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#BBCClick's @LJRICH investigates 'beacons' on the High Street & turns them into music (as you do)
This week #BBCClick looks at the tech behind Instagram's new Hyperlapse app. See for scedule
#BBCClick's @LJRICH meets the computer coder who is turning internet radio into music
#BBCClick's @jencopestake investigates how to protect your wireless identity
#BBCClick's @LaraLewington gets a taste of a waste-saving laser labelling system. for scedule
In the wake of Mount Tavurvur erupting here's a selection of apps to track volcanic activity
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Right now, it's free to download music from @BBCClick's democratic dance music feature! visit cc @AdamMacadamia
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MSN Messenger to end after 15 years
#BBCClick's @LJRICH hacks dance music with a way for those on the floor to choose the pace of the music
This week #BBCClick's @LJRICH conducts a democratic dance experiment. See for schedule
"Secret underground vaults with armed guards and biometric sensors." How bitcoin is to be stored -
Social networks "have significant negative impact on individual welfare," @techreview reports
MSN Messenger (remember that?) ends as China, its last market, announces closure @TNW reports
Quantum computing "would allow computers 100bn times smaller" (on current specs) -…
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Interesting stuff - @achillean pinged all devices on the internet and made a map of where they were located -
Camera harness for dogs, calls for more social media safeguards & other tech news #BBCClick
Amazing database of historical c'right free images created - well worth a look. (via @BBCTech)
Chat about this weekend's stories on Facebook: or Google+: #BBCClick
Twitter's map of Middle East conflict - @spenley reports on how the two sides react to each other #BBCClick
Talking anonymity, geoblocking and more with @YikYakApp founders Brooks Buffington and Tyler Droll in Atlanta
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If you're in London, tonight is @BBCClick 's ultimate dance music science experiment @sciencemuseum. Get involved!
The meter is running! Interview with mGaadi founder, Vishy in beautiful Bangalore.
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Could your #wifi be leaking personal information? Interesting read.
Take part in @BBCClick 's ultimate dance music science experiment at the Science Museum in London tomorrow evening!
#BBCClick's @LaraLewington looks at how pedal power could charge your phone & other cycle-tech
Click talks to blogger Evan Blass, the prolific leaker of news about planned new mobile and smartphones #BBCClick
Mozilla's first low-cost smartphone on sale in India
Closer than a helicopter and higher than a crane – @spenley finds out why drones are a filmmaker's dream #BBCClick
Unfortunately no @BBCTwo show today. Instead you can view the 1960 version of Pollyanna. Apparently she brings laughter to a whole town :)
Meet @evleaks - known as the most prolific leaker of information about new phones. Coming up on News Channel at 1530.
Make animated GIFs out of a YouTube video and the app that can help transfer files-
If you watch one show on @BBCiPlayer this weekend then catch #DoctorWho. If u watch two shows, then give us a try 😉…A
Find out how data scientists are using social media to learn more about our interactions online. Soon on @BBCNews.
Calling all cyclists. @LaraLewington has the latest in cycle tech and gadgets coming up on BBC One at 0745. Enjoy!
Retiring superstar tech leaker @evleaks talks exclusively on this wk's @BBCClick. Great insight into the effort it takes to uncover secrets.
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Testing latest fun / brilliant / questionable /crazy cycling tech with @LondonBikePolo on this weekend's @BBCClick. Cyclists, tune in!
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Leak king: @evleaks, the man who exposes the technology industry's secrets
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The phone industry's worst enemy or closest ally? Watch the exclusive story of @evleaks on @BBCNews Channel at 1230.
Simple file-transfer for iOS, easy animated GIFs & loads more in this week's #webscape
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BBC also asked me to share my favorite leaks. A stroll down memory lane:…
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Phone leaks and gadgets for your bike. All to look forward to in the @BBCBreakfast 0645 version of the show. :)
Because @snomi spent a lot of time making it, here are all the airings for this week's show. Yep it's complicated!
Following on from last tweet, worth pointing out that no Click on @BBCTwo this Monday due to Bank Holiday. Told you it was complicated!