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And to what your appetite for the show this weekend, here are some world exclusive shots from #AlienIsolation
Exciting show this week featuring Sigourney Weaver talking about her role in @AlienIsolation as well as exclusive footage from the game.
In this weekend's #BBCClick you get to see inside the #webscape studio when it's not wearing its virtual set :) #nakedstudiotech
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Mars & Jupiter moon Europa are best places for life, "Science guy Bill Nye" says (in detail but it's about water)
Windows 7 still accounts for over 50% of operating systems on desktops/laptops, @TNW reports -
A man with an antenna implanted in his skull is identifying himself as a cyborg, @CNN reports
In a sporting first Glasgow 2014 is being streamed to a virtual reality headset @dannsimmons reports #BBCClick
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Listings offering illegal drugs for sale on the "dark net" appear to have more than doubled in less than a year -
With established actors like Kevin Spacey & Sigourney Weaver starring in them, video games are becoming more mainstream - @MarcCieslak
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Just been on @BBCr4today, discussing games and meeting @SigourneyWeavey . More on this weekends @BBCClick
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Research group demonstrates 43 Terabits per second transfer over a single fibre (so download film in ~0.2 millisecs)
"Samsung's smartphone heyday is over." Analyst view of Samsung's profit "slump". Is it over?
Robot 'learns to keep going with broken leg' (via @BBCTech) -
Tor attack may have unmasked dark net users (via @BBCTech) -
.@LJRICH tests a virtual reality system that controls a real mechanical digger.
UK to allow driverless cars on public roads by next year (via @BBCTech) -
Met Spencer Kelly at BBC London 94.9 today. I love his show Click on BBC.
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The difficulty of predicting the tech future (via @ruskin147) -
Police in the City of London will now place banner ads on websites believed to be offering pirated content -
Opportunity rover breaks record for longest distance driven off-Earth - still going strong. Amazing tech
How free wifi can be used to track our movements & learn more about our likes & dislikes @spenley reports #BBCClick
Streaming Trine 2 for Android to an enormous tv as we test the new Project Shield tablet.
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