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BBC Earth
Scientists can now place the origin of the HIV pandemic in a specific city: Kinshasa
12,000-year-old cave lion cubs have emerged from thawing ice in Siberia
Two miles underground, inside solid rock, there is a community of animals
The most powerful microscopes can’t show single atoms. So how do we know they are there?
Some of our Neanderthal genes may predispose us to a collection of diseases and behaviours
41 years ago today, the Lucy fossil was discovered. Here's why she's so important
“I didn’t know how hard it was going be”: chasing storms with #EarthCapture
Some modified skulls for aesthetics, some for power
Schooling to avoid a predator, Rasdhoo Atoll, Maldives
Watch a huge storm up close with #EarthCapture
A pair of cave lion cubs has been found mummified, by @KSegedin
"The great heap of camera kit we used to film the sparrowhawks and jays" @JohnAitchison1 #EarthOnLocation #theHunt
The back of this person's head was artificially flattened
Even under the sea, it’s a Monday. #TheHunt
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Fish louse by Steve Gschmeissner
From mountains to stars and human beings, everything is made of tiny atoms
Eurasians may have Neanderthals to thank for their strong skin, hair and nails
Watch this video to understand the biggest idea in physics
A large male polar bear bounds towards a ringed seal pup… #TheHunt #EarthOnLocation
Southern Cross lighting up the New Zealand night sky… #EarthCapture by Todd Tong
Parents might reshape a child's skull by binding their head with bands of cloth
"Tree platform for the harpy eagle filming. Bit scary in the wind" @JohnAitchison1 #EarthOnLocation #TheHunt
UK Fans: Episode 4 of #TheHunt 9pm tonight on @BBCOne
Two elephants have been seen blowing air through their trunks to get food

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