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thanks for asking me questions but i'm sleepy. goodnight i love you πŸ’—
β€œ@onedirectunn: @BeaMiller #youngblood do you like mexican food” actually no it's the only food i don't like
β€œ@jaureguisdevil: @BeaMiller what's your favorite color? #youngblood” white
β€œ@ALovaticPlanet: : @BeaMiller Will we be able to purchase your poster or shirt online? #youngblood” yes pretty soon. we're working on it.
β€œ@lovingdeansey: @BeaMiller what is your favourite clothing item???? #youngblood” my all black high top converse
β€œ@rosariold18: @BeaMiller be invisible or inmortal? Why? #youngblood” invisible. i think living forever would be horrible.
β€œ@fifthmetria: @BeaMiller MOST PLAYED SONG ON YOUR PHONE GO #youngblood” 10am gare du nord by keaton henson
β€œ@_onedsavemylife: @BeaMiller #youngblood do u like ur job?” it's the best job in the world
β€œ@davisndyork: @BeaMiller #youngblood what's your favorite paramores song” future
β€œ@truantwaveharry: @BeaMiller how does this make you feel? #youngblood” angry tbh
β€œ@tbhkemi: @BeaMiller babe im so proud of you, all these lights were for you #youngblood” ❀️
β€œ@bea_is_bae: @BeaMiller #youngblood why am I not getting notifications when you tweet πŸ˜­β€ because twitter sucks right now idk no ones here
β€œ@xophyeissophie: @BeaMiller what's your favorite TV show at the moment? #youngblood” new girl 😍
β€œ@lovatxsharmony: @BeaMiller Bea do you like my drawing of you? #youngblood” yes this is so amazing thank you
so i meant to do this before but twitter was dead so i waited. ask me questions with #youngblood and i'll answer some 😊
is twitter still broken
where is everyone
We make our own luck in this world and this is only the beginning! #DEMIWORLDTOUR
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I couldn't be happier walking around with your name on my back, I'm SO proud of you babe xo @BeaMiller
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thank you for everything @ddlovato you are incredible in so many ways and i will always look up to you as an artist and as a person.
thank you so much hershey tonight was an amazing way to end one of the best experiences of my life.
β€œ@incasecabello: @BeaMiller love you see you tomorrow πŸ™ˆοΏ½” i love you too bby
HERSHEY i wrote cute lil notes on a ton of posters so make sure you get one tonight 😊😊
i woke up in the middle of the night and from 4am to 6am the thought of you prevented me from finding sleep again.
i actually wish i had a group of weird cool friends who would make stuff like this with me
"people should get into art more. not for the product but for the process." -@umkora
i love you so much and it bothers me that you might not believe me. i hope you do.
β€œ@dinahsaurmetria: Bea baby look 😭😭😭 all those lights are for” it's so beautiful.
β€œ@maddiecstevens: @BeaMiller Added to my many posters in my room 😎 you were amazing last night, as” thank uπŸ’—
β€œ@zoepapps: #ootd ft @BeaMiller #wevegotyoungblood” cutie 😊 followed you ❀️
β€œ@l0vaticcs: getting @BeaMiller music on itunes because i actually loved her last nightπŸ˜β€ this makes me happy thank you so much 😊
don't ever let anyone make you feel like you are a bad person for making mistakes.
new hampshire was wonderful #DEMIWORLDTOUR ❀️
β€œ@wastedwithlouis: @BeaMiller LOOK LOOM I LOVE JT” I LOVE YOU
thanks for asking me questions babes i love you so so so much
β€œ@wastedzayn: @BeaMiller who's your favorite cartoon character? #youngblood πŸŒ™β€ marceline from adventure time (i def spelled her name wrong)
β€œ@o2lftjxcob: #youngblood @BeaMiller tweet me something positive please” chicken nuggets exist
β€œ@allforyoudinah: what keeps you going when you're having a bad day? #youngblood” you.
β€œ@swiftngold: do you have any new info about your album? #youngblood” it has songs on it
β€œ@RadxStyles: do you get scared of thinking that you'll trip on stage #youngblood” yes that's why i wore sneakers today
β€œ@RADREGUI: what's been your favorite part about this tour so far? #youngblood” the people in the audience who know my songs and sing along😊
β€œ@leamichelexo: hi bea i've had a really hard week :/ #youngblood @BeaMiller” you're stunning i love you and i miss you
ask me questions with #youngblood i'll answer a couple 😊
that awkward moment when you literally forgot to introduce yourself on stage.
β€œ@hopeforlovato: @BeaMiller this is honestly the most beautiful thing you are unbelievable #youngblood” ❀️