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what has the world come to
last song with disney playlist, check out dracula at
i'm out for a walk and i was looking at the sidewalk and straight up walked into a lamppost
is it wrong to be in love with a pair of shoes
i want to be ignorant ; i want to know all
last song w @DisneyPlaylist, check out dracula here:
@enemyfirez: @BeaMiller i beg you to look at my back to school notebooks” THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING
#songoftheday i have been listening to this on repeat for an hour…
who the fuck is this she's the most beautiful human i have ever seen
@drunkbeatrice: @BeaMiller would you still love me if i showed up in a medusa costume in your concert” i would love you even more.
people make too big of a deal about nudes bodies are just bodies and we shouldn't be shamed for being proud of how we look naked.
my friend literally sent me a snapchat of my mom
all of us who have twitter say "me" and "same" about everything and the younger people who've never been on twitter don't understand it 😂
golden life moments with bea miller
i hate when one person retweets one of my old stupid tweets and then a bunch of their followers reply to it that makes me so uncomfortable
i loved him so but i let him go because i knew he'd never love me back.
@carlosgu14: @BeaMiller the baby floating in the water gets me everytime!” my heart rolled out of my eyes through tears when i saw that
@Chillinlaidback: @BeaMiller lmao she actually meant she'll never let go of her promise! 😂” yes i know but I'm still pissed.
that bitch was like "i'll never let go jack" and then she pushed him into the ocean literally fuck you rose
i just watched the titanic for the first time and i'm literally bawling help
already missing @RadioPhoebe and @chasemedown from @Hot1015 check out my performance with them earlier this week
@CimorelliRosso: @BeaMiller you tweet a lot but you only have under 8K tweets? how?” bc i delete most of them 😂
@McDemi: @BeaMiller u have that much clothing? I only ever see u in the same 3 outfits” this is so accurate it's sad.
i have three weeks worth of laundry to do today isn't that exciting