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Mark Woodland
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"It's Now Illegal to Answer Work Emails After 6 p.m. in France" good read
A massive thank you to @cricketvictoria for the amazing support you provided @woodlandedu today.
Fun tip: During the movie previews, turn to the stranger sitting next to you and whisper, "We should really go see that together."
The wifi has been off for 5 whole minutes guess I'll go churn butter or something. @Telstra
How about a restaurant where the minute you walk in you lose mobile service and your camera app is are welcome.
"By the way, what have you done that’s so great? Do you create anything or just criticize others work and belittle their motivations?”
The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination - Einstein
The shortest distance between two points is over a cyclist.
"What have you done that's so great? Do you create anything, or just criticise others work and belittle their motivations?" - Steve Jobs -
what the hell does my dog have to sigh about
If they just built prisons out of the shit they package electronics in, no one would ever escape.
Whenever you're feeling down and out, just remember that there's people walking around with Twilight tattoos.
Not sure how a train station at Doncaster will help this traffic Mr Hippster.
Watching the Australian GP (Watching the Australian GP)…
One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary people. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary person.
You hate your life, while some people dream of having your life. #KeepGoing
I have to go to @twitter for my news because the news is too busy showing me tweets.
It's a cooking show stop crying, you have not cured cancer.
Hi it's me, the guy that just googled "chemistry alphabet" when I meant "periodic table". #longday