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BBC Nature
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Elephant art goes on sale at Indian gallery to raise money for endangered animals:
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Three orphaned baby polecats have been rescued in Wales by the @RSPCA_official:
Birth of twin bongo antelopes at Woburn Safari Park is “fantastic news” for the critically endangered species:
Edgar Allan Poe would've been chuffed to read this in @nytimes - Ravens are back in the city!
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Good news! Water voles return to every county in England, following reintroduction programme: via @guardianeco
Rare, brilliant blue lobster caught off Maine, US, and spared the pot:
Most complete audit of Antarctic marine life ever to be published in new atlas – featuring over 9,000 species:
The world’s rarest bird – the Madagascar pochard – is in need of a new wetland home for a chance to thrive:
Filmed extraordinary animal moments in a city setting? Please get in touch: Please RT :)
Elephant fence: Sri Lanka tree barrier could prevent conflict between people and #elephants
'Rotten reefs' - Baby coral and fish can 'smell' the difference between good and bad reefs:
Fantastic opportunity for 2 passionate non-grads! @BBC Natural History Unit apprenticeships in Bristol. Apply here:
Spiders do better in the city -> @LizyLowe’s study is latest to show benefits of urbanisation for some species.
If you love bears, then check out #WonderofAnimals on BBC Four right now :)
Spiders in urban areas are bigger, and better able to reproduce, study in Australia shows:
@BBCNature Found this cracking Devonshire Cup Coral whilst snorkelling in the sea off the Wester-Ross coastline.
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The #photooftheday ( is a red squirrel on the lookout in the Cairngorms from Pui Hang Miles
Safety first! Tree-hugging snakes squeeze five times harder than necessary to avoid falling, study suggests:
Make sure you tune into #SuperSenses tonight, 9pm on @BBCTwo for more incredible things like this!…
What about this trio of common blue butterflies from David Curtis as the #photooftheday (
Over 100,000 African elephants estimated to have been killed for ivory in three years, new study shows:
Dazzling! Watch tiny bioluminescent ostracods' defensive light show: @BBCTwo #SuperSenses
Dolphins’ squeals of delight recorded by researchers: It’s another amazing underwater soundbite.
First up this week for #photooftheday is this cracking image of a cuckoo from Paul McMullen
Discover how DNA sequencing revolutionised plant classification -> Tune into @BBCRadio4, today, 1:45pm
River turtle mothers “talk” to their babies, underwater recordings reveal:
On TV: @SteveBackshall, sharks, bat-eating snakes... need we say more?! #Deadly60 Today, @BBCOne, 6.05pm
Revealing the secret behind the super-whiteness of some beetles
Myth busting: Scientists discover magpies are actually 'scared of shiny objects' ->
Here is the #photooftheday ( from Carole Killikelly who took this shot on the Dee Estuary
Bees as you've never seen them before, wonderfully up close and personal via @NatGeo
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Who hasn’t wanted to take a mammoth for a stroll along the beach?! -> (photos via @Alilou78)…
The #photooftheday is this awesome eyed hawk-moth caterpillar from Anthony Nixon
WoW! RT @BirdGuides: Photo of the Week is Robert Booth's sensational capture of Peregrines completing a food pass!
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A critically endangered Vietnamese box turtle has hatched at @BristolZooGdns. It’s pretty cute too!
A giant, 10ft fish which used to dominate the Amazon river is “extinct” in some areas:
Slavonian grebe family in the Scottish Highlands #photooftheday from Janet Ainge
Catch up on Operation Wild before the next episode tonight: Starring @clarebalding and 🐼🐼🐘🐼
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Australia Great Barrier Reef outlook "poor and deteriorating"
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Smallest known insect genome discovered in the Antarctic midge… a “flightless fly”!
@BBCNature @choward @BBCTwo didn't film it but met this beast in Tyntesfield yesterday: epic mimicry by lobster moth
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