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barkha dutt
Al Pacino on suffering from depression: 'It can last and it's terrifying'
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'Converting' Love into Politics? A link to @WeThePeopleNDTV debate on 'Love Jihad': a product of myth making or real?…
Dont get the forced fuss over @PMOIndia talking to kids on Teacher's Day. Its a good idea & don't schools make so much else mandatory too?
images from pakistan reminiscent of the 99 coup when Sharif was first deposed. Then too, its state t.v was "captured". #Pakcoupbyanyname
PTV transmission goes off air as Imran and Qadri supporters storm its headquarters. First signs of coup by any name- control the airwaves?
Mob takes over PTV, Cabinet buildings, Imran-Qadri wave victory signs.
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Tokyo children have a new class teacher- only for a short while. @PMOIndia takes an impromptu class at Taimei School
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On @WeThePeopleNDTV Mixing Religion with Politics; What's Love Got to Do with It? Is Love Jihad a product of Myth Making or real concerns
Tonight on @WeThePeopleNDTV shooter Tara Shahdeo's brother joins us; his sister alleges she was tortured to convert.
On @WeThePeopleNDTV 'Converting' Love into Politics: Why has the fringe phrase Love Jihad entered mainstream of politics?
PM @narendramodi arrives in Tokyo after completing visit to Kyoto Briefing-Kyoto's development
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Looks more Hard than Soft Coup in Pakistan. Agree?
Feminism or Blackmail: Why we as women need to speak up when sexual violence is trivialised. my column:…
Thank you for the staggering feedback. FInal Re-Up- When a Woman undermines the horror of Rape. My column:…
what the hell is going on in Islamabad. And the violence seems part of the plan. This flare up could get worse
#HTopinion | When a woman undermines the horror of rape, writes Barkha Dutt
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Women cant summon the police into the bedroom every time an adult consenting relationship collapses. My column:
Bipin Chandra. Distant relative, close family friend, and author of many memories of history lessons from school, RIP
One of my last photos with Prof Bipan Chandra,who passed away last night. A committed teacher n a great historian.RIP
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When a woman undermines the horror of rape Sensible article by @BDUTT on the controversy over railway minister's son.
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@BDUTT Brilliant article in HT today. I am a proud feminist, but I agree that like all other things in life, we need balancing act here too.
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Undermining the horror of rape. Feminism or Blackmail? My column on why the Gowda case trivilalizes sexual violence…
PM Nawaz Sharif says on NA floor that COAS asked permission to meet Imran & Qadri as requested by them which he allowed.
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Rajnath's Number 2 position confirmed, to oversee govt in Modi's absence…
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If the recent by-polls were a reminder to the BJP that they need Modi to win, they were an example to Congress that they dont need Rahul
Should a man who calls for 100 Muslims to be killed for every Hindu killed be a "key campaigner" Watch:…
Relief to see a government scheme not named after a Neta #JanDhanYojana
Lalbag chha Raja in all his magnificent glory! May the festival bring peace and prosperity to all.
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In his interview with me @ImranKhanPTI said he saw "no role for the Pakistan Army" in the crisis. You mean, except being mediator. And Boss?
Oh sajna, barkha bahar aiyee. And about time too, Dilli.
The Honourable Woman ( BBC) is SOOOO gripping, that I have chewed every single nail off my fingers.
Lovely evening moderating the launch of @NavtejSarna new book- Indians at Herod Gate. Ended with brilliant Baba Farid rendition by zila khan
Dont know details of the Gowda case, but, not marrying someone is NOT, repeat NOT, Rape. This trivialises sexual violence
Not questioning her integrity but confused as to why is the model saying I want to be his wife and yet filing rape case against him? #Gowda
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Herod's Gate among the recommendations of the booksellers... To be launched today through conversation with @BDUTT
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Quite love the idea of Bharat as a domain name. Cooler than .com or. in. #BharatBhagyaVidhata
The undated #vitriolicvideo that fetaures Aditynath doesnt restrict itself only to subject of conversions. Watch show…
Here's my show with @yogi_adityanath @shahid_siddiqui @PushpeshPant &others. Hindutva rant shadows develoment chant?…
Seen among the posters in Khan market as Indians at Herod's Gate heads to a formal launch tomorrow.
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Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They're 100% Qualified - @HarvardBiz…
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Watching the absolutely magnificent thriller The Honourable Woman. Noir Thriller set in London with story line provided by Israel-Gaza
Isnt so much about Twitter increasingly Oooof.
The political debate on Buck Stops Here tonight : The #RajnathRow : Trust Deficit right at the top of the government?
The Buck Stops Here Debate: Is Love Jihad the new poll polarizer and will it boomerang instead of help the BJP?
On Buck Stops Here: @yogi_adityanath takes questions on his #vitriolicvideo & whether his comments on conversion embarrass his own party
Just interviewed @yogi_adityanath on whether he stands by comments made in his #vitriolicvideo. Catch it at top of 9 pm on TBSH