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ben goldacre
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If we take the honours system at face value, NHS whistleblowers are exactly the people it should be rewarding. Nomination forms are online.
Unsung NHS heroes who went beyond their jobs. So: let's campaign to get honours for whistleblowers? RT @drphilhammond…
Even if tamiflu had worked, the logistical issues of distributing it were problematic…
HMRC to sell pseudonymised taxpayer data. Feels like govt has vague notion data is interesting without grokking risk…
Spring clean office. Reorganise wardrobe. Go for run. Research rumours on new macbooks. DSM5 Deadline Psychosis subtype (i) hypomanic.
Whats the story with Dr Mattu, the NHS whistleblower vindicated today? Page 19 of this stunning @drphilhammond report…
It's a LONG WEEKEND you need NERDYDAYTRIPS.COM (bit spam infested/creaky now, noone donated to upkeep, feel free if you like/want more)
(1) Move all NHS services to third sector where there is no training, no research, minimal governance, minimal data. (2) ?? (3) Profit!
And an interesting follow up letter from a swedish prof…
This spectacularly long article goes through Wakefield's book on vaccines and fisks every…single…claim…
Someone (can't remember who, sorry) asked for my "evidence based practice ecosystem" sketch from @researchED1 ymmv…
Madly, in Mac Word 2011 the password protect for a file is in global Word preferences not the file's properties. Usability I paid £100 for.
Computational journalism masters at Cardiff, great idea…
So @analyticbridge will pay $250 to the four people who's amazon reviews they like the most. Mmm.…
Interesting thoughts on data reciprocity from clinicians. Essentially "I'd collect eg BDI if our hopeless EMR was quick and could graph it"
Someone should set up a course on big/little data and analysis for clinicians and managers. Discuss opportunities, but also realism.
.@tillymintlfc I can just about believe benefits status, which is very different to employment status
On individuals in a way that can be linked to their electronic health records data? Even with consent, is it practically do-able?
Asking from routine data source nerd perspective not data protection. Can researchers access eg social services or benefits claims data?
They're claiming they did this in Oxfordshire, routine data, it didn't require bespoke data collection. I'm not aware of any such database?
I'm in a lecture where someone is claiming they followed up individual psych pt's employment status from routine local authority data. True?
Been sent publicity bumph for new pop science book. Goes on about the personal stories, the biography, like they're ashamed of the science.
Woah! RT @vaughanbell: Historian of psychiatry @DrEdwardShorter has a blog
Just sat next to someone smelly on the tube, then GOT UP and moved to another seat. Thought I was socially fearless but this was terrifying.