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Ryan Park
My new cuddle buddy.
Fall #golf in sky's looking sloppy out here folks. Fore!
769 miles later, and #breakfast with this little guy. It's crazy to see the circle of life, and my best friend of 23 year's kiddo! He's loving is dark skinned uncle. Next stop, diaperland.
Multitasking Physically Shrinks Your Brain: Study -… via @EntryLevelRebel
In regard to humanity, there is something incredibly uplifting in watching people bouncing around anxiously in anticipation of the arrival of their loved ones. Every one of these people have love in their hearts :)
I have never seen the airport this is empty in Denver!
.@dohertyjf @randfish @everywhereist My favorite brunch place is definitely Coastal. Good vibe, and très savoureux. Man, I miss Seattle!
Some people are so blessed that they can find inspiration in any environment.
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Time to adventure: DENVER ✈ GREAT FALLS
Twitter added audio in stream, and here are the people already using it:
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Oh, you have a great app idea that will make alot of money? It's not out there yet? Blah, will you execute as a business?
Good ideas aren't enough. Execution and non-bias follow through are.
This is me at Chipotle. #whatstruggleisreal
So, @WhiteHouse if #ebola isn't traders able by air or touch, why are the nurses and world's best doctors wearing HazMat suits?
Friend @nickthune just won with the new @Honda Fit and @lyft spot. Hilarious:… #advertising
Have had multiple clients cancel their international travel due to #ebola - if this gets any worse, it WILL shutdown markets.
Google's next phone is here. Hello Nexus 6: #tech
The first thing I ever sold was ________________ (fill in the blank)
Our lives will be complete in 2015, thanks to #HBO without cable. What?!…
Denver's Image Brew and Arrae Reverse the Dirty for Facility Cleaning International
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.@hochman @morgandzak The best sandwich in town is the Pizza Salad Sandwich at dBar. Trust me, and go try it.
SAP finds good content can come from a rival.
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You think you had a bad day. My kid sister's team just lost their basketball game 59-1. On the bright side, she was her team's #1 scorer :(
Wide awake. Work prep locked down. Gym time! #Denver
Follow your heart but take your head with you. #ThoughtOfTheDay
Friends, my LinkedIn account has been hacked by a phisher. Please ignore any post coming from LinkedIn until further notice.
.@LinkedIn @LinkedInHelp My account was hacked? Now I can't even log in to my email (as it says it's not recognized). Was it deleted? Help.
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@BigRyanPark @arraecreative @Wayin @KelCull my man @thach_cat and I planning a full Gems tour this year, w/ breweries/distilleries included.
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I love that this is the email you get from #ello when you forget your password...
"MT @arraecreative: New site up for Colorado Ski gems card. Give it a twirl:" cc @HankLambo
Just had @johncamalick send over the ultimate EMOJI cheat sheet. Enjoy: #ello
Falling in love with news books! Screwtape Letters + Breakfast of Champions. #CSLewis #Vonnegut
95% of happiness is sleep, nutrition and hydration.
For some reason, this makes me really happy.
The climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. But, we can all be part of the solution. #ActOnClimate.
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Success is realized when #CIOs & #CMOs combine forces to chg consumer interaction w/ biz & each other @CMO_Council
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"This ain't your grandparents' civil rights movement." My story on how the youth are taking over #FergusonOctober.…
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Join Over 60,000 People Who Round Up Daily Purchases and Invest the Change in the Stock Market! Try Now.…
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My escape comes in the form of an independent movie, a big bag of popcorn, and an unnecessarily large container of Pepsi (not diet)
11 Reasons Friends at Work is Important via @Inc and by @GrahamWinfrey. Take note @TeamTRI LINK:…
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Study: here's how to inspire kids to become entrepreneurs @EntryLevelRebel
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