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Best of Gemini
#Gemini will give you the world on a silver platter until you show them you're not worthy.
#Gemini - The craziest, hottest, undescrible people out there.
When a #Gemini gets mad it's going down but soon they will be over it.
#Gemini's have a hard time committing but if they make up their minds it will be for forever.
#Gemini's don't like liars . Once they know you're one they won't believe nothing you say.
A #Gemini is strong enough to handle what ever the world throws at them.
It's like #Gemini's do everything with a smile on their face.
A #Gemini woman will go crazy for a unique, strong-willed handsome man with a go-getter personality
#Gemini's are the most talkative sign but they only talk to who they choose.
#Gemini's have a bad twin to blame their mischievous side on.
#Gemini are very curious and clever with words. Do not mistake this for manipulation.
Be honest and loyal to a #Gemini and you will get the same in return.
#Gemini's suffer from moodiness, however they hide this from close friends and family as they want to appear happy all the time.
A #Gemini conversation will not bore you.
If you're bored with your partner in bed, try a #Gemini. That's when shit gets real.
#Gemini in bed can roar like a #Leo, fuck wild like an #Aries, and be calm and caring like a #Taurus. They can be everything!
#Gemini can be all the right things to you :)
#Gemini say all the right things.
The mind of a #Gemini is always changing direction.
A #Gemini wants to do this then do that. The day a Gemini stays put is the day Hell freezes over.
#Gemini lives on the bright side.
#Gemini does not get bothered by much. Drama is just dirt on their shoulders.
#Gemini females are not basic bitches.
#Gemini has enough energy for two people.
If there is one sign that forgets to sleep because they are out being social, it's #Gemini.
#Gemini makes for an entertaining love partner. Even though they dont like being tied down, it's worth a shot.
#Gemini can be a real pain in the ass sometimes.
#Gemini aint no fool! Play your tricks on someone else, kid.
The problem with #Gemini is they cant fucking focus.
#Gemini will spend hours chatting with you to find out what makes you tick.
Female #Gemini is an independent bitch.
#Gemini have good hearts and rarely say anything nasty about anyone.
#Gemini can be very quiet around people they don't like.
#Gemini stays positive through heartbreaks.
#Gemini is 30 minutes late because she didn't have directions, then got something to eat. And--oh, she just left.
#Gemini is like the incredible hulk.. take me at my best or meet me at my worst.
#Gemini are often flirtatious and friendly because they are always looking for a new challenge to pursue.
#Gemini will not settle for someone who lacks spontaneity. Once boredom hits, consider them gone.
#Gemini's LOVE it when you can keep up.
#Gemini's will never stick around for long. They are always on the hunt for something better or newer.
#Gemini will enter a great depression if they find there is nothing to stimulate their mind and entertain them.
#Gemini's have split personalities so dont cross them wrong.
#Gemini often know what they want one day, and change their mind the next. Always a party with them!