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BBC Earth
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These four animals trick their opponents with sound:
These fragments of bone are 3 million years old and they rewrote human history
These spider monkeys selectively kill their male infants
Some animals can trick each other with their voices. Here are four smooth-talking animal liars
Why does anything exist at all? Why not just nothing? Here's a possible answer
Will polar bears become extinct? The science behind the controversy
The Earth's magnetic field is gradually losing its stability
Centuries ago, eight children were taken from a village in Borneo - by "dragons"
Despite jet lag, crew bounced out of bed but can't keep up with this fella! #EarthOnLocation via @simonbellbrizzl
Many young elephants are orphaned by poachers. Can they create new families for themselves?
Food, shelter & sex: Why 'master-apprentice' relationships are vital in the animal kingdom:
Poaching leaves many young elephants orphaned. Here's how they rebuild their lives
You might think New York is the last place you'd look for a new species. But you'd be wrong
The cove crabs are already at the water and waiting for nightfall to dip... #EarthOnLocation via @Elizabeth0White
The name says it all - this robber crab is rifling through our filming kit! #EarthOnLocation via @Elizabeth0White
This new frog was discovered in New York. Here are 4 other species found right under our noses
Learning to live together: How can we improve conservation at human-wildlife boundaries?
This ant has only just been discovered but it's already endangered
Lemmings are stupid and throw themselves off cliffs, right? Er, no by @WayOfThePanda
@BBCEarth Beautiful. Here are Devil's Fingers spotted Brockhampton, Herefordshire in Sept. #fungusfriday
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Waxcaps are sometimes described as the 'orchids' of the fungi world: #FungusFriday
This weird fungus invades its victims, eating them from the inside out: #FungusFriday