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Best of Capricorn
#Capricorn's are compatible with most signs. They are loveable people with good hearts.
I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it. Mae West
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At times #Capricorn will look out for others more than themselves and that can end up being their downfall.
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A #Capricorn woman makes an excellent wife; attentive, sensual, erotically sexual, plus she's domestic. Headaches never stop sex.
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#Capricorn tend to stress out over trying to please others.
#Capricorn's are very warm hearted people but once crossed could have the heart of an igloo.
#Capricorn's will work and invest for a better future.
#Capricorn's can seem unemotional and cold when hurt.
#Capricorn females are always the Queen Bee.
#Capricorn is a hard one to please. Sorry, but they have high standards.
#Capricorn's only let loose around close friends.
#Capricorn hates asking for help because if they don't do their own way it's not perfect.
#Capricorn's are usually friendly but take caution when meeting new people.
#Capricorn's can be timid but they get LOUD when around their friends.
#Capricorn's tend to go zero or one hundred. They give you their everything or give you nothing at all.
#Capricorn's are super hard workers and tend to do more for others than themselves.
Take the time to get to know a #Capricorn, they're definitely not what they first seem to be.
A #Capricorn should come with a warning label: We are difficult, and not for the faint at heart but we are most definitely worth your time.
#Capricorn's don't like to accept help. If we're going to make it, we'll do it by ourselves.
If you give up easily you can't date a #Capricorn.
#Capricorn's are intimidating until you get to know the really amazing person they are.
When a #Capricorn walks in, you know shits about to go down as they are the boss.
#Capricorn's will always win and never stop winning.
A #Capricorn is either black or white when it comes to friends, no gray area. You either are or you are not.
You'll never know when a #Capricorn is hurting inside unless they flat-out tell you, "I'm hurt."
#Capricorn's usually can't be bargained with once their mind is made up.... stubborn bastards.
#Capricorn's have trouble trusting others.
#Capricorn loves the simple things. Funny, considering how complex and deep their minds are.
#Capricorn is turned-off by canceled plans. In fact, they might never speak to you again.
If a #Capricorn is comfortable with you, expect them to reveal their fun and naughty side.
#Capricorn's are very dependable & trustworthy.
#Capricorn's tend to act shy at first but once you get to know them, they're outgoing and fun to be around.
#Capricorn's can stay in a relationship for a long time but can only take so much shit.
#Capricorn's are about their actions and they do what it takes to succeed in life.