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Bill Maher
Wow, i just saw J-Law's face full of splooge on the internet...people, i told you this would happen if we took prayer out of school!!
#NewRule for #iPhone6 #BendGate
Live Stand-Up! @billmaher Performance stuff some of us live for... #TucsonMusicHall 8p Sun10/5… 260 S. Church #Tucson
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Defense stocks way up:Hey, broker,I live in a nation of sheep that spends unlimited $ on whatever bogeyman they see on tv,get me in on that!
Does anyone know if in fact #DerekJeter is retiring? Hit me up if you have any information, cuz i can't find anything about it in the media
Hey foreigners,i know U get me, fyi tonight's Overtime on is Special Edition: Issues for Overseas Viewers! After RT
Thank god we're bombing ‪#‎Khorasan‬ because they're SO much worse than Isis! Even tho 2 days ago I thought Khorosan was a restaurant in Brentwood.
Thank god we're bombing #Khorasan cuz they're SO much worse than Isis! Even tho 2 days ago I thought Khorosan was a restaurant in Brentwood
Pre-sale tickets available this now for the #Aloha Comedy Tour in #Hawaii! Use password: RBP.
Bill Maher: "If stupid atheists want to give me their money," that's their business [VIDEO]
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I guess my secret is out...
Why does our media act as a terrorist delivery system? When a fan runs on field NFL doesn't show it, but we oblige ISIS. More on this Friday
Sorry Mr President, but saying Isis isn't Islamic is like saying Mel Gibson isn't Catholic; religions don't include just the ones you like
Keith Olbermann and I doing the play by play last night in between Bill Maher's two live shows on HBO:…
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Thanku to all wellwishers! And to those who think last nite's doubledare was a cheap stunt, it was a very expensive stunt!
#DCLIVE #Realtime #StandUp Tonight 9PM! @HBO
#DCLIVE #DoubleDare @HBO Special in 24 Hours!
Cheney calls for escalation…again via @hardball
#Hardball Tonight with Chris Matthews
I gotta say this about D C: few cities have more "I hated that guy in college" guys walking around than this one
In DC now for Friday's double dare! I didnt know u cld get hammered on merlot till partying w/ @johnboehner last night. #TGIMonday!
Tonight, @billmaher stops by to talk about Real Time and why he's right about everything. Here's a sneak peek:
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I love the Mets but I'm not sure about this uniform. Unless they're playing Isis...
Busy @billmaher takes a break from prepping his "Live from D.C. Double Event" to visit Dave tonight. 11:35|10:35c.
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Of all the issues in the world today this is his.
Tonight @Letterman
Off to Syracuse NY for stand up show tonight - my August off is over!!
Still not sure what exactly Repubs want Obama to do re Isis, complaint seems to be"his failure to not be one of the good ones"
Just since Aug 4, 19 people have been beheaded in Saudi Arabia, most for non-violent crimes. But they have oil, so those are OK.
Aug 1,100th anniv of onset of WW!; today, 75th anniv of WWII.History is cruel;if only we cld go back in time, we could prevent Downton Abbey
Bill Maher dares Dick Cheney to set himself on fire
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O.J. is becoming a Muslim? Well, he does have experience with beheading. Have at it trolls, sometimes i do it just for you xo
You live long enough you see everything - just saw my #NYMets turn a triple play! And who's that kid photobombing me?
U live long enuf u see everything - just saw my #NYMets turn a triple play! And who's that kid photobombing me?
Russian artillery now bombarding Ukraine? I say we threaten to take our mail-order bride business straight to the Philippines!
When did police work become a profession where the risk factor to the cop must be zero? There's some risk! "Protect and serve" refers to us!
Isis- "one of thousands of Islamic militant groups" (NYTimes) beheads another. But by all means lets keep pretending all religions are alike
I don't know if this is connected, but ever since the New York Times came out for pot, the paperboy doesn't get it anywhere near the porch
As i've mentioned on RealTime, police in Germany- the WHOLE COUNTRY - fired 89 shots in 2011, 49 were warning shots. Who's the police state?
Wow just read that 80% of police officers are overweight. The fat blue line.