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After pulling out of US, Hailo tells BBC that Uber used a contract clause to stop potential investors
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Always great to see once cutting-edge tech parked outside Broadcasting House. The landing was touch and go. 😁
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RT @spenley: @snomi filming a most amazing machine - the Internet Simulator. Coming up on this weekend's @BBCClick
Are robots becoming too cute? -
@ramesh_bvi @BBCClick @katerussell for the full Surrogates experience check out this weekends @click. Avatar androids
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The hoverboard is finally a reality? #BBClick's #ClickBait finds out
Not a bad way to start a Friday. @MarcCieslak getting a sneak peek at the virtual reality #Interstellar experience.
#BBCClick's @LJRICH looks at smartphones that talk and say ouch when you drop them
Scientists have created an actual working hoverboard. Yep just like the one in #BackToTheFuture. See it in action -
US 'probes hackable flaws' in medical devices -
Online abuse hits 40% of adults -
Lego? Story time? #Webscape explores childhood favourites this week w/ @katerussell #BBCClick
The anti-Facebook social network 'Ello' secures multi-million dollar backing -
#Google is revamping its email service with a new mobile app called Inbox -
Some pretty amazing time-lapse footage from the Arizona desert -
#BBCClick in #japan - has @spenley found a virtual girlfriend?
Meet the world's smallest live broadcast 8K camera. This is the only one @nhk_news has made so far..
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Filming this week's @BBCClick Bait, we bump into Theo the BBC hawk. Who's hopefully after a different kind of bait.
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my new slot #ClickLive will be 3pm-4pm UK time today, you're welcome to text or tweet to me & @bbc5live during the show.
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Microsoft to phase out the Nokia name on smartphones -
Want to hear what Space sounds like? #NASA has now opened its own audio library -
VIDEO: Create your own earthquake detector for $110 #BBCClick
"Now [weather] forecasts are 95-97% accurate... better than forms of birth control."…
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Concern raised over the increased use of drones in the UK -
Check out the earthquake detector that only cost $110 (£70) to make -
Self-driving car sets new speed record of 149mph (240km/h) -
China denies reports that it attempted to steal user data from iCloud accounts. -
#BBCClick's @MarcCieslak looks at the prototypes hoping to rival Google Glass
Could we finally get a real life hoverboard? One man thinks so -…
Webcam sex with fake girl Sweetie leads to sentence - could this make a huge difference catching abusers online?
Could virtual reality change the way that we podcast? (via @dougalshaw) -
ICYMI these MIT scientists are working on creating 'superhuman vision' -
Paralysed groom walks down the aisle using robotic 'exoskeleton' (via @BBCNewsbeat) -
Google helping legal music sites appear more prominently (but only if they pay)
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Internet trolls could face up to two years in jail under new laws -
#BBCClick's @NICKKWEK reports on the 'magic glass' that fixes bad eyesight
Over the weekend, 40,000 people watched the League of Legends World Championship in Seoul -
Monday morning and the weekly Click meeting had some great ideas... @bbcdoctorwho
My last morning in @BBCClick planning meeting. What did everyone make of weekend’s programme? What should Click be covering in coming weeks?
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Would you like your tech to mind its manners? Find out more from #Ceatec #Japan with #BBCClick
The 'magic glass' from @medialab that could correct bad eyesight -