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BBC Nature
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Sadly, the global loss of species is worse than previously thought, according to @OfficialZSL:
Tree bumblebee rapid spread charted by @uniofeastanglia:
Meerkat pup surprise for Wetheriggs Animal Centre ->
Pygmy seahorses specialise in camouflage. Their colour and shape match surrounding coral:
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The Amazon rainforest is nourished by the remains of ancient African fish, carried in dust blown across the Atlantic:
Here is a little piece I did for @BBCEarth a few weeks ago. It is rather lovely! @EarthUnplugged
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Photographer captures the kingfishers living in London's network of concrete water channels
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Camera traps capture hyenas and jackals gate-crashing South Africa’s vulture “restaurants”:
It looks like anyone can have a go at this foraging lark » #photooftheday by Alun Williams
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Gone but not forgotten: dispute over preserved body of Lonesome George the Galapagos giant tortoise:
Adorable! Three-week-old cheetah cubs unveiled at San Diego Zoo:
Me, myself and ibex -> one scientist’s quest to find out what has happened to the elusive Alpine goats:
Take a unique journey inside the body of a giant tarantula:
When animals cry, are they crying, in the full human sense? via @BoingBoing
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Murder comes naturally to wild chimps and is not the result of human activity, study suggests:
Inky paw print survey reveals hedgehogs in the UK are thinly spread: @NTUNews
Terrapins, wallabies, beavers, skunks and scorpions - England's exotic invaders
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It’s Friday and here is a bear cub playing with a golf flag!
Giant Spinosaurus fossil confirms first swimming dinosaur theory:
Attenborough’s excitement at returning to “astounding” Great Barrier Reef for new @BBCOne series:
Young scientists reveal city flowers are busier with bees than rural settings:
Good news! California blue whale numbers are bouncing back, say scientists:
Officials at a Mexico City zoo unveil litter of Mexican grey wolf cubs
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Colossal discovery -> Fossil remains in Argentina represent the most complete giant sauropod dinosaur ever found:
First they could pick complex locks – now cockatoos go to tool school! Study via @UniofOxford
Great question (and answers!) from @BBCiWonder -> What are zoos for? #OurZoo
Here's a koala in a blanket in a jug on some scales. Obviously. Meet Danny the baby koala:
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Another set of cracking photos to browse through this morning – this time from the #BWPA2014!
Simply stunning! Winning wildlife photographs from BMC Ecology’s Image Competition revealed:
Elephant art goes on sale at Indian gallery to raise money for endangered animals:
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Three orphaned baby polecats have been rescued in Wales by the @RSPCA_official:
Birth of twin bongo antelopes at Woburn Safari Park is “fantastic news” for the critically endangered species:
Edgar Allan Poe would've been chuffed to read this in @nytimes - Ravens are back in the city!
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Good news! Water voles return to every county in England, following reintroduction programme: via @guardianeco
Rare, brilliant blue lobster caught off Maine, US, and spared the pot:
Most complete audit of Antarctic marine life ever to be published in new atlas – featuring over 9,000 species:
The world’s rarest bird – the Madagascar pochard – is in need of a new wetland home for a chance to thrive:
Filmed extraordinary animal moments in a city setting? Please get in touch: Please RT :)
Elephant fence: Sri Lanka tree barrier could prevent conflict between people and #elephants