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BBC Earth
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@BBCEarth Beautiful. Here are Devil's Fingers spotted Brockhampton, Herefordshire in Sept. #fungusfriday
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Waxcaps are sometimes described as the 'orchids' of the fungi world: #FungusFriday
This weird fungus invades its victims, eating them from the inside out: #FungusFriday
Plants talk to each other using an internet... and it's made of fungus #FungusFriday
This coral tree has been declared extinct twice. It's one of the rarest plants in the world
As mountains are forced up, the rocks deep underneath them can heat up to a roasting 1000C
This pufferfish sandcastle is the biggest structure made by a single animal - all to attract a mate #EarthOnLocation
The crazy and often colourful courtship of bowerbirds -> #LifeStory @BBCOne
Filming an unusual animal in a very unusual place. Guess the species? #EarthOnLocation via @shotinthewild
Watch the moment a hunting barn owl strikes its prey: #SlowMo
Where is the hottest part of Earth's crust? Under a baby mountain, of course
For those worrying about squashed crabs - they're ok, thanks to the caring islanders! #EarthOnLocation
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This is the biggest organism in the world
RT @Elizabeth0White And they're off! Just a few hundred of a reported 40 million... Good luck chaps! #EarthOnLocation
Nature's spectacles: Humpback #whales feasting near Tromso, Norway ->
The brilliant colouring of the blue morpho butterfly’s wings is caused by microscopic scales:
What were these beasts that took 8 children from a Borneo village hundreds of years ago?
Explore the origins and meaning of life in under three minutes. Narrated by @brianblessed
Discover the fraught mating ritual of the Australian camel:
Once thought to be extinct, this frog is full of surprises: