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Bill Gates
computers charity technology 16,599,525 followers
Income inequality is rising w/in many countries, but it’s been falling globally for two decades: via @UpshotNYT
Can social change be driven by one inspirational leader? Not in Teddy Roosevelt’s case:
Tim Geithner could hold his own in an explanatory-metaphor contest with masters like Warren Buffett and Michael Lewis
How would we remember Teddy Roosevelt today if journalists hadn't rallied support for change?:
Really enjoying my time (and learning a lot) in Ethiopia with #nerdfighter @realjohngreen
If you’re looking for something to read this summer, I’d recommend any of these books:
The publisher of my favorite business book is giving away a chapter. Download it for free:
Warren Buffett, Adam Gopnik, and others help me pay tribute to a great business writer:
Why did the @Ford Edsel fail so miserably? It’s a great case study:
My favorite business book of all time doesn’t contain a single listicle:
My friend @WarrenBuffett lent me this book years ago. Here’s why I still haven’t given it back:
Twenty years later, this is still the best business book I’ve ever read:
I like the ingenuity… mosquito-repellent newspaper helps fight dengue in Sri Lanka: via @ozy
Who benefits the most from microcredit? via @TheEconomist
Has Brazil's cash-transfer program helped reduce poverty? Interesting read:
Great approach. A simple business plan is helping health services reach more of India's poor: via @qz
How to get mosquitoes to breed themselves to death, via @TheEconomist:
There are now 9 countries in Africa where mobile money accounts outnumber bank accounts: via @qz
Here’s a bright idea: let’s invest more in clean cheap energy:
What’s wrong with thinking of foreign aid as charity? Plenty, says @charlesjkenny:
Yikes. One state in the U.S. uses as much electricity as Sub-Saharan Africa (minus S. Africa):
I’m still optimistic about a future with very few poor countries. I explain why in my first Office Mix:
.@BjornLomborg argues that fossil fuels can fight poverty:
We need innovation—LOTS of it—to make clean energy far cheaper and more accessible:
This is one of the most vivid examples of life without electricity at home: