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BBC Click
See the dress that changes colours based on your brain activity -
#Geak Android smartwatches 'last a week or more' between charges -
Today's show includes email habits... How hygienic is your inbox?! cc @bbc5live
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Today involved filming 300m down a mine in Finland and balancing coins. Standard Wed at @BBCClick with @LaraLewington
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£2.5m Cultural Video Game Centre coming to Nottingham in 2015 (via @Gizmodo) -…
Hungarians march against draft internet tax
If you are a fan of @okgo, filming using drones and motorised scooters then this is the video to make your day -
Is it possible to spend a day in a city and not share any data? @ruskin147 tries to find out -
A fan of #wearabletechnology? See the dress that changes colour depending on your mood -
Before launch @OrbitalSciences team wasn't tracking any issues. No injuries have been reported & all personnel around launch site accounted.
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.@NASA & @OrbitalSciences gathering data on failure of #Antares rocket bound for International Space Station
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Digital hearing aids 'distort recorded music' -
.@NASA's unmanned #Antares rocket explodes shortly after take-off in Virginia
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Google is developing a cancer and heart attack detector (via @BBCTech) -… Warblr - Shazam for birdsong - invented by two British scientists
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Could the Knight Rider supercar soon be a reality? #BBCClick's @dannsimmons investigates
Met Office to build £97m supercomputer
Glowing 'smart cycle lanes' are pitched to UK - glow in the dark paint! The reinvention of the catseye
ICYMI... Rugby Radio Station tuner, and good ol' 2LO, the BBC's first transmitter. @sciencemuseum
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The same performance capture tech used in #AvengersAgeOfUltron is now being used to digitally record Irish hurlers -…
Okay then, oh hilarious ones. What's this? (no cheating, @sciencemuseum).
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Great day filming @BBCClick @sciencemuseum at the new Information Age gallery. Any guesses what this is?
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#BBCClick's @NICKKWEK investigates whether #Hollywood technology can preserve minority sports?
IBM is using super computing to track Ebola in Sierra Leone -
Easily the friendliest games event around @gamecity. Check out the detail of lumino city model on show.
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Hi-tech gangs are increasingly stealing high-end keyless cars (but theft overall has plummeted)
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Explore the hidden history of computer hacking (via @BBCTech) -
#BBCClick's @dannsimmons tries out the phone you wear on your finger
Hungarians protest over internet tax plans
In #BBCClick @dannsimmons tries out Japan's new camera for the Olympics 2020 (50Gbps) See
Can Hollywood technology help preserve sports for future generations? -
If you missed the show this weekend, you can always catch our special from Japan on the @BBCiPlayer - (UK only)
And this is how the Click team normally start Sunday 😃 RT@BBCNewsAsiaa: VIDEO: Wingsuit jumpers in downhill sky”
This week in #BBCClick @MarcCieslak tests out semi-smart glasses in Japan. See for schedule
Google's Alan Eustace has broken the world altitude record for a parachute jump, reaching speeds of over 1,300km/h -
Exclusive extra footage from @BBCClick in Tokyo - the full journey of balls across the Internet simulator:
Retweeted by BBC Click @MarcCieslak preparing to film the Internet Machine. I'll post extra video footage later for anoraks!
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In this week's #BBCClick @LJRICH goes hacking with Japan's Wrecking Crew Orchestra. for sched.
ICYMI, you may want to see what a real #hoverboard actually looks like (pretty amazing is the answer) -
After pulling out of US, Hailo tells BBC that Uber used a contract clause to stop potential investors
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Always great to see once cutting-edge tech parked outside Broadcasting House. The landing was touch and go. 😁
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RT @spenley: @snomi filming a most amazing machine - the Internet Simulator. Coming up on this weekend's @BBCClick
Are robots becoming too cute? -