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Bill Maher
A man with a universe-size personality and my favorite astrophysicist
Oh, the Places You'll Go!...and Get Kicked Out Of: #immigration #brownkids @HBO #RealTime
Two tickets to @HBO #RealTime are up for grabs @charitybuzz. Bid now to support @rush_art
Why does a country that loves guns this much keep torturing prisoners to death with drugs that don't work? I guess we love drugs even more.
Repub.s think of Obama like teens do their parents:an allpowerful loser who ruins ur life for no reason, controls ev-thing and can't do shit
HBO Real Time Guests: Friday July 25, 2014
Rick Perry's border bs is all about making up for saying "have a heart" in '12. He's a Republican,he's gotta tell the base,I had it removed!
He really did live long and prosper!
Dealing w/ Hamas is like dealing w/ a crazy woman who's trying to kill u - u can only hold her wrists so long before you have to slap her
One thing you never hear in the middle east: I just can't stay mad at you
ESPYs gotta be stupidest award show ever.'For best football team...'- the winner of the Super Bowl!! U play real games! U don't need voting!
You had me at #Ammo
Well if you say so then okay.
Nashville! At Andrew Jackson tonight and ran into an old friend...
Im in Greensboro, N.C.! At the War Memorial tonight - just hope its named after a war we can agree on which side shoulda won!
#RealTime Lose Your Loser Congressman! Follow the #FlipADistrict campaign:
Bill Maher plans to localize show in #Greensboro via @JournalNow
Germany and Argentina in the finals - what a dilemma for old ex Nazis in exile
Who's ready for comedian/author @billmaher on Sunday? Tickets still available here:
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The drought out here in Cali is severe! If cops knock, remember to make sure ALL your drugs are in the toilet before you flush!
Really People of America,u think Obama is worst prez ever? 2% "like his policies but hate him". USA, home of wrld's most progressive racists