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US-bound plane forced to land in Tokyo after severe turbulence injures several people
Retweeted by BBC News US
US President #Obama will sign a bill imposing new Russian sanctions despite reservations
Is China's economy really the largest in the world? We take a closer look at the numbers
Hackers targeting Sony Pictures threaten to attack US cinemas showing the film The Interview
Latest from our favourite interplanetary rover: @MarsCuriosity detects methane gas "belching"
Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin says media are "morally treasonous" for publishing Sony hacks
Bush v Clinton? @BBCJonSopel looks at why 2016 could look a lot like 1992
Scientists discover that gamma-ray bursts are far more common on Earth than thought
Can tech stop theft? In-store system can track the location of every shoe, skirt and handbag
Industrial action in America causes McDonald's restaurants in Japan to run low on chips
Manhunt grows for suspected killer of six near Philadelphia in the US state of Pennsylvania
Thousands march in Caracas, Venezuela to denounce recent approval of sanctions by the US
Camille Cosby defends her "wonderful husband" against claims of sexual assault
US court dismisses appeal against law requiring porn actors in LA County to wear condoms
Why are teff, amaranth & other “ancient grains” making their way onto US tables? #BBCGoFigure
More than 100 people killed in Taliban attack on #Peshawar school, 80 of them children
Retweeted by BBC News US
.@AnBress may have left #SouthDakota, but her story on Huron turkey factory workers comes out tomorrow. Stay tuned...
Retweeted by BBC News US
Former US VP Dick Cheney: "No problem" with detaining innocents
Families of people killed in 2012 Sandy Hook shooting file lawsuit against rifle manufacturer
Uber criticised for raising fares by up to four times during Sydney hostage crisis
Police in #Brazil protest to demand tougher legislation for crimes against the police