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BBC EastEnders
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Tonight: Has Emma 'cottoned' on to Charlie's fake occupation? #EastEnders Preview clip:
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A suspicious Yvonne turns detective to try and get to the bottom of Charlie's odd behaviour!
Phew! That was a close call for Charlie! But should DC Summerhayes have stuck to her guns and arrested him?
Is Charlie Cotton going to be banged to rights? #EastEnders tonight by @DaranLittle at 1930 hrs...
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Tonight: Is it a fair cop for Charlie as he's collared by Emma for impersonating a Police officer? Preview clip:
DC Summerhayes drops a bombshell on Max! But what will they do with this new information?
Dot gives Max a reality check with her stern words, but will it have any effect on the moody lothario?
Looks like Bianca has met her match! But should she stop giving Lee a hard time?
Peter dumps poor Lola and declares his ♥ for Lauren, but does she feel the same? Check out the photo spoiler:
Tonight: Will Ian support Denise's decision to stand by Patrick? Watch the preview clip:
Welcome to #EastEnders @DavoodGhadami ! Davood will be playing Kush and will be on screens this Autumn...
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Ian turns the tables on a bewildered Patrick, but will he manage to get Denise to agree?
It's back to the books for Abi as she reveals plans to study at Bolton, but how will Max take the news?
Ian switches to a softer tactic, but will it stop Patrick telling Denise the truth?
Tonight: A desperate Ian attempts to offload Patrick onto Kim, but will she agree? Preview:
Would you ♥ to see @mimikeene3 or George Sargeant win Best Young Actor in the #InsideSoapAwards? Cast your vote now:
A heavily pregnant Cindy is back with a bump! But how will Ian take the news? Check out the photo spoiler: