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β€œ@roxkvato: @BeaMiller i write all of your little poems down in a notebook and I read them sometimes and it makes me happy” you're perfect.
photographs do no justice to sunsets and photographs do no justice to people who put the light back inside your eyes.
(what the fuck just happened he's my favorite) (i am going to cry) (shit) (sos)
(screams internally)
@BeaMiller you're fast becoming my favourite person
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everyone should paint when they're angry. i'm a shit painter but it made me feel better. create something ugly and throw it away.
i always focus on the sound of a singer's breathing rather than on the actual song itself. it reminds me that they are a real living person.
β€œ@bea: This is me :)” same.
this guy on a skateboard just looked me in the eyes as he was going past me and said "you're really pretty." 😭
check out my cover of turning tables on 🎢
*tries not to dance to the music playing on headphones*
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i know it's hard but always be the good friend. always be the better person. always be there for people when they need someone.
β€œ@uhhwhitesides: @BeaMiller go listen to Jacob's cover of it, it's amazing.” that's what i was listening to πŸ˜‚
it makes me sad that a couple of you don't know what song that's from please go listen to hey there delilah it's beautiful
times square can't shine as bright as you.
everything will be okay in the end. if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.
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i am doing a photo shoot for my album today and i chose not to get my hair and makeup done because music is not about beauty.
this is really pretty goodnight
i hate people who are always socializing while i sit alone
i think people who are very strict about what gender they're into rule out the possibly to find someone amazing. who fucking cares honestly.