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Brian Hoff
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Also it appears PayPal is testing a variety of different UIs. My business account is dramatic “new” different than my personal account.
Anyone out there part of the PayPal redesign? Would love to potentially interview you for a column I’m writing for Net Magazine
I give the PayPal redesign team a big thumbs up. Each time I log in the UI get’s better and the UX has been improved tremendously.
One more: Agency / people behind the redesign?
Anyone know the agency / people behind this Orangina site: ?
In need of a rock solid Dev for contract work? Drop @carlosgavina a note. My name is Brian and I support this Dev.
Oh hell yes @1Password A huge feature I’ve been longing for!
Wish more online retail clothing shops would list the model’s measurements & product size they are wearing in the photo.
Delight is in the Details looks like a delightful new book by @shawnblanc look forward to reading it sir!
.@USAirways that’s a form of entrapment. Nice to see u support lying and rather your other customers get exposed to the disease.
Shame on @USAirways for hitting you with a cancelation fee when your kid has foot, hand &mouth disease when they won’t let you fly OR cancel
Re-watching all of the Game of Thrones seasons so far has been an eye opener. Forget how much you miss / overlook / don’t understand / etc
I will never look at Hodor the same… (Hodor, Hodor, Hodor)
Foursquare has really made things confusing with Swarm. Oh, and Swarm’s brand looks very similar to Gowalla.
Still enjoying the @adage redesign several months later. One of the best redesigns this year imo.
Always enjoy poking around this ‘Dev Playground”…
The new is a beauty. Love the little details throughout.
A handy dandy @InVisionApp Photoshop plugin I helped beta test for the last few months just launch officially:
Hey Philly, looking for a classy whiskey bar. Whachagot for me?
Really enjoying the detail on the Orangina site:
Too often I see companies / startups focused on higher great designers and thinking that doesn’t include great devs / engineers…
.@heathhouston I think it’s only rolled out of you have a ‘business’ account
Well I never thought I’d see the day that PayPal’s backend was redesigned
Also, @AetnaHelp when you call to advise us on next steps for applying, let’s discuss updating your site for web standards :)