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@LISETTEMIBO: @BBHEAVENAFRIKA thank you sister, we defo need to meet up and further discuss :)” <<<100000% omg most certainly sis! One love
My eyes have never been so opened , we have it so good yet we complain about the slightest issue usually materialistic in this western world
Yesterday I was invited 2a fundraiser 4the menelik foundation in Afrika by @LISETTEMIBO who held an amazing showcase passion for motherland
Hats shoes and braids off to @LISETTEMIBO .. The levels of upmost respect, honour and admiration I have for you is beyond the sky! #PFM
Yesterday was for me the BEGINNING of a new chapter in my life, humanity will benefit from this just as much as I ,God bless the motherland!
Life is what we make it! Can't wait for life to just hand you happiness! I'm getting miiiiiine ha! :-D
Unity is awesomeness!!! Feeling real happy today! Made history yesterday WITH THE WHOLE WORLD! , and it's only the beginning!! #Change
Had the most amazing experience with my sun yesterday! We marched from Brixton to Downing Street to hand them the petition for reparations
@UkUrbansFinest: It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.”<<< WORRRD!!
@STACI2POINT0: Men like that do exist then?! RT @maxbeesley7: “@Picswithastory:”wow”< AMAZIIIIIING!!
Shout out to all those dealing with mental health! Your doing great! Keep going! #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek
Man vs weird !!!!! Ohhhh yeaaaa! !!!
“@caIming_: When your drunk at a party and your friends walk in”<<< looooooool
Four weeks and still nothing! This is a charade and a HUGE injustice to these children ! #BringOurGirlsBack
It's a thousand times better to have common sense without any education than to have education without common sense!
Bitch your like Monday! Nobody likes you! Lol #Kmt
RT @SoFxckingLondon: “@iamhamdi1: Agree or Disagree?” lol that's a mad shout still / Agree.
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Make your day as you want it to be!! <3
Sending blessing to my friends who are struggling with cancer at this time.. Strength, positivity and will.. Bless
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I need to get a sparkily fabulous rainbow Mini-GoGo Bus to travel around each and every country spreading the love! #TheDannyGoGoTour
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“@XavNukajam: @BBHEAVENAFRIKA 😍😘”<<< haha xx
Splish spolsh splash!! HERE'S A NEWS FLASH!!! No longer a size 8 I've got curves mate!! #YAYYYYY #YummyMummaCurves
@Chocolate_CB: @BBHEAVENAFRIKA you both looked 😍 on this night x”<<<< Thanks HOT Choco lato!! XXXX
NEVER let your fear decide your fate!!
Stars shine the brightest when their in the dark!! #keepShinning
No pressure ! Just pleasure!
Doing shit for the hype will only last you so long
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So excited for my new venture! Wish I could share with u all now! SOON though! Night tweeple xx
Ladies your best curve on your body is your smile! Haha! #KeepSmiling
I don't follow the crowd . That's what makes me proud!! #leadfromwithin
@oliviazao: @BBHEAVENAFRIKA thank you! So are you and your gorgeous boy 💖”< Bless ya xx
Good Morning World. Let's make a declaration . "I Will ...... RT
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Anywho I'm on day 2 of fasting.. Little annoyed at the fact that after gaining nice curves and a kaDonkDonk .. It's starting to disappear!!
“@XavNukajam: @BBHEAVENAFRIKA haha, what a pleasant morning surprise.....thanks”< happy sunrise sweets! X
How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged!! #priceless
RT @BassBraga: “@Diamond_London: RT @ShotgunShugg: Can't Breathe ! 😩� 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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RT @MrPinero_: Any plots and schemes by your enemies will fail against you in 2014.
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Ok guys as we all Know ! .... I'm SHIT at twitter !! Lol.. Guess what though !! Got my twitter mojo back!! YEP! I'm back babies! Haha!
The best !!!! The funking BEST!!! Yeaaaaaaa!! #BEST