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BBC EastEnders
Please tweet your questions using the hashtag #OurGirlQnA – replies from @TonyGrounds will be signed ‘TG’. Fire away!
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“We are not wholly bad or good Who live our lives under Milk Wood" Rest in peace, dear Smurf. #OurGirl #RIPSmurf
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“To save a life whilst being willing to sacrifice your own is above and beyond the call of duty” #OurGirl
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“You do not bring personal into the battlefield” Famous last words? Find out who survives in #OurGirl at 9pm.
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Congratulations to @LornaFitz0 for winning Best British Actor at BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards!
He's bad, he's rotten, he's nasty Nick Cotton! But will he lift the lid on Charlie and Yvonne's big secret?
Think #EastEnders Maddy Hill has been hitting all the right notes? Then vote her Most Popular Newcomer in the NTAs!
❤ EVERYTHING EastEnders? Then vote us Most Popular Serial Drama in the 2015 NTAs!
Mick is left reeling after a distraught Linda spurns his advances, but should she tell her husband the truth?
Charlie does a U-turn and announces he is back on board with Ronnie - and being a father! Make you mind up Charlie!
"I'm not engaged anymore." Emma FINALLY declares her true intentions to Max, but is this what he wants?
We celebrated Timothy West's 80th birthday today! Happy birthday for Monday, Timothy! #EastEnders
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Watch #EastEnders Gillian Wright's BBC Lifeline Appeal for the Prison Advice and Care Trust this Sunday 19th October at 16:15pm on @BBCOne.
Will Linda finally reveal the full extent of her ordeal at the hands of delusional Dean to Elaine?
@MrDDyer in tonight's #episide? Then vote him Best Serial Drama Performance in the #NTA2015!
Has Roxy's attempt to get Ronnie's ❤ life back on track inadvertently derailed her own relationship with her big sis?
Max doesn't seem to be having a thumping time of it, but is it a case of you reap what you sow?
Elaine and the rest of the Carter clan turn to karaoke in an attempt to cheer up Linda, but will it be enough?
Livid Linda lashes out at a dumbfounded Dex after spotting him and Nancy turning up the heat in the kitchen! Spoiler:
Have you ♥ the drama in The Square this year? Then vote #EastEnders Most Popular Serial Drama in the #NTA2015!
Gunning for Linda Henry? Then vote her Best Serial Drama Performance in the NTA's!
♥ Kellie Bright's performance in tonight's #EastEnders? Then vote her Best Serial Drama Performance in the NTA's!
Wowsers! But does Max still feel the same towards Emma after discovering she is still engaged?
Mick calls in the cavalry in the form of Elaine, but will she be able to get to the bottom of Linda's angst?
Dial 'C' for concern! A worried Mick takes action, but who is the troubled landlord calling?
"Just tell me what it is…" Will an emotional Linda reveal all about her ordeal with Dean to Mick?
Phil lets the truth 'ring' out to Ronnie that a copper and a murderer don't usually make for a good relationship!
Voting for the longlist nominations for the NTA's is open! Check out which #EastEnders cast are up for which gong!…
Still reeling from the events of last week, a fragile Linda snaps at Nancy's birthday party.
If ever there's a look for guilt, Ian has it down to a T! But how will poor Peter take this latest betrayal?
DI Keeble is quick to turn the tables on a shocked Emma, but will she be taken off the case?
It's not Halloween just yet, BUT a fair few skeletons come out the closet in tonight's #EastEnders at 8pm on @BBCOne – not to be missed!
Awesome new tracks added to The Queen Vic Jukebox Playlist this week! Follow the list on Spotify via @BBCPlaylister!
A furious Ian gives Emma a dressing down after discovering the true extent of her and Max's relationship:
Stacey fans the flames of gossip in The Square next week as she seeks solace in the arms of old flame Dean! Spoiler:
“If you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones…” #OurGirl concludes next Sunday on @BBCOne.
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Here’s how we left Molly and Captain James at the end of last week’s #OurGirl. Join us on @BBCOne now for more...
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Dial 'S' for supergrass! But what has made the likely Lothario 'call' it a day with Emma? Did she have too many 'hang-ups'?
Ian sees red and accosts Max over sleeping with the Emma, but has Max done enough to make Ian believe his innocence?
What should Charlie and Ronnie call their new baby boy? Unfortunately 'North West' 'Blue Ivy' and 'Harper Seven' have already been taken...
Last chance to vote @LornaFitz0 Best British Actor at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards. Voting closes at 4pm today!
Last call to vote #EastEnders Best British TV Show at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards. Voting closes at 4pm today!
Linda attempts to put on a brave face, but what is stopping her from telling Mick the truth about Dean?