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Justin Bieber News
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3D Printing is such a cool technology - China now has a 3D Pritner that can print houses -…
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Probably my new favorite Blog, So many cool things technology is doing:
Wow, Some pretty Crazy Crowdfunding projects in the works aroudn the Globe. My favorite forum:
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What is your Favorite song? Let's hear them!
How Lady Gaga And Justin Bieber Can Help Explode Google+ Plus Growth…
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I recommend you Following The Google+ News Site if you are addicted to Google Plus like we are:!/PlusHeadlin…
Looking for Bieber Shops to Start Using Bitcoin. Retweet Please and Read about Bitcoin:… - will hopefully replace the $
I Just Got My Own Ipad 2. They are also giving them away for free:
Justin Bieber Has Announced that He is Teaming up with Phoneguard. Bieber Will Have an Ownership stake in the Company. Stock Symbol: OPMG
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Patricia Bieber – Mother of Justin Bieber Turns Down Playboy -
Justin Bieber’s New Movie “Never Say Never” Coming in February -
Justin Bieber To Host MTV’s Punk’d
Apply to Be in Justin Bieber's New Movie.
Justin Bieber is the most listed Twitter User online -
Could you be Justin Bieber's Ideal Girl? Take the Quiz!
BREAKING: Justin Bieber is writing an autobiography and starring in a Movie on Valentines day -
Justin Bieber to appear in season premiere of CSI
Leave Justin Bieber Anonymous Comments & ask him Anonymous Questions' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'> - Create your own profile
Great performance in Portland last night!
If you Love Justin Bieber's Song "Never Say Never" go to and Click "Like". - Please RT
Justin Bieber is Touring the World in 2011!
New Song Released Today! - "NEVER SAY NEVER" #Neversaynever by Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber: I’m a normal kid, just like you -
Justin Bieber allegedly cusses out Austrailian TV staffer -
Retweet if you Love the song "One Time" - #Bieberfanclubs
Justin Bieber Going for Taylor Lautner Buff Bod?
Justin Bieber nominated for a BET award?? -
#BieberFanClubs Justin Bieber: What type of girl he wants? -
Justin Bieber is a great kisser but who has he kissed? - #BieberFanClubs
RT - Where would you like to see Justin Bieber on his next World Tour? LONDON #JBWorldTour
Justin Bieber has no girlfriend but 'maybe in the future'
Justin Bieber: "I'm Single Right Now"
Justin Bieber Wants To Date Beyonce & Kim Kardashian
Justin Bieber’s Album Back At Number One
Justin Bieber Sings for a Good Cause on 'Idol Gives Back'
I just created a Society. Ask me anything (photo too):
Justin Bieber Got To Hang Out With US President Barack Obama
Justin Bieber keeps promise and performs for pennies
Justin Bieber jumps over Usher for No. 1 spot