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Bill Gates
This Hungarian astrophysicist is trying to fight malaria with curtains made of light: via @ozy
How many Africans live w/in reach of electricity but don’t have it? More than you might think:
Most poor farmers’ tools haven’t changed in ages. These 4 inventions are making a difference:
Thanks! This Science Dad couldn't be prouder. MT @melindagates Happy birthday to @BillGates…Saturday morning “Science Dad.”
Cassava is the most interesting vegetable in the world. Six reasons it’s so fascinating:
Hear from young innovators and entrepreneurs taking on the world’s toughest challenges @SVPFastPitch 10/28 in Seattle
60 years ago, polio was putting everyone at risk. But people channeled their fears into a common purpose:
From FDR to children in Pakistan and Afghanistan, @TIME reflects on the fight to end polio:
Phenomenal. @PaulGAllen is committing $100 million to #TackleEbola. Here’s how you can help:
Fewer go hungry than ever—but malnutrition is still a problem in some countries: via @guardian
At @Cornell they’re using genetics—but not genetic engineering—to improve crops:
“It really is all about sex.” - A @Cornell University scientist on agriculture:
My favorite part of visiting @Cornell? Learning about the love life of plants:
You may not have heard of Adm. Ziemer or the program he runs. Both have made a huge impact on malaria. Great profile:
Life’s gotten remarkably better for the world’s poor. Explore this data playground to see how:
Great visualization Shows #Ebola spreads slower, is more fatal than other diseases.
Income inequality is a big problem—and there’s more we can do to reduce it. My thoughts on Piketty’s Capital:
Vaccines can save as many as 6 million lives—but @ONECampaign needs your help to make it happen:
It sounds odd, but the world really needs better insect repellant. This scientist is trying to make one:
Did you know the body initially limits the spread of HIV? Researchers are trying to use this to develop a vaccine:
When markets fail, philanthropy can step in. Lessons from 10 yrs of Grand Challenges:
Pat Brown makes fake meat. I’ve tasted it and it’s pretty convincing. You hardly notice the plant blood…
.@narendramodi has India talking about toilets—and that’s a great thing.
#Ebola is a short-term crisis with long-term implications. How I think it will play out:
“The best news you’ll see all day,” says @voxdotcom. I can’t argue. @UNICEF
“Avoiding excessive alarm is wise; avoiding excessive complacency, wiser still.” @SueDHellmann on Ebola in the US:
Why poor countries deserve cheap, reliable energy: Midtown Manhattan uses more than all of Kenya.
I let nerdfighter @realjohngreen take over my blog to talk about saving lives in Ethiopia:
How can software help teachers adapt to the unique needs of students? Two great examples: @smart_sparrow & @acrobatiq
I got to meet two bright students who came up with a promising invention:
No, it’s not a new contact lens...This #ImagineCup creation could be a real life saver:
There's a lot of green on this map–which is good–but still not enough. #MDG
This is a bright idea. A solar startup from the creators of #MPESA is catching on in #Africa: via @gigaom
I love this GIF. Watch child mortality plummet around the world:
“By ignoring gender inequalities, many development projects fail.” @melindagates explains: @sciencemagazine
How can we spark global progress? Watch @melindagates live at 2pm ET #2030NOW
.@realjohngreen Happy to help reduce world suck!
How do shark attacks affect what we know about global poverty? Watch this great #TEDTalk:
This is a pivotal moment for India. Here's what @melindagates and I hope to learn on our visit this month:
Countries that don’t engage women in the workforce lose up to 27% GDP per capita: @CFR_org
You won’t see this banana at the grocery, but it is critical to feeding the world’s poor: @qz
Meeting with former NFL player Steve Gleason post-Ice Bucket opened my eyes to what life is like with #ALS:
What does it take to climb out of the poverty trap? @realjohngreen and I talked about it in Ethiopia:
By fighting Ebola now, we can make sure it doesn't become endemic in W Africa. Join our CEO @SueDHellmann at #ebolachat at 9:30 am PT
Neat. A home design trend from the U.S. provides a cheap health solution in Rwanda: via @NPR
The Vlogbrothers explain the Big Bang in this fast, fun video for @BigHistoryPro:
What does it take to get polio vaccines to rural Nigeria? These photos tell the story: @msnbc
How do we help 2.5 billion people escape poverty? Getting them banking services is a start: