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Positive energy is all around us. Never stop. #besomebody.…
When I do stumble... I will wipe the dirt off my face, scrape the hate off my shoes, and lift myself above myself. #besomebody.
"A remedy for everything the future brings that doesn’t feel as beautiful as right now." #besomebody.…
You don't have to talk the most to say the most. #besomebody.
Lead singer of the @theroomdownstairs, Robbie Beathard, reppin' the lifestyle during their show at the House of Blues San Diego. #besomebody.
"Voice without a vision. Noise without a mission. All talk but no takeover." #besomebody.
Don't let fear dissolve your dreams, motivate by fulfilling your passion @besomebodyblog #SF #GoPro #MTCM 📷
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We have to stand up, speak out, and surge forward, even though we're scared of what we'll see. #besomebody.
Change your horizon, way of life and atmosphere is beneficial to health and intelligence. #besomebody
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My Principles cannot be bought. My Purpose will not accept bribes. #besomebody.
I don't look back because I'm not going that way. #besomebody
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I just have this feeling. This deep, strong, screaming suspicion. #besomebody.
"The fears we don't face become our limits." #besomebody
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Forget the money. I want meaning. #besomebody.
One of the best discoveries of a life of exploration is that there are most definitely more GOOD people out there than bad. #besomebody.
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Never forget the people that believed in you when all you had was a dream. #besomebody.
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I can't show myself to the world until I reveal myself to me. #besomebody.
@Kash_Shaikh - The #besomebody movement at the high school level. My princess is rocking the vision & shwag
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Do Not Spend too much in the Dark side of Life #besomebody take the Faith & Courage that You got.. Fight it off to embrace the Light again..
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"I am here deaf dumb and blind. Numb to all they say is impossible." #besomebody.