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ben goldacre
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you should go and see @robinince in Edinburgh because he is funny and the nerd ambassador…
I hope GP/Sun have assessed for non accidental injury RT @Unnamedinsider: 'Mark of Devil’ same as this hairdryer burn
@bengoldacre any explained unusual mark on a kid should be investigated - not put down to the poxy supernatural! *ranty face*
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"@PsychiatrySHO: @bengoldacre @DrRanj it's likely a hairdryer burn, see my timeline, someone even found the right hairdryer"
Not supernatural RT @DrRanj: Dear @TheSunNewspaper how did u check this child wasn't at risk? And why print his face?
What we’re seeing in Gaza isn’t a strange new problem. Armies are expected to distinguish military and civilians.…
Basic principles of war: distinction between civilian and military people… Proportionality…
tweeting the body count in israel and gaza seems to bring out some pretty heartless and insightless people.
Haunting data vis from Washington Post. 795 Palestinian civilians murdered, 225 of them children, 7 Israelis.…
Drug testing on the homeless… “All in the past” said Stephen Whitehead of @ABPI_UK #BadPharma…
The prevalence of hepatitis c among injecting drug users really is phenomenal RT @PHE_uk:
RT @usociety: discover what gives life satisfaction <-- Is it “thinking of obvious confounders in studies like this”?
Social plausibilty to be fair is the key entrance criteria for politics.
David Tredinnick on @JuliaHB1 just now. As I’ve always found when with him, alongside the silliness, he is truly charming and lovely.
1500 new homes for London families? No thanks, I'm alright jack, say local residents with homes already RT @dlknowles…
RT @xtophercook: "He was shocked to discover the literacy standard of 50 per cent of the children was below average“…
As Israel tragically slaughters civilians and children it's worth rewatching this BBC documentary "Birth of Israel”
Read this IDF statement on UN school being hit: Then watch this video of the aftermath:…
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This wireless module for LittleBits opens up an amazing world of easy diy internet of things things…
Proof that cats have been walking across things that people are trying to read since the 15th century:
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What did the humanitarian ceasefire look like in Israel and the #Gaza Strip?
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If you open a lot of links while using twitter on android, Javelin browser is great, loads them in the background…
Residents view of lovely Didcot power station being demolished at 430 this morning (fast forward 80secs)
The catastrophe befalling Gaza stems from the refusal of Israel to negotiate in good faith
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wise words RT @marstrina: sign says "you don't get peace & safety with occupation siege & bloodshed" demo in Tel Aviv