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Best of Capricorn
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Family is one of the most important things to #Capricorn's.
A #Capricorn is always the coolest and reserved person in a tragedy or conflict.
I am a #Capricorn because I tend to hide my feelings until I feel you are worthy enough to know how I truly feel.
#Capricorn will freak the fuck out and take aggressive action if their loved one is threatened.
I am a #Capricorn because I keep my friends close and my enemies closer.
#Capricorn will never turn their back on a friend.
#Capricorn gets irritated by loudness.
Just because a #Capricorn decides to erase you from their life, doesn't mean they don't love you.
#Capricorn's are the biggest procrastinators, but when the job gets done it's to perfection.
#Capricorn females give their all to that one special person, even if they aren't together.
#Capricorn's don't just want commitment, they want someone that will through thick and thin.
#Capricorn and loyalty should be synonyms in the dictionaries.
#Capricorn's can be the rudest people on the earth. Most of the time they have a reason and the right to be.
#Capricorn's have no limits, they can do whatever they put their minds to.
#Capricorn's are great kissers. Let them take control, they know exactly what their doing they DO bite!
Kim Kardashian used an amazing way to look like this in 2 weeks 😍🙌
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#Capricorn kisses are passionate like sweet chilli heat. They can leave you hot but with enough sweetness for you to want more.
#Capricorn's gets irritated by being rushed.
Communication is key with #Capricorn's because they like to go deeeeep.
#Capricorn loves the finer things in life.
I am a #Capricorn cause I'm organized at school, at thoughts, at love, at sex. However, my romantic & naughty side will disorganize you.
#Capricorn: I have a crazy side beneath my cool exterior.
#Capricorn's are big freaks but you have to bring it out of them.