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PAYBACK! Let's see if @GrahamShortie is still laughing now. Tell him what you think of him LOL.
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β€œ@DJMelodyKane: @BBHEAVENAFRIKA Ahhhh Thxs so much Angel xx”<< keep glowing , your totally doing something right! Love it! Mwah
I totally killed my P A at backTo95 .. OMG I never even knew I could have so much fun being paid to partayyy muhuhaha
When you have sex with a random (especially a person who thrives on drama, sleeps with loads of…
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The RIGHT man will bring something to the table.. The wrong man just comes to eat then leaves!
@BBHEAVENAFRIKA Do you mind if we quickly ask for your opinion of a guy who has done all this?
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In love with myself! Oh my how goooood it feels !!!
Don't kill yourself over a boy! He"ll bring another girl to your funeral !
And some lovely organic citrus mmmm.. This tea is HIGH in vitamin C ..
Anyway I got this organic ginger from the farm. About to make some much needed tea
Soooooo my mac book pro and I tumbled down my whole staircase! I'm fine , can't say same about my Lappy though! Arghh! I'm just gonna smile
β€œ@Peachespresents: @BBHEAVENAFRIKA yes blessed love sis”< Blessings sis mwahhhh
Just to let you no I have ZERO tolerance on racism be it in jokes or reality! Why follow me if u don't like black people? #blocked
Beet root , apple, celery kale! Looks like Guinness right lol! This is what I call "iron man" ooh I do love it! Mmm
β€œ@RareHipHopPic: 50 Cent Wants To Feed One Billion People In Africa By 2016”< They NEVER show ths in mainstream media
Your beliefs don't make you a better person . Your behavior does! Come on people let's make today a gooooood ass day! Morrrrrrning ha!
When djs get you amped up at these times off music. 😈#onaweekdayy.
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Sorry to everyone who's tweets I have missed, my twitter blew up & I couldn't keep up - I am so thankful to you all, i'll try reply tomorrow
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How mucky,hmm As soon as I commend #ThePaedophileHunter on their AMAZING work to protect children Im unfollowed by a few peeps Hmm wonder y?
β€œ@stinsonxhunter: This is blowing my mind! Thank you all so so much!”<<< Thankyou and I would love to join the team if possible xx
#ThePaedophileHunter What these guys showed us is what people can do & make such a big difference #Respect for y'all @GrimeHunter
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@GrimeHunter God bless u and look after you and @stinsonxhunter incredible humans keeping our kids safe and the world clean!An example 2 all
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Happy new month! I'm not a victim, not a survivor, I'm a fucking thriverrrrr!! #StrongerThanYesterday #StrongWoman
Anyone that tries to protect innocent children deserve a medal in my eyes! @stinsonxhunter @GrimeHunter πŸ‘
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I really wanted and still want to do what this brave man is doing . Omg! Hats off to you!! #ThePaedophileHunter
Nowadays fake people don't surprise me.. Loyal people do!
I think.... Therefore I'm dangerous !
OMG...Its actually going to get messy ..WATCH OUT!! WATCH OUTTTTT ITS LIBRAAAAA SEASON! Whooooooop!!!
OMG...My GOODNESSSS! It's all popping offfffffff!! It was only supposed 2 b a small affair now I have bodypainter,papparazzi &shiz #MyParty
Even in your darkest moment, you usually can find something to laugh about if you try hard enough. ~ Red Skelton
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Oh it's just so lovely to be woken up to love! Love is the answer! Love is the key!! Mwahhhh
Great performance #SaveLewishamHospital.Trafalgar Square 3000 people NHS March Happy Birthday tribute to my mum R.I.P
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Sooooooo excited to be launching my new *********** ..NOT so excited that I have to keep stoomp about it 4 now! Arrgh
Veggy sushi ...Mmmmm Come to mamaaaaa haha
Great team to work with! Thanks for having me as host for such a rewarding event! You ALL ROCK!! #WomenRock
Attended a great event #WomenRock organised by @Beautyofawoman1 last Saturday in Hoxton host was @BBHEAVENAFRIKA. Really nice people.
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β€œ@Beautyofawoman1: @BBHEAVENAFRIKA thank you for hosting the event and all the support #WomenRock πŸ˜Šβ€ <Thanks 4 having me.Was a real blast xx
Hiiiiiii @RidewithPoni hun. How u been? Long time. Hope all is well
I'm soooo HUNGRYYYY...But don' wanna wake up drunk on indigestion from eating just b4 sleep.Those days r gone! I need food though,my stomach
Big shout out to our host @BBHEAVENAFRIKA #WomenRock this Saturday dont want to miss out a great day full of #empowerment #pampering n more
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Early bird tickets are now SOLD OUT!! #WomenRock this Saturday hostes by @BBHEAVENAFRIKA Β£7 tics online @eventbrite
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Goodness gracious moi! Let's get some GOODNESS in ya! I call this "I'm feeling sexy " food cos its aphrodisiacal mmmm
My set backs may amuse you , BUT my comebacks will confuse you!
Uh ohhhhh its libra seasonnnnnnn!!! WATCH OUTTTTT!!!....Its gonna get a little messyyy HAHA ...BIG! :-D #LibraSeason