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BBC America
BBC Americans! Get tickets to the premiere of our new drama #TheGame at @nytvf w/creator @hanniganspiteri: #NYTVF10
We're doing a Twitter Q&A with @WilliamShatner on Friday. Get your questions in NOW using #AskShatner.
Morning! Having a hard time getting up? Start the day off right with some @DoctorWho_BBCA. S5 episode 'Cold Blood' starts at 8am ET!
Always wanted to ask @WilliamShatner a question? Get your questions in NOW for a Twitter Q&A on Friday! #AskShatner
Meghalaya, India. Villagers cross living bridges made from strangler figs. Photo by @MrTimothyAllen for #HumanPlanet!
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.@Wendys, it's '@BBCAMERICA', but we admit #BBQ4merica looks very similar.
Why are British spellings like "honour" and "realise" different from ours? @vornietom explains:
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Join #MindTheChat today from 2pm ET for a chance to win a Walker’s Scottish Highland Games Celebration Tin of shortbread, via @BritainsBest!
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One seat, four characters. It's the first official table read of #OrphanBlack Season 3! #CloneClub
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#HumanPlanet is on again right now for the west-coast and all you late-nighters! Watch it at 1 ET // 10 PT here on @BBCAMERICA.
Thanks for spending Earth Night with us. Two episodes of #HiddenHabitats are on again next at 12 ET // 9 PT on @BBCAMERICA.
If you have @BBCAMERICA & haven't seen these docs, here's you chance! I recommend #GetALife...for reasons ;)…
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TONIGHT a Laotian fisherman walks a high wire above the Mekong River. #HumanPlanet premieres @ 10/9c… @BBCEarth_BBCA
Regram from @bbcearth_bbca: "Tonight on #HumanPlanet- Mekong River, Laos. Fisherman Samniang risks his life on his homemade high wire stretched across the flooded Mekong. See it tonight at 10/9c after all new episodes of #HiddenHabitats! Photo by Timothy Allen."
Cynthia Galant (Mini-Clone) showing off her new T-shirt! #CloneClub fans of @OrphanBlack will get the inside joke!
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"Do not go gentle into that good night." Watch a trailer for Dylan Thomas biopic "A Poet in New York," airing 10/29:
Regram from @doctorwho_bbca: new images from #MummyontheOrientExpress, premiering this Saturday at 9/8c on @bbcamerica #DoctorWho #FrankSkinner #Foxes #PeterCapaldi
Graham (Norton) Cracker Cake made by @bbcamerica's @monicareyhani Graham recipe adapted from @smittenkitchen ( and frosting recipe via @runningcate ( #GrahamNorton #BBCAmerica
Next Saturday, October 11th, is the season finale of @Intruders:
West coast & late night #Whovians! #KillTheMoon starts NOW on @BBCAMERICA at 12a ET/9p PT.
The new Doctor is on the Graham Norton show right now on @BBCAMERICA #DoctorWho
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!!!!! My two favorites Peter Capaldi and George Ezra on new Graham Norton on @BBCAMERICA right now. Best episode ever??
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The #GrahamNorton Show season premiere starts now with guests @GemmaArterton, Denzel Washington and Peter Capaldi!
There's someone for everyone on #GrahamNorton premiering TONIGHT @ 11/10c, with Peter Capaldi & Denzel Washington…
Thanks for watching #DoctorWho with us #Whovians! We'll be looking at the moon a bit differently tonight #KillTheMoon
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"Tell me what you knew, Doctor or else I'll smack you so hard, you'll regenerate." - Clara. #DoctorWho #KillTheMoon
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Ready for the return of #Atlantis? Season 2 premieres November 15 at 9/8c on @BBCAMERICA. WATCH:
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"No internet, no mobiles. I'd be fine with that." Uh.. speak for yourself, Clara. #DoctorWho #KillTheMoon
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I thought @Intruders scared me, but it's like @DoctorWho_BBCA is making tonight a festival of fright.
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How are you doing #Whovians? We popped behind the sofa for that last scene. #DoctorWho #KillTheMoon
This old planetoid, that gives you light at night, seas to sail on, is in the process of falling to bits. #DoctorWho
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"We have 45 minutes to decide." - Clara Oswald. #DoctorWho #KilltheMoon has started and so has our livetweeting!
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Play along and test your #WhoIQ tonight at 9/8c alongside the episode: #DoctorWho #KillTheMoon
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Tonight is a big night on @BBCAMERICA kicking off at 9/8c with @DoctorWho_BBCA followed by @Intruders & the premiere of #GrahamNorton!
Regram from @jenna_coleman_: "That's a wrap. Doctor Who Christmas xxx 🎁" #DoctorWho