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ben goldacre
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Funders withhold money from researchers who don't publish OpenAcess, why not for withheld results? RT @JayneLCrocker:…
Trials transparency on the radio 4 news quiz of all things. This is what winning looks like. AllTrials.Net #AllTrials
Ha excellent RT @alexhern: Dropbox won’t let you have correcthorsebatterystaple as a password…
I've run around so much the past two days that my backpack has sanded my lower back raw. I bear physical scars from the cause of #AllTrials.
What the Tamiflu saga tells us about drug trials and big #pharma, from @bengoldacre, via @guardian
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Last pimp for yesterday's bumper Tamiflu #alltrials piece BUT do please read the LINKS which are filled with fun.…
Can't get Ian Dury's Adrian Mole theme tune out of my head. "I'm… profoundly in love with Pandora"… RIP
I wrote this on Tamiflu… And here's a whole book on missing data and bad behaviour…
MHRA EMA Roche DH. Nobody wld come on C4 News "against" me today. Because I'm reasonable, and that's what scares them…
More on the #Tamiflu story - @bengoldacre says the dept of health has been "spineless" in not asking more questions:
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What the Tamiflu saga tells us about drug trials and big pharma by @bengoldacre
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On Eurostar. When travelling thru the tunnel it's traditional to shout WAIT wait SHUT UP WTF WE'RE ON A TRAIN AND IT'S UNDERNEATH THE OCEAN.
Drug trial results still being withheld, @bengoldacre tells #c4news; we shd know what the risks and benefits are to make informed choices
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Although Roche did withhold info on drugs trials they are one of few firms now showing leadership on transparency @bengoldacre tells #c4news
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Great, shocking piece by @bengoldacre on tamiflu. Good that Roche came clean but smells like UK govt was defrauded……
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What the Tamiflu saga tells us about hidden drug data. BY ME.
HOLY COW Jeremy Hunt Health Secretary: "We expect honesty from drugs firms"… #AllTrials #winning
U.S. spent >$1bn stockpiling anti-flu Rx. Which is why this powerful piece by @bengoldacre is driving me nuts.…
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The drugs don't work... great @bengoldacre piece on #Tamiflu & Roche withholding trial info…
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Just been told Jeremy Hunt has said he is concerned data was withheld in 2009. Is this true? Anyone got a link? #alltrials