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Throwback, man this guy and i have only been friends for 5 months but i feel like ive known him for years, yes i can proudly call him my best friend because like the pic says, hes the one who pushes you closer to God, and its true, God has blessed me with his friendship.
Sin musica no ay ganas de limpiar haha quien esta de acuerdo?
I want an iPhone with BBM and a Nokia battery.
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Chinnese with my best friend 😁@yered25288
“@PrayInFaith: A friend loves at all times, & a brother is born for adversity. - Prov 17:17” @yered2528 😁👍
Esperando a que salgo el piojo de @yered2528 porque traigo hambre y el vato nunca le apuro, nos pos me ago flakito mejor 😁😰
Defenition of a best friend is @yered2528 😁
@iamthebass_ hahahaha asi canijo lol Buenos días Best friend :)
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Buenos dias a toda esa gente bonita que me rodea... A bueno a la fea tambien 😂@yered25288
Rocking the new design ✌️
Room is cleaned & now im getting ready to head out 😎
Gotta go to rio & finish picking up the stuff for my best friends suprise graduation gift 😁
Yes!!! I got my best friends graduation off 😁
Ahhh i want mambos soo bad, i think ima eat that on Friday 😃
Friday is payday & shopping time 😁❤️
Good morning, beautuful day God has made for us ❤️ gonna enjoy my day off & church later on 😁
I wanna thank my best friend @yered2528 for taking me out last night & try to cheer me up, seriously idk what i would do without him.
Car washed & clean; after like 3 weeks lol #ford #fusion #sportA #washed #clean
Hahahaha 😂😂😂 this made me crack up soo much
Necesito salirme de mi casa :(
Platicar con esta chava me ase muy bien 😁
Water To Quench Your Thirst via @NeilVermillion #DailyProphetic Once again God spoke to my life!! God is soo good ❤️
On the bottle of mouthwash it says "24 hour protection", so why do the directions say "Use Twice Daily"?
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If a tomato is a fruit, then isn't ketchup technically a smoothie?
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