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ben goldacre
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Anyone unsure how big some of the bangs are in #Gaza should look at this photo. Met too many terrified people today.
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eating crisps because buying them made my tesco sandwich + water 60p cheaper #nudge RT @docnat: The blocking foreign IP addresses is a huge pain in the bum for aid workers.
Dr Manjackal documents new dangerous side effects from homeopathy. 1, 2, 3, 4, I declare Woo-War..… via @NickBristow
Via @drcjar someone has taken matters into their own hands. is accessible and usable. No idea why BNF locled down.
Anyone can register to view the BNF. So why hide it behind a registration, login, and password, creating unnecessary delay and effort?
There is no evidence base that #homeopathy can cure #Ebola. Severely ill patients require intensive supportive care
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lol i'm completely confused, the govt head of comms has actually been appointed as the press's non govt press regulator. lol. mess.
No comment on his suitability, appointing Govt head of comms as head of Govt press regulator is very clumsy politics…
Randomised trials need integrating into routine prescription practice for good data on low risk groups @bengoldacre…
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Real delight to find The New Machiavelli as audiobook, and two Douglas Rushkof. But not enough similar non-fic.
Lack of interesting nichey non-fiction on Audible, sales volume issue I guess. Any top tips for interesting audio books?
Ridiculously @TfLOfficial claim London is safer for cyclists than Holland.. by citing per capita deaths not per mile.…
Perhaps @NHSChoices should publish data on staff vacancy rate, as marker of quality to inform choice? RT @RoyLilley:…
it’s surprisingly difficult to find out how much specific trials have cost. like, how much did AZ spend on Jupiter? (non-sinister interest)
Hamas are awful but Israel’s killing spree is indiscriminate + disproportionate MT @richardhorton1: A letter on Gaza
you should go and see @robinince in Edinburgh because he is funny and the nerd ambassador…
I hope GP/Sun have assessed for non accidental injury RT @Unnamedinsider: 'Mark of Devil’ same as this hairdryer burn
@bengoldacre any explained unusual mark on a kid should be investigated - not put down to the poxy supernatural! *ranty face*
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"@PsychiatrySHO: @bengoldacre @DrRanj it's likely a hairdryer burn, see my timeline, someone even found the right hairdryer"
Not supernatural RT @DrRanj: Dear @TheSunNewspaper how did u check this child wasn't at risk? And why print his face?
What we’re seeing in Gaza isn’t a strange new problem. Armies are expected to distinguish military and civilians.…
Basic principles of war: distinction between civilian and military people… Proportionality…