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@woltzy gets Instagram. Harasses his friends until they like all his photos.
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This weekend's impromptu BBQ proved to be a success. Mojitos, beersbie, DQ ice cream cake for no…
The Mayor or L.A is an absolute beauty.
The obvious Grey Poupon commercial.…
Alright George R. R. Martin, hurry the fuck up. Some story lines are now over. #GameOfThrones #GoT
Visual representation of HBO's treatment of A Song of Ice and Fire.
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Tywin Lannister, with the classic dad move, this is why you lock the bathroom door. Happy Father's Day! #GoT #GameOfThrones
C'mon, the ratio of pro soccer players crying in agony to the amount of players who get stretchered off has to be 1 000 000:1 #WorldCup2014
I'm in Chapters. I want to yell out "BOOK FIGHT!" and start hurling books at people.
I just asked a dollar store worker how much liquid she thought their plastic bats can hold. #Batsbie
Baby oil- is it extracted from babies, or do babies harvest from canola fields?
Mayor @nenshi announces that public facilities such as parks and LRT stations to have free WiFi #shawgowifi
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If I had a butler, his most important job would be to remove the pooey bit from the top of my bananas before I eat them.
Am I on drugs? Really cool intro to the #montrealcanadiens and #BostonBruins game.
Sometimes I use paper towels as napkins.
Another summer, another adventure. Let's get rowdy #coachella2014 #weekend2 #brianthesteg #hardenedcriminals
20 minutes in the airport and I've already been bomb swabbed and randomly picked for a pat down. Let the #coachella adventure begin!
No HBO GO? We've got you covered. Watch the Season 4 premiere of @GameOfThrones FREE tomorrow on #XboxVideo:
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Double Caesar complete with a bacon cheeseburger slider. #tbt #bacon
YES. #coachella2014
Sang happy birthday to Ryan Lewis tonight. Here's my pic w/ Macklemore. That's what happens at the Robot Restaurant!
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#Cosmos already kicks so much ass.
The first Tonight Show comedian was Jerry Seinfeld, the second, and rightfully so, was @hannibalburess. Killed it!
Okay, @jimmyfallon is absolutely killing it so far with the Tonight Show.
Shea Weber = Fulton from Mighty Ducks. What a shot #fb
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CD Release show is in the works! Presale starts Monday. Watch here for the link, and tell all your friends!
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I accidentally tried ordering a venti coffee at Tim Hortons this morning and they took my Canadian passport away.
My homies @BriTANicK on today's episode of How I met your mother.
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Bastille (21), David Bowie (15) & Daft Punk (12) #Musicmonday
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Arcade Fire (28), Lorde (27) & Grouplove (27) #Musicmonday
If you were feeling nostalgic.6 YEARS of LOST Music @HM_Hong @_mismith
Someone said "100 million sharks are killed every year" and I said, "those numbers sound fishy" AND THEN I WAS THE ONLY PERSON WHO LAUGHED.
.@HM_Hong Neil Young looks like he should be revenge killing Robb and Catelyn Stark at his daughter's wedding.
Mum upon seeing Neil Young in the newspaper: "Neil YOUNG?!! More like Neil VERY OLD." #oldpeoplestuff #jokesonjokesonjokes #rofl
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Planning my summer early. Coachella 2014 here I come!!!
Double Catan night!
After my second viewing of @boburnham's special what, I've decided that it is complete and utter genius.
Woke up and found this weird rug in my laundry room.
@ninjyatlaw: it is with great pride that I announce the name of the first baby born in Lubbock in 2014” thank you.
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New Year's Eve skating!
After having an iPad for a week, I've determined that iPad stands for Interactive Pooping Activity Device.
When you forget about your advent calendar for a few days and come back to eat bonus candy to make up for lost gluttony.
The smell of McDonalds French fries makes me want to be fat, so I could eat a lot of McDonalds French fries.
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Vampire Weekend (54), Arcade Fire (25) & Bastille (24) #Musicmonday
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Arcade Fire (41), Childish Gambino (17) & Of Monsters and Men (15) #Musicmonday
If you were wondering if Fall Out Boy is a band we should take seriously, they're playing the Victoria Secret fashion show with Taylor Swift
The city of Calgary showing some class for the classiest guy in the game. Huge ovation for Iggy! #iggy #flameforver @NHLFlames #yyc