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BBC EastEnders
There’s nothing quite like a family reunion. But will Phil be pleased to see a familiar face? #BensBack #EastEnders
We’re sure he does Abi… or should she be worrying? #EastEnders
Looks like Tosh is stoking the flames of Alfie’s guilt. He’s really feeling the heat tonight… #EastEnders
Shirley’s not really getting into the ‘spirit’ of the wedding planning, is she? #EastEnders
Shirley offers Phil more than a new set of matching towels in tonight's episode: #EastEnders
Another massive week for #EastEnders kicks off tonight at 2000 hrs. And don't sit too comfortably. More twists and surprises are coming...
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Amidst the horrors of war, unlikely friendships can blossom. But can it last? #OurGirl
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Sealed with a kiss! But will that, PLUS Lauren telling Peter that she loves him, be enough to keep him in Walford?
It’s a question of trust for Sharon and Phil, but will they go through with it? Watch the new trail from @BBCOne.
Should Alfie come clean about his involvement in the fire, now that Tosh has gone to the Police with her suspicions?
Jay shuts the door in Phil's face (literally) over attending his wedding to Sharon, but should we feel sorry for him?
Mick has clearly caught Linda offside with his footballing analogies about their relationship!
Tonight: Tosh has some burning questions for Alfie about the fire, but will he melt as she turns up the heat? Clip:
As the consequences of Alfie's actions begin to hit home, should he tell Kat the truth about starting the fire?
Shirley pays a secret visit to Phil, but who has rumbled them snogging ahead of his marriage to Sharon?
How will Tina react after a distraught Tosh reveals that she lost their baby?
Tonight: Which Walford resident, playing at peeping tom, gets an eyeful of something they shouldn't? Preview clip:
Stage star Maria Friedman is cast as Elaine Peacock, Linda Carter’s #EastEnders
Alfie dramatically rescues his damsel in a dress, but will there be blowback on his actions?
Want to know how we shot the explosion scene from tonight’s #EastEnders? Then check out this exclusive BTS video!
Kat is looking to fan the flames of lurve, but hearing that she is at home sparks fear into Alfie!
A shady Alfie is quick to dismiss Mick's smoke claims, but does the shrewd landlord believe his friend?
Things are heating up in tonight's #EastEnders @7:30 on @BBCOne as an explosion leaves #Kalfie and the residents of Walford reeling!
Tonight: How will the residents of Walford react after a huge explosion rocks The Square?
A scantily-clad Shirley reminds Phil of what he's missing, but it will be enough to tempt him ahead of his stag do?
Life's a drag for Alfie, but will his sure-fire idea to end his money worries go up in smoke?
How will Linda react after her friend Sharon gets cold feet about marrying Phil?
Has Alfie gone blazing mad?! Will Mick be able to talk his friend into seeing sense?
As Alfie reveals his dangerous plan, can Mick convince him not to go ahead with it? #EastEnders #8pm @BBCOne
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Tonight: Alfie is engulfed by his money woes, but will Roxy's pep talk get him all fired up?
We ain't one to gossip BUT… which blonde bombshell is back with a bump (literally!) next week? Spoiler:
RIP John Bardon. A true Walford legend, who will be greatly missed by everyone here at #EastEnders.
Do you think Liam will benefit from moving to Milton Keynes? Or should he stay in Walford?
Linda has some explaining to do! But has she managed to prove her innocence to her daughter?
Jim Branning funny, grumpy,endearing ,mischievous ,massive talent,walford will always miss you RIP john Bardon
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RIP The wonderful wonderful John Bardon. A brilliant, funny, clever actor and gentleman. The world and Albert Square are sadder without you.
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I'm very honoured that tonight's episode of @bbceastenders will be dedicated to the very lovely Actor John Bardon. 💜💜💜
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Tonight's #EastEnders will be dedicated to the hugely talented and greatly-loved John Bardon.
Aleks rumbles a desperate Alfie, but will he manage to bribe the Market Inspector? Preview:
Tonight's episode of EastEnders will be dedicated to the courageous, hugely talented and much-loved John Bardon.
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Despite a naughty night with Shirley, is Phil’s upcoming marriage to Sharon back on track? #EastEnders
You’re supposed to keep it a secret Tina! So, what will they call their baby? #EastEnders
We wouldn’t trifle with Aunt Babe at the best of times - good luck to the birthday boy! #EastEnders
As Bianca prepares to leave Walford this week, it's only fair we #TBT to her and her brood. #EastEnders
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Phil has some tough lessons in love for poor Shirley, but will he live to regret his actions?