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Best Buy
.@BestBuy doubles down on educating teens in technology with 4 new Teen Tech Centers: |
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Is spending time out of service range considered "roughing it?" #TechnicalDifficulties
iPad mini 3 coming soon to Best Buy. Pre-order yours today.
iPad Air 2 coming soon to Best Buy. Pre-order yours today.
No cord. No worries. The @Dyson DC59 Motorhead handles anything a full-size vacuum can.
If you’re looking to get into gaming, look no further than the @Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle.
The next big thing is here. Get the Samsung #GalaxyNote4 at Best Buy today.
The "now typing" bubbles in a text have a way of making time stand still. #TechnicalDifficulties
Add to your arsenal. Pre-order @CallofDuty #AdvancedWarfare and get in-game rewards.
Widget: An app on your desktop that gives you information like the time, the weather, and the score to last night’s game. #DailyDefinitions
Subtweet: When people call someone out on social media without directly mentioning them. You know who you are. #DailyDefinitions
#XMen have a gift. So can you. Get a Days of Future Past collectible set. #OnlyAtBestBuy
Parents are slow to catch on to Internet trends, but quick to use them way too much. #TechnicalDifficulties
Check out this @mashable article about tech that can do chores, featuring the @SwashOfficial clothing care system.
Thanks for joining the #CODHangout with @CallofDuty #AdvancedWarfare Developers @SHGames. Missed it? Watch it here:
The Midnight Forces @Xbox controller has spark. Or is it vibration? #TechCrushTuesday
Clickbait: The links on your newsfeed that end with "you have to see this." Tip: it’s only saying that so you’ll click it. #DailyDefinitions
Happy 60th Anniversary to Magnolia, our home sweet home theater.
Pixel: If you were a website, your cells would be the pixels. It’s what the Web version of you is made of. #DailyDefinitions
“Florals have always been one of my most iconic and signature prints!” – @IsaacMizrahi…
Digital Footprint: When perusing the Internet, you create a trail. Less time on the internet means a smaller shoe size. #DailyDefinitions
When will they create a technology that washes, dries, AND folds clothes? #TechnicalDifficulties
A nybble is exactly what it sounds like. It’s half of a byte. Don’t overthink this one. #DailyDefinitions
An exclusive look at an exclusive club. Enjoy this #XMen clip and pre-order a copy today.…
Explore Sunset city with Best Buy and @SunsetOverdrive's exclusive event.
The Tesla D can detect speed limits, slow itself down, and switch lanes on it’s own. What? #OMGadgets
Darknet: Shadowy corners of the Internet where IP addresses can’t be discovered. Don’t get caught in a Darknet at night. #DailyDefinitions
Phones keep getting bigger, but pockets stay the same size. #TechnicalDifficulties
A great man once said "Music is Everyone’s Possession." We couldn't agree more. Happy Birthday to Mr. John Lennon.
The Internet is a really big thing. Subnetting creates smaller, shareable pieces of the Internet pie. #DailyDefinitions
34 years ago, PAC-MAN started eating his way through North America. #TechBackThursday
Hey @Tinashe, we’re glad we could be a part of the best day of your life. We love the new album.
Click. Watch. Repeat. Check out an exclusive clip from #EdgeOfTomorrow, now available.…
Datagram: A package of data that is sent over a network. Like a singing telegram with less music and more information. #DailyDefinitions
The more protective your phone case, the harder it is to get out of a pocket. #TechnicalDifficulties
Pick up the #LiftASail CD at @BestBuy and get an exclusive autographed booklet while supplies last!
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Mail bomb: When someone blows up your inbox with emails. It’s not dangerous, but it can be annoying. #DailyDefinitions
Don’t wait until @NBA tip offs to start your season. #NBA2K15 is now available at Best Buy.
Not only is the @VIZIO UHD TV pretty, it’s smart. Those apps make it our #TechCrushTuesday
Applet: A small app with a big job. That job is making the Internet look or work better. #DailyDefinitions
If you base jump off a cliff and it isn't caught on camera, did it ever really happen?
Save #Trans4mers from extinction with a Blu-ray combo pack & bonus Fathead #OnlyAtBestBuy…
Take on the world with just your thumbs. Super #SmashBros is now on Nintendo 3DS.