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music singers singing 450,599 followers
what the hell was i doing last night omg no chill
when bitches think that just because they're in the fandom they get to control who can become a fan
when you say something funny quietly and no one hears you but your friend repeats it and everyone laughs
when a bitch flirts with bae
when your mom tries to act cool to impress your friends
when someone eats the last slice of pizza
mom fell asleep while using her computer again
ryan is my favorite person to communicate with.
some people are just so disgustingly rude.
we killin it at these radio stations
sorry for the lack of tweets i'm too sleepy to be even mildly interesting
if this gets 100 rt I'll wear a banana suit the 1st day of school
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i'm alright friends. just a sprained wrist and a bruised knee. we're all okay don't worry. thank you for the support 💗
there's something so great about not really knowing anything for certain
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three more days til i'm in baltimore for @girlslifemag's #GLfashbash come hang out <3
you don't have to call me yours, my love, but damn it i'm calling you mine.
post traumatic water challenge 😝
i just did the ice bucket challenge so you now have 24 hours 😜@CrawfordCollinss@KianLawleyy@TrueChadwickk
i was nominated by @realaidan and i nominate @crawfordcollins @kikilawl and @truechadwick you have 24 hours and you better actually donate money because i'm going to. good look losers 😜