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Best of Capricorn
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#Capricorn's hate liars and those with no loyalty.
#Capricorn isn't satisfied till they finish what they start.
#Capricorn's always keep it real in a diplomatic way and only keep a few friends.
You can know a #Capricorn for years, but you will never truly know them.
A #Capricorn will show you their love rather than simply tell you about it.
#Capricorn's don't outwardly display emotions or affections. But you must trust that they DO care for you.
#Capricorn's work harder than any other sign... but they party twice as hard.
#Capricorn don't take no for an answer. If there is a will, there is a way.
#Capricorn's are dreamers. However, when they wake up, they become doers to realize those dreams.
A #Capricorn kiss is bold because if one kisses you, you have been judged worthy.
#Capricorn's get real quiet when pissed, we let it build up then explode when we've had enough. And it's an ugly sight.
#Capricorn's are very organized we hate for our shit to be misplaced.
#Capricorn is blessed with a deep hunger for living, achieving, & triumphing over the odds.
#Capricorn's are very good listeners and great advice givers and damn good at putting someone in their place.
#Capricorn's accept people the way they are. If we can't deal with the flaws a person have then we move on not try to change them.
#Capricorn's are genuine lovers, when we love we love HARD AS HELL. And have an even harder time letting someone go.
#Capricorn's are attracted to ambition, assertiveness, aggression, honesty, loyalty, mystery and humor.
#Capricorn's are compatible with most signs. They are loveable people with good hearts.
At times #Capricorn will look out for others more than themselves and that can end up being their downfall.
A #Capricorn woman makes an excellent wife; attentive, sensual, erotically sexual, plus she's domestic. Headaches never stop sex.