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Best of Gemini
A #Gemini can see right through your lies.
‘Guardians’ Star Revels How ‘Hollywood Trick’ Changed His Body
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A #Gemini + a #Sagittarius = a life time long friendship.
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#Gemini's have a sharp tongue, however it's usually used to hide their true feelings.
29 Of The Most Useless Life Hacks You Will Ever See =>
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You'll never know where you stand with a #Gemini until you ask them. They'll tell you the truth.
#Gemini's have to be with someone that can accept their urge for self-expression.
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Normal and average is not #Gemini.
#Gemini's appear more youthful and childlike longer than any other sign.
Just when you think you know a #Gemini they show a whole different side.
Don't expect #Gemini to be open about their emotions.
#Gemini's use rationalization to eliminate emotion. This is because they aren't comfortable with and don't trust feelings and emotion.
I am a #Gemini because I am independent.
I am a #Gemini because I'm impatient, easily irritated and annoyed.....but you may not know it because I can hide it well.
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#Gemini's don't like to worry about what might happen, they prefer to deal with the problems as they come.
#Gemini are so moody but they will apologize for it if it bothered you.
If #Gemini ever said "I Love you" to you....They meant it!
#Gemini's are often misunderstood.
#Gemini are always running from something. What that something is they don't even know.
#Gemini believes there is no better night than one with family or friends.
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When a #Gemini says "I love you" they usually mean it.
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Once a #Gemini stops caring, you have fucked up.
A #Gemini can let you into their lives and hearts. The worthy people stay there.
#Gemini will love you from their heart and soul once they decided you are the one.
#Gemini loves beauty with brains, their partner should be intelligent enough to challenge them.
#Gemini can do everything to make you happy and they will make you fall in love.
#Gemini can easily makes people love them.
A #Gemini cannot stand staying still, having boring conversations or driving behind slow drivers.
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A #Gemini wants what it wants and will try anything to achieve it.
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