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ben goldacre
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Hello, I’m a bot that tweets anonymous Wikipedia edits that are made from the IPs of PhRMA member organizations. I'm based on @congressedits
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This is appalling RT @vicenews Cellphone video of Gaza man repeatedly shot and killed by a sniper
if you need me, i've dropped my phone in water, so emailing is even more than usual the best way to get hold of me.
WHO recommends removing laws criminalizing sexual behaviours, drug use, gender expression or perceived sexual orientation #HIV
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overall this seems plausible to me as a way to minimise lightning strike injuries RT @Er1s_Wh33l: @bengoldacre…
now, @Suw suggests putting your arse in the air, so the lighting bypasses your chest and heart on its route into the earth.
or would being a few inches above the ground 70% of the time make no difference?
if you feel your hair standing up, meaning you're at high risk of a lightning strike, surely you shld start hopping? minimal ground contact?
@bengoldacre here's an idea: have @flightradar24 running on a wee 4G smartphone in every missile battery. ADS-B integration on the cheap.
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Warmongering twats killing civilians seems to be the theme this week. It's a shame muttering contempt on Twitter does nothing to stop that.
Interesting use of publicly accessible flight data: some airlines (BA) were already giving Ukraine a wide berth
"@robmanuel: @bengoldacre don't get sued…" haha this really doesn't make me want to eat at Il Giardino in Cap-Ferret
Don't order takeaway from @PayaCuisine Mediocre grease, but also spam you with unsolicited SMS to mobile. Am I weird to find that intrusive?
Just seen a man on the bus with a flannel, and a bottle of water to make it wet (and a plastic bag). This man is a genius.
The tragic loss of 108 Aids researchers is a good illustration of how chaotic violent states hold back human progress…
I sometimes think it’s amazing the changes we’ve seen, especially, twitter has become my main source of news updates…
this nytimes report from the crash site is pretty horrific, and you should only read it if you’re feeling strong…
A quick look on @flightradar24 and you can see the move away from Ukraine airspace
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This is an amazingly good front page. RT @amolrajan: SHOT OUT OF THE SKY.
Via @TransformDrugs this is the first time WHO have called for decriminalisation of drugs… Quiet big potatoes?
Please write to support @HRA_Latest transparency proposals. Read the #AllTrials response and how to respond.
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"Pre-diabetes is all cock". Excellent BMJ paper by Prof Yudkin (my first boss!) and the excellent @vmontori…
Good job! @Freeman_George new Minister for Life Sciences joint Dept Health + BiS "to drive 21stC Health Innovation"…
I'm pleased to see that this quote has been repeatedly plagiarised…
Is it worth persisting with Lawrence Freedman's book on Strategy? Great topic, serious guy, but I'm finding the (US) audiobook v ignorable.