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Best of Gemini
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#Gemini can be seriously smart.
#Gemini can bring crazy ideas into reality.
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#Gemini loves a relationship full of learning and growth.
The #Gemini's one weakness is their inability to keep their interest in one thing or person for long.
People never know what to expect from a #Gemini. They are full of surprises.
#Gemini is so smart, they cant help but have strong opinions every damn topic.
#Gemini often get tense, sore backs so a massage there will do wonders for them.
#Gemini need to start going to bed on time.
When #Gemini is in a bad mood, they become unresponsive moody jerks.
Would you be able to recognize these celebs in disguise? Number 6 is hilarious!
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#Gemini has a dual personality: A social, fun side and an evil, moody side.
#Gemini has too many thoughts at once running through their mind.
When provoked, a #Gemini will chew your ass up and spit you out.
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#Gemini changes their minds so quick that a few minutes later they can be saying the total opposite of what they said before.
#Gemini can do what you do and do it better.