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Best of Capricorn
#Capricorn's like smart people by nature, not by diplomas.
A #Capricorn female wants to know she will be taken care of, respected and that shelter will be provided from the cold, cruel world.
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#Capricorn motto: Work hard or go home.
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The #Capricorn believes in “less talk, more action”
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A #Capricorn is serious. They don't fuck around!
#Capricorn is a strict, hard person. Please know their intentions are good.
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#Capricorn's dont lose face. They are the most solid people you'll ever meet.
#Capricorn's are full of ambition and dedication.
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Be careful how far you push a #Capricorn, you may end up getting their horns.
The #Capricorn is a stable lover who will love you long time. You can grow old with these goats.
#Capricorn's show a wicked sense of humor and good nature with only those they trust.
#Capricorn's live private lives. They hide their life--even little random details--from others, sometimes for no reason than just to do it.
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#Capricorn dates can be loads of fun, but only if you are. They have to trust you to open up an let the fun out.
#Capricorn has a strong desire to become wealthy.
#Capricorn woman have a serious and cautious nature and are not prone to emotional displays. Trust me--they do have a heart.
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#Capricorn's are demanding people. They are not easy going, la la, whatever-types. They mean business.
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You might never get along with a #Capricorn because they are stubborn and like to take the lead.
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#Capricorn’s are serious people but if you can open them up to their warmer side you will be rewarded with an amazing person.
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#Capricorn is extremely protective of their loved ones and belongings, but have a tendency to overthink things and worry too much.
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#Capricorn is the God of time, discipline and dedication, which means they can go the distance in bed and in life.
Dating a #Capricorn? Be patient. Capricorn’s are cautious at first, but once they trust you, they prove rewarding, warm and loyal friends.
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#Capricorn are a very calm type, but a random little thing can set them off.
#Capricorn is strong, stable and reliable with an earthy soul.
#Capricorn people are serious types with serious goals. When you make love to one, it wont be shallow nor quick.
#Capricorn will treat you with respect... if you have earned it.