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Best of Gemini
Interesting Facts and Statistics about Flight =>
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#Gemini like to party and have a good sense of humor.
#Gemini's always have 'identity issues' simply because there are so many different personalities within them.
10 Of The Best Homemade Fast Food Hacks =>
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#Gemini's are never focused, but when they are - THEY ARE!!
#Gemini's are the life of the party, but they are always very conscious of how far they take it.
#Gemini are the most sexually intriguing. They probably have a few tricks to show you.
#Gemini often act like they don't care but deep down they do.
#Gemini's want to feel secure but also want LOTS of freedom which might leave their partner feeling insecure.
You need lots of trust to be with a #Gemini.
#Gemini's act like babies when they don't get what they want.
#Gemini woman are smart, sassy, and sarcastic, always having the last word.
#Gemini's are Professionals at masking their true emotions.
#Gemini's love their Freedom.
#Gemini's move quickly, so don't be slow or you'll be left in the dust.
#Gemini has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.
The twins inside the #Gemini's mind fight each other between what's right and what's wrong.
One #Gemini twin may be sad on the inside but the other twin can always mask it with a false front of happy.
Silent treatment kills the #Gemini.
#Gemini are known flirts but once they are attached to someone they become blind to the rest of the world.
#Gemini is the ultimate socialite. There is never a dull moment when one is around.
#Gemini hates being disconnected.
#Gemini hates being disconnected from the world and therefore is always on facebook or twitter.
#Gemini never feels content. They always want just a little bit more!
#Gemini intelligent and bore easily.
#Gemini females are cool women -- some of the best you can invite to a party.
#Gemini are eager to learn new things all the time.
#Gemini represents all things good and evil.
#Gemini keep moving and never stay still for long.
#Gemini's are "TROUBLE MAKERS" and have to keep the pot stirred up.
#Gemini hates to get deep about anything, they prefer to scratch the surface.
#Gemini will always be the life of the party! They just have to be on the dance floor.
A #Gemini may have more than one personality.
The warm #Gemini spirit is good company.
#Gemini's are soo charismatic, they can easily get what they want from you.
A #Gemini is wild! They seem to have sudden outbursts of energy at random times.
The sleep pattern of a #Gemini is all messed up. So, don't bother it.
#Gemini gets bored quickly...stay on your toes to keep this one entertained.
When a #Gemini is truly and absolutely in love with you, he/she will commit and be faithful.
A #Gemini can smell losers from 6 miles away.
Your #Gemini friend will be a great person to go to when you're down. They listen and will eventually make you feel better.
#Gemini's know what to say, when to say it, & how to say it.
#Gemini's are soo energetic, they stay youthful for a very long time.
When #Gemini's are sitting next to someone and no conversation is made, they feel uncomfortable.
#Gemini have two personalities. Don't blame them for their crazy moods!