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barkha dutt
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Herod's Gate among the recommendations of the booksellers... To be launched today through conversation with @BDUTT
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Quite love the idea of Bharat as a domain name. Cooler than .com or. in. #BharatBhagyaVidhata
The undated #vitriolicvideo that fetaures Aditynath doesnt restrict itself only to subject of conversions. Watch show…
Here's my show with @yogi_adityanath @shahid_siddiqui @PushpeshPant &others. Hindutva rant shadows develoment chant?…
Seen among the posters in Khan market as Indians at Herod's Gate heads to a formal launch tomorrow.
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Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They're 100% Qualified - @HarvardBiz…
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Watching the absolutely magnificent thriller The Honourable Woman. Noir Thriller set in London with story line provided by Israel-Gaza
Isnt so much about Twitter increasingly Oooof.
The political debate on Buck Stops Here tonight : The #RajnathRow : Trust Deficit right at the top of the government?
The Buck Stops Here Debate: Is Love Jihad the new poll polarizer and will it boomerang instead of help the BJP?
On Buck Stops Here: @yogi_adityanath takes questions on his #vitriolicvideo & whether his comments on conversion embarrass his own party
Just interviewed @yogi_adityanath on whether he stands by comments made in his #vitriolicvideo. Catch it at top of 9 pm on TBSH
at six pm @SudhanshuTrived @SalmanSoz face off on the #RajnathRow. Is there a trust deficit right at the top?
Surely this (undated) #Vitriolicvideo ("100 Muslims will be converted for every Hindu") by Yogi Adityanath queers the PM's inclusive pitch?
PMO: Reports mentioning PM, misconduct of ministers & HM's son are plain lies; such rumour-mongering damages the interest of nation
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Struggling slowly to write my book of essays on India. Admire those who are quicker& prolific. Its the toughest thing Ive done so far
On the Economist calling @ImranKhanPTI a Neta who doesnt respect Umpires, he tells me "where's the neutral umpire"!…
Love Jihad. Oxymoron surely? And an excuse to spread nafrat, instead of pyaar.
Finally on the Buck Stops Here if there is conflict at the border, there is turmoil across it too. Catch our interview with @ImranKhanPTI
Buck Stops Here asks between the war cries of the Shiv Sena, the aggressive demands of the Congress, what are options for govt on Pakistan?
On Buck Stops Here, brother of martyred soldier Neeraj Raghav asks: "Where are the Netas. Is my brothers courage to go unsung?"
On Buck Stops Here: The collapse of the Ceasefire at the Border- First big test of the new government's Pakistan policy
“One should never write down or up to people, but out of yourself.” - Christopher Isherwood (born today, 1904)
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Lashing out at the America for backing elected govt now @ImranKhanPTI tells me the U.S had no business "interfering in our internal matter."