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ben goldacre
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Woah, ick, jeez. @23andMe cheerily notify someone he has a half brother MT @cardiobrief: genetic testing, divorce…
"When you magnetise a nail with a battery" "it holds an electric charge!" "It's eighth grade science." Amazing Spider-Man 2 giving me rage.
Neat analysis, esp figure 2. Academics are publishing more each by collaborating more on multi author papers
I'm no fashion expert but even I know that the Colombia women's cycling team kit seen here is a genuine disaster
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amazingly, doctors on FDA panels with ties to drug companies are more likely to vote in favour of that company's drug…
i was half tempted back, since they’re getting swype, bigger screens, and share intents (ish). But the iPhone 6 is too ugly and undesirable.
Sends a very strong signal about who your medicines regulator works for, moving it from your health dept to your business dept. Shame, EC.
Uh-oh. European Commission has moved European Medicines Agency from Dept Health & Consumers to Dept Enterprise & Industry. This will be bad.
there is no mystery or suspense greater than the crunching sounds of a printer in the 90 seconds before it -possibly- prints a page.
Internships-> inequality MT @mswainwright: young UK journalists come from wealthier backgrounds than young UK bankers…
I diluted my application in a fart and blew it at them. RT @zeno001: Society of Homeopaths recruiting a new CEO
RT @hmkyale: We shouldn't have 2 see results of trials only thru eyes of original investigators.… #AllTrials
So hard to think yourself into the undefeatably confident shoes of PCC Wright. When he gets home, what's he thinking?…
journalist request to speak to govt scientist triggers 110 pages of panic, all pleasingly now released under FOI…
I'll be very interested to see what an independent Scotland does to shift the horrific health inequality in Glasgow.…
Great to see solid stand against hidden trial data from NICE. Thanks all, how far we've come #AllTrials RT @NICEcomms…
Algorithms RT @ShaunKitchener: Bloody hell Facebook, not ENTIRELY sure that's a "related" thing
Hey @Ford the crappy thin metal trim on your doorhandles peels back into tiny razors and keeps cutting our hands.
RT @kcIMT122: coolest way EVER to separate egg yolk from white.…
Pro tip: if you put the bottom of the cake tin in upside down, cake leaks onto the grill pan and fuses with old bacon
Jesus Christ this is going to take about eight hundred million years.
Also this cake would be the size of a beach ball. I just need a normal cake.
The available reference texts are useless. How am I supposed to separate egg yolk from egg white? With my fingers?
Remembering that I don't give two shits about baking, what is the fastest possible way to make a sponge? Nb "going to the shop" doesnt count
"Scientists report direct brain-to-brain communication". This is a cheap gimmick, and yet I absolutely love it
"Race distributions of police departments versus residents"
Harmless advert? Or elaborate mass murder scheme by crazed IQ-eugenicist.
interesting times for companies called "Isis"
White House asking for science priorities. Replication? Regulatory barriers to RCTs? RT @StuartBuck1:…
If you want an image of London imagine a terrapin riding a dead fox in the Regents canal, forever.
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Shire hiding midodrine data, for shame #alltrials… Also this should be in the ABSTRACT not text
Hey @ChiOnwurah MP has a compo where if you make something fun with her open data you get tea with her (she’s nice)…
here’s something i’d like: get an email with a link, fw that to evernote, evernote grabs the link, so i can read that page later on tablet.
The Shinton takedown of the alteplase trials is fascinating, especially the peculiar switch to open-label… #badpharma
Naked photos of a celebrity all over twitter without her consent? Seriously @Support, you know it would be trivial to block, this is foul.
lovely linguistic analysis study finds differences between Stapel's descriptions of his faked and real data
Israel announces a huge new land grab from occupied Palestine. Surely this is the time to build on a fragile peace.…
That’s not my <object>, it’s <component> is too <attribute>.
Half are pedestrians / bikes. RT @erikbryn: Non-driverless cars kill 1,240,000 humans per year…
Here's a new coalition RT @FearLoathingBTX: Leading Anti-Marijuana Academics Are Paid by Painkiller Drug Companies…
Despite being laughably unequal, the US has made NFL a socialist utopia with fixed spends on players. I had no idea.…
"...expect advocates for transparency to be extremely dedicated – even tenacious – in pursuing access" lol… #alltrials