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Best Buy
Even though they beat the guys in blue, we want to congratulate the World Champion @SFGiants. #WorldSeriesGame7
There’s only one thing to do in Sunset City. Escape. @SunsetOverdrive is in stores now.
Mice, laser pointers, and tons of laptops to sit on. It’s like we were made for #NationalCatDay.
A character that represents you online. It can even be a blue, mythical version of yourself. #DailyDefinitions
The Amazon Fires have spread to Best Buy stores everywhere.
Say hi to the kids, no to the dog, and bye to any worries with @Dropcam. #TechCrushTuesday
Part phone, part tablet, the Phablet is the latest trend in mobile technology. #DailyDefinitions
Grab your fanny packs and scrunchies and prepare to dance. @taylorswift13’s 1989 is out now.
An older generation cell phone that most teenagers would think is antique. #DailyDefinitions
Are you talking to me or into your headphones? Sir? #TechnicalDifficulties
Connect devices to your TV without feeling like you're defusing a bomb. No! Not the yellow cord! #DailyDefinitions
There are more hours of great TV to watch than there are hours in a day. #TechnicalDifficulties
.@IsaacMizrahi is bringing more beauty to the tech world with custom cases #OnlyAtBestBuy
iPad mini 3 now available at Best Buy.
All the must-have gifts all in one place. Check out our Top Tech Gift ideas. #HintingSeason…
Which high-tech gifts are you putting on your list for Santa? #HintingSeason
You don’t have to spend big to go big. The Gift Center has gifts under $100 #HintingSeason…
Find gifts your Holiday Host will love the most at the Best Buy Gift Center. #HintingSeason…
What gadgets are you hoping to get this year? #HintingSeason
Find the one gift that can keep the whole house happy at the Gift Center. #HintingSeason…
Here’s how to get the gift you want, step-by-step. It’s our #HintingSeason How-To.
This is the year you become the cool parent, with help from the Gift Center #HintingSeason…
It’s not exactly like asking for it if it’s just in a tweet. 🎄🎁📱🙏 Go ahead,
Which tech accessories would make your holiday bright? #HintingSeason
Stay one step ahead of shopping for those who are always one step ahead. #HintingSeason…
Take it from @Evancredible. You’re never too young to hint. Use #HintingSeason to hint at what you want.
Find the gift your Gadget Guru didn’t know they wanted at the Gift Center. #HintingSeason…
What’s the perfect tech gift to make your holiday magical? #HintingSeason
You can use meditation to hint at holiday gifts like the @EhBeeFamily, or use #HintingSeason like the rest of us.
Make the ones you love get you the tech you’d love. Tweet exactly what you want with #HintingSeason.
We are at our best making sure your holidays are at their best. #HintingSeason…
It’s been 15 years since Fight Club debuted. It still hits just as hard. #TBT
Funny name, serious purpose. A dongle plugs into a device to make things happen. Think USB or HDMI. #DailyDefinitions
Data storage that, like a cloud, is out in the air somewhere. Unlike a cloud, you can’t see it. #DailyDefinitions
Give your clothes a spa day with the @SwashOfficial clothing care system #OnlyAtBestBuy
A multi-color lightbulb that is controlled by Wi-Fi? 💡 Great idea,@LIFXX!
A new sound, a new song, a new city. @taylorswift13 has released her new single #WelcomeToNewYork and we’re fans.
.@BestBuy doubles down on educating teens in technology with 4 new Teen Tech Centers: |
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Is spending time out of service range considered "roughing it?" #TechnicalDifficulties
iPad mini 3 coming soon to Best Buy. Pre-order yours today.
iPad Air 2 coming soon to Best Buy. Pre-order yours today.
No cord. No worries. The @Dyson DC59 Motorhead handles anything a full-size vacuum can.
If you’re looking to get into gaming, look no further than the @Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle.
The next big thing is here. Get the Samsung #GalaxyNote4 at Best Buy today.
The "now typing" bubbles in a text have a way of making time stand still. #TechnicalDifficulties
Add to your arsenal. Pre-order @CallofDuty #AdvancedWarfare and get in-game rewards.
Widget: An app on your desktop that gives you information like the time, the weather, and the score to last night’s game. #DailyDefinitions
Subtweet: When people call someone out on social media without directly mentioning them. You know who you are. #DailyDefinitions
#XMen have a gift. So can you. Get a Days of Future Past collectible set. #OnlyAtBestBuy