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Bill Gates
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I couldn’t agree more: Vaccines are one of the cheapest ways to save lives. via @UNICEF
Wait, Sherlock Holmes was inspired by a global health hero? via @WIRED
In ’81, just 20% of the world lived on $2-$10/day. Today it’s 40%. What life is like for the “fragile middle class”:
How does U.S. funding for global health compare to other countries? via @IHME_UW
Costa Rica and Iran have the same GDP/person but that’s not the whole story: via @TheEconomist
Costa Rica and Iran may have the same GDP but that’s not the whole story: via @TheEconomist
Some cool facts about your taxes that might ease the pain on April 15:
I love this tool from @ONECampaign. Calculate how much YOU spend on foreign aid:
Wealth isn’t the only measure of human happiness. Here are a few others:
It may be hard to imagine but conflict is actually on the decline: HT @sapinker
Whom should we model our energy consumption after? @VaclavSmil’s glad you asked:
Great update on meat replacements @nytimes. How do we produce enough food without harming the planet?
Angus Deaton’s book has helpful insights into global poverty, but it takes a disastrous turn in the last chapter:
Did you know it’s World Health Day? Here’s one of my favorite books on aid, health, and poverty:
On my trip to Europe this week, I heard some news that had me high-fiving a colleague:
Nearly 3 out of 4 unvaccinated children in the world live in just 12 countries—which makes it a solvable problem:
Melinda and I think a lot about philanthropy and our kids. A pleasure to talk about both with Chris Anderson @Ted:
In Paris with Youth Ambassadors - inspiring commitment to end poverty.
Great interview between @ezraklein and @charlesjkenny on how the world is getting much, much better:
Eager to talk with @HansRosling about ending extreme poverty. Watch the live stream at 9:45 a.m. CEST:
In about 1.5 hours @HansRosling and I will talk about ending poverty. Watch the live stream here: #StoptheMyth
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