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BBC EastEnders
Does Lauren deserve Dean's wrath after being indecisive about her feelings for Peter?
Poor Dot is left reeling with news from Charlie that she is about to become a great grandmother!
Shirley wastes no time in making her feelings known to the new bride, but should Sharon listen to her warning?
Actually ... we have an extra five minutes for you tonight so will be on at 7:25pm. RT to spread the word. #EastEnders
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Linda faces the toughest time of her life in Walford next week as Dean does the unthinkable… Photo spoiler:
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Roxy gives Ronnie a lesson in tough love, but will she heed her little sister's advice and tell Charlie?
Sounds like Sharon isn't the only one with bad timing, best take Phil's advice and pipe down Billy!
Ahead of Phil and Sharon's impending wedding, impress your friends by sharing their wedding invite to your wall!
Fresh tracks added to The Queen Vic Jukebox Playlist! Follow the list on Spotify via @BBCPlaylister
Will Shirley manage to convince Phil that she's the one for him? Check out the exclusive Monday preview:
Charlie and Ronnie attend their child's first scan together. But will it be a girl or a boy? Photo spoiler:
After heartbreaking and heartwarming times, Molly lives to fight and love another day. #OurGirl continues next Sunday
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Molly risks her life for an Afghan girl who stood up against her violent father. Tense is an understatement. #OurGirl
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Will Molly's growing bond with Afghan girl Bashira cause conflict with her fellow soldiers? #OurGirl. 9pm. @BBCOne.
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Phew! Seems like the wedding’s back on track. But will Shirley still have something to say on the matter? #EastEnders
It’s decision time Phil. What’s it going to be? #EastEnders
Ronnie’s back in Walford, and giving marriage advice to Phil. But is she one to talk? #EastEnders
Phil and Ben's heart-to-heart is disrupted by unexpected visitors in tonight's episode. Check out the preview clip:
Make sure you watch @bbceastenders tonight at 8pm on BBC1 cos @grimmers may feature in it 😊
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Barbara Windsor chats about Peggy's return:… #EastEnders
Peggy’s sending Ronnie on a marriage-messing mission! Will she accept the challenge? #EastEnders
We told you the best things come to those who watch, didn’t we? #Peggy #getouttamypub #EastEnders
Shirley seems sure that Phil will do the right thing – and end up in her arms as a result. But will he? #EastEnders
Karl Howman is set to join #EastEnders later this year. Read the full story:
In tonight's #EastEnders, Kat makes the brave decision to remove her bandages and see her scars.
Linda Marlowe is set to join #EastEnders as Shirley's mum, Sylvie Carter.
Break out the tissues and reach for the rom-coms - Jay and Abi are splitting up! Check out the spoiler:
Ben’s not impressed with Jay’s evidence hiding skills – but will their secret stay safe? #EastEnders
Does Shirley and Dean’s heart-to-heart mean these two have finally turned a corner? #EastEnders
Shirley’s clearly keen to flush Ben out and give him a piece of her mind! #EastEnders
Ben’s wasting no time in giving his dad romantic advice – but will Phil heed his wayward son? #EastEnders
There's still time to vote Eastenders Best Soap at The Inside Soap Awards 2014. Check out who's been shortlisted too!
There’s nothing quite like a family reunion. But will Phil be pleased to see a familiar face? #BensBack #EastEnders
We’re sure he does Abi… or should she be worrying? #EastEnders
Looks like Tosh is stoking the flames of Alfie’s guilt. He’s really feeling the heat tonight… #EastEnders
Shirley’s not really getting into the ‘spirit’ of the wedding planning, is she? #EastEnders
Shirley offers Phil more than a new set of matching towels in tonight's episode: #EastEnders
Another massive week for #EastEnders kicks off tonight at 2000 hrs. And don't sit too comfortably. More twists and surprises are coming...
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Amidst the horrors of war, unlikely friendships can blossom. But can it last? #OurGirl
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Sealed with a kiss! But will that, PLUS Lauren telling Peter that she loves him, be enough to keep him in Walford?