoubleDare @HBO Special in 24 Hours!
Cheney calls for escalation…again via @hardball
#Hardball Tonight with Chris Matthews
I gotta say this about D C: few cities have more "I hated that guy in college" guys walking around than this one
In DC now for Friday's double dare! I didnt know u cld get hammered on merlot till partying w/ @johnboehner last night. #TGIMonday!