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barkha dutt
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"When we reveal Black Money names Congress will be embarrassed" @arunjaitley tells me hinting at a big Congress name…
Here's a link to the big Exclusive with @arunjaitley generating multiple headlines:…
Senior BJP sources confirm that @Dev_Fadnavis remains the favourite to be CM despite political muscle flexing by the Gadkari camp
The BJP will seek to change the Land Acquisition Law reveals @arunjaitley in an exclusive interview: "even congress CMs want it diluted"
In an earlier interview to me @nitin_gadkari was categorical: "even if they ask me to be CM I will turn it down": now full change of heart?
Economic reforms to politics in Maharashtra. From Black Money to Red Lines with Pakistan: @arunjaitley interview at 9
"Sword, not just shield in hand": @arunjaitley message to Pakistan. Don't miss the headline generating interview-at 9
It's a not a NO yet, to the NCP offer confirms @arunjaitley in an interview but adds that the Sena is "still the natural ally"
"When we put names of black money beneficiaries in the public domain, Congress will be embarrassed by the names" : @arunjaitley interview
Cracker of an interview with @arunjaitley :"Black Money names WILL be revealed to the court soon. Media & Congress got the story all wrong"
The Other Munde sister who scripted history with a victory margin of 7 lakhs: Link to my interview with Pritam Munde…
Maha-Mantra, Pawar is where the Power is? Link to show with @chetan_bhagat & @ShainaNC , @SalmanSoz Anil Desai, NCP:…
Why does every desi in Homeland speak both Urdu & English like her/his lips are stapled together? Weird casting or acting or both?
Brilliant from @Change- decision to award equal paid leave to both parents, male & female-equal parenting necessary for equality at work
.@Change announces 18 wks paid leave for both parents - most generous policy in industry. Join us and #ChangeLeave…
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On Buck Stops Here: Newsmakers tonight @prithvrj who says "It's all My Fault" & Preetam Munde who has bettered even the PM's victory margin!
On Buck Stops Here at 9: 'Maha' Mantra: Pawar is where Power is? NCP offer=politics of opportunism? Can BJP afford to consider it? Tweets?!
A poem a day is the way to stay young, says Dame Judi Dench (PA)
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"Be a first rate version of yourself. Not a second rate version of someone else"
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NDTV 24/7 wins Best News Channel at Asian Viewers TV awards in London @BDUTT wins Best News Presenter
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Link to interview with @praful_patel where he says -Congress was interested in a 3 way arrangement with Sena & NCP!…
Delighted & honoured to win the Best News Presenter at the Asian Viewers Television Awards (AVTA) based out of London…
A senior BJP leader jokes: "For us the situation is like a Swaymvar with two keen suitors ( NCP& Sena). Now we decide who to garland!"
"Corruption charges went against us" admits @prithvrj in interview to me, denies he sat on scam file against Ajit Pawar: "Never came to me"
"The defeat is all my fault, not Rahul pr Sonia's " says @prithvrj in interview with me. If it was a win, answer would have been opposite!
If BJP and Sena want to make up, then all we can say is good luck to them, says Praful Patel to @ndtv.
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A link to my interview with Praful Patel on NCP googly. Is it to avoid corruption allegations bouncer, I ask him:…
A link to my interview today with @Pankajamunde "I am a leader with a base, but never asked for CM's post"…
So news that @AmitShahOffice & Uddhav Thackeray have spoken. Is it back to the "natural ally" for the BJP - one weakened by Pawar offer
The Pehle aaap, pehle aap (proposal aane do) in the BJP-Sena breakdown less about tehzeeb or even arithmetic, and more about poor chemistry!
Message from BJP to Sena after the latest 'pawar play': you need us more than we need you. Play Ball & accept our Captainship or else..
A senior BJP leader jokes- the NCP offer is like a reminder to the Sena in a broken marriage, that there is another woman if you dont return
Isn't Pawar's googly motivated by the singular aim to not have his party bowled out by corruption allegations & looming irrelevance?
Will BJP prefer to weaken the Sena & take outside support from a weakened Pawar, or make up with Uddhav and concede Deputy CM/Cabinet berths
Just spoke to a senior NCP leader. He claims -offer will be accepted. "BJP will not need anyone now that NCP offering outside support"
The NCP's 'Pawar' Play designed to weaken the Sena's negotiating powers with the BJP. And bid to remain relevant.
Every BJP leader argued today that vote was to throw out Congress &NCP. Tactics aside, would be unjustifiable for BJP to accept Pawar's move
So the BJP leader who told me Pawar will make the first overture wasnt just joking ! NCP officially offers outside support to BJP !
No Chance that BJP will allow a rotational CM. It has clearly asserted itself as dominant partner with Sena- will accept a Deputy
Jokes aside, its clear as daylight- BJP CM in Maharashtra.Still most likely @Dev_Fadnavis . Deputy CM from the Sena.
Asked a BJP leader who would make the first overture- BJP or Sena. He quipped: "Pawar will be the first suitor, but Sena is the natural fit"
Asked @Pankajamunde about theory that her father's closeness to Sena could see Uddhav backing her as CM. "Its only a media theory" she says
In an interview with me @Pankajamunde now hastens to clarify: "I am no one to have a say on who is CM." Concedes Sena patch up ilikelu
Despite BJP feeling disappointed by no clear majority, Modi has proved that he is now the most electorally high -impact PM since Indira G
Going on at 11 am to analyse the results -Modi Wave, Shah Arithmetic, local factors, Congress decimation, Maharashtra short of majority..
Bottom-line- the congress is getting reduced to the level of a regional party. How long before open revolt against Rahul Gandhi?
BJP will not bargain on CM Post in Maharashtra despite some disappointment of falling short of majority.Its internal survey had expected 160
Let's not forget that Anant Geete of the Sena never quit the BJP govt in Delhi. Stage set for patch up. But with BJP now dominant partner
In Maharashtra, even with BJP & Sena back together Shah & Modi have changed the rules of the game. Sena now plays second fiddle