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“Reason alone, one way or another, eventually turns into reasoning together.” ~@nathanairplane
"The problem with the world is that the circle of family is drawn too narrowly." ~Mother Teresa, as quoted here:…
We're hoping to partner with @WPLN for a live event in Nashville. Whom might you recommend @kristatippett interview? Themes: music + food.
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@gildedspine there are some beautiful, faith affirming quotes about Islam on @Beingtweets feed today!
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That's all, folks! You can join the conversation with Omid Safi @ostadjaan on our blog today,…
"All of us can ripen together." — @ostadjaan
"I go around the marketplace buying fake gold. Everyone thinks me mad, but they don't know I have the gift of alchemy."Rumi qtd. by Dr. Safi
"This Islam is a stranger to me. I don't recognize it and I don't think the Prophet would either." — @ostadjaan on ISIS
"Before god can speak to us, we have to open our hearts." —@ostadjaan, on the surat Al-Fatiha
"For people of faith, we always have to go to where there is suffering, so we can rise and see God face to face." — @ostadjaan
The Prophet "combines these twins of love + justice. He’s someone for whom the love of god spills over to the love of humanity. "—@ostadjaan
"He wasn't just a UPS delivery guy who brought us the Qur'an and said, 'Good luck with this'" — @ostadjaan on the Prophet.
"Yes, the night is dark and the hour is late but we can still see our stars." — @ostadjaan
"'Instead of asking what will happen to me if I don't help him, ask 'If I do not stop to help her, what will happen to her?'" — @ostadjaan
"You are precious because someone has payed for you." — Maya Angelou, remembered by @ostadjaan
"Who stayed up taking care of you? Who loved on you in order for you to be here?" — @ostadjaan
"All of us have to be rooted somewhere. But how do we learn to extend our compassion beyond that place?" — @ostadjaan
"I can't be fully human until you are fully human. I can't be fully realized until you're fully realized. We're in this together"—@ostadjaan
"I’ve never met someone who is beautiful because of what their religion is not." — @ostadjaan
"God is with the brokenhearted." — @ostadjaan
"It’s when love comes into the public arena that we call it justice." — @ostadjaan
"Love is not just an emotion but the very foundation of our social contract." — @ostadjaan
"You can either walk on the path of fear or the path of love, but not both of them at the same time." — Rumi quoted by @ostadjaan
"America has been from the beginning both a dream and a nightmare. There's no great disappointment where there isn't great love."—@ostadjaan
"Things never get better or worse by themselves. They get better if enough women and men reach out to one another + get to work."—@ostadjaan
"Time is morally neutral."— @ostadjaan
"Everyone is asking where are the Muslim voices? And I am hoarse from talking." — @ostadjaan
"God, soul, and a moment are the three things you need to live. And all three are always present."—@ostadjaan quoting Abraham Joshua Heschel
"In a free society some are guilty, but all are responsible." — Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
"We’ve forgotten what it means to be human. " — @ostadjaan on the language of forgetting in the Qur'an.
"I've never met a prophet who comes to his or her community and says 'Keep doing what you're doing,' said no prophet ever." — @ostadjaan
"Every single one of us is a jackass with wings of angels tacked on." Rumi quoted by @ostadjaan
"Poetry is about the way god is unleashed on this world. It is the silence where you get to hear god." — Omid Safi
"Even in the Arabic and Persian languages the word for poetry and the word for consciousness have a very intimate connection." —@ostadjaan
"Islam wasn't an "ism" or a thing it was a way of being in the world & connecting with other living beings."—@ostadjaan on growing up muslim
Good morning! We'll be live-tweeting @kristatippett's conversation with Omid Safi @ostadjaan for the next 90 minutes. Join us!
My first column for @Beingtweets: "'Is All Morality Gone?' Condemning #ISIS, and Beyond, in a World of #Suffering"
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"When you spend your life condemning, there is little time left to offer something constructive." ~@ostadjaan…
"And then you begin to realize that life is always pulling you away from being fully present." ~@AniPemaChodron…
The @AniPemaChodron w/ @BillMoyersHQ on quieting our racing minds and powering down. A brilliant five minutes:öd…
It's the privilege of white people to universalize their experience - Michel Martin. @Beingtweets Recognize experience of others.
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.@abeuzer Shhh... we won't tell anyone. ;)
"The relevant aspect of it is the question and the listening." - @NPRMichel on journalism.… via @Beingtweets
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The @velveteenrabbi summons forth the maestro Leonard Cohen. Three psalms for Yom Kippur:…
Covering it all today: quotes from rabbis + tatted pastors, essays on taking in criticism + domesticating prophets:
A bold conversation w/ @NPRMichel Martin, who is creating a more generous + realistic sweep of who we are now:…
That's a wrap, folks! Thanks for listening and joining in!
"We should step back and say what is the relationship I want to have with the internet?" — @zephoria
[Technology] "is a tool. It's a vice for some. It's a way of connecting. There's all these layers to it, it's a complex system." — @zephoria