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ben goldacre
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Watching the Godfather while working. It’s amazing how Al Pacino started out looking like Ferris Bueller and ended up looking like a lizard.
NICE need to do better to help GPs decipher their guidance on Statins… @bengoldacre
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Leon from the mighty Club Kosmische 800 million years ago has a band, and they're really, really great
I can't eat gammon. It looks too much like a pig does on the outside. And chews like they would chew. And the hairs. I can't eat this gammon
Hello Americans. I wrote this, in the BMJ, on mass treatment with statins, and how this will need better data.…
You're all pretty clever, is there a good nerdy techy round up on this London spy plane comms interception story?…
An amazing chart by @washingtonpost of Israel/Gaza casualties: powerful presentation of "data". Impressively done.
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Dear @NICEcomms we all love you but surely you can communicate risk and benefit better than this farce of a guideline…
Would a GP find the numbers in the NICE statin guidelines helpful? @NICEcomms you can do better than this NEW RANT…
The mess on statins exposes the flaws - and opportunities - in evidence based medicine. BY ME…
I WROTE THIS EDITORIAL ON STATINS in the BMJ. medicine is a mess: here's how to fix it.…
"Mass prescription for modest individual benefit is new" by @bengoldacre… counters #indivmed; we can surely do better
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Meet the medical student who wants to take down Dr Oz. Lovely stuff by @bellusz…
Amazing circus as hedge fund guy spends $50m trying to show Herbalife is a pyramid scheme, leading to.. short squeeze…
Spot on @bengoldacre -'true informed choice requires changes to the way we gather & communicate evidence'… #statins
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The NHS is in a unique position to finally obtain - and use - good quality data on statins for patients. Me in t'BMJ…
I wrote this BMJ editorial: mass prescription of statins will need wholesale improvements to how we work with data.…
The dire state of the GSK individual patient data sandbox is an embarrassment for @SASsoftware too, no? #alltrials…
lol RT @DrAseemMalhotra: Pure sugar cane juice being promoted as having 'no added sugar'
The @GSK trial data sharing sandbox is clearly terrible.… Shld be on radar of @tkelsey1 @GeraintLewis too #alltrials
as a scholar of both epidemiology and dancehall i’ve never understood the reference to John Snow in Signal De Plane by Elephant Man
Fun cottaging piece. Not my thing, but the graffiti in the top floor loo of Radcliffe Science Library c1994, lordy.…
fun idea to post offensive chat logs publicly if ppl complain MT @arstechnica: instant bans for toxic players on Riot
Emails I’ve seen from Boehringer about the Pradaxa BMJ/C4 thing are ridiculous. How can you accuse them of bias before t'documentary’s out?