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Bill Maher
I see ISIS blew up the Tomb of Jonah, who btw is the patron saint of Vegas cuz he disappeared for 3 days and came back w/ a ridiculous story
A man with a universe-size personality and my favorite astrophysicist
Oh, the Places You'll Go!...and Get Kicked Out Of: #immigration #brownkids @HBO #RealTime
Two tickets to @HBO #RealTime are up for grabs @charitybuzz. Bid now to support @rush_art
Why does a country that loves guns this much keep torturing prisoners to death with drugs that don't work? I guess we love drugs even more.
Repub.s think of Obama like teens do their parents:an allpowerful loser who ruins ur life for no reason, controls ev-thing and can't do shit
HBO Real Time Guests: Friday July 25, 2014
Rick Perry's border bs is all about making up for saying "have a heart" in '12. He's a Republican,he's gotta tell the base,I had it removed!
He really did live long and prosper!
Dealing w/ Hamas is like dealing w/ a crazy woman who's trying to kill u - u can only hold her wrists so long before you have to slap her
One thing you never hear in the middle east: I just can't stay mad at you
ESPYs gotta be stupidest award show ever.'For best football team...'- the winner of the Super Bowl!! U play real games! U don't need voting!
You had me at #Ammo
Well if you say so then okay.
Nashville! At Andrew Jackson tonight and ran into an old friend...
Im in Greensboro, N.C.! At the War Memorial tonight - just hope its named after a war we can agree on which side shoulda won!
#RealTime Lose Your Loser Congressman! Follow the #FlipADistrict campaign:
Bill Maher plans to localize show in #Greensboro via @JournalNow
Germany and Argentina in the finals - what a dilemma for old ex Nazis in exile
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The drought out here in Cali is severe! If cops knock, remember to make sure ALL your drugs are in the toilet before you flush!