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Noel Giles
Brand new iPod touch 5th generation 16gb for very low price---->
SSgt Martinez and Sgt Evans going away party.
Half day tomorrow at work
Knight stole the crowd tho and won.
White boy say he got rhythm!
My boy knight did his thang at the talent show.
What Techcon does at the beach.
No work today. Just At the beach chillen
I wish I could have a positive attitude about this new company.
A mentally ill man shot himself in the head in a suicide attempt. The bullet cured his disorder and he become a straight-A college student.
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Niggas be like "I'm about to pull up make sure u ready to go"
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I want a car but won't need it anytime soon.
Why do people always ask me have I ever been out the country. If only they knew what actually goes on in the marine corps.
Second day in the new company.. Gets put on 2 week working party. 😑😑
Off work tomar! Beach bash in Del Mar with co workers
Today was something else. You can just hope for better days tomorow.
@Mclaurin31_: @The_CEO_of Got to keep pushing forward tho!” Yep that's too true.
Today was one of those days seem like nothing went right.
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OMG THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!!!! 1. Hold your breath for 5 minutes 2. Die
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Community service got me the day off today!
Woke, Pt, ran, answered some marine questions and sent the kids through the obstacle course this weekend at Del Mar beach for the YMCA event.
Volunteer work at the beach for the YMCA kids.
YMCA kids vs marines on the obstacle course.
Dragon fruit. Exclusive in this area.
Table 3 shooting at the range. 13 hours of shooting then the night firing.
"@The_CEO_of: @OGgotFans Basically a promotion" Oh it sounded like yhu was finna get shipped off somewhere like a slave
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"@The_CEO_of: Gunny talked to me about getting on a meritorious board today. Future looking good right now." Whats that?
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Gunny talked to me about getting on a meritorious board today. Future looking good right now.
What goes around eventually comes back around
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iPod Touch 5th Generation Apple GB Latest Model 32 Silver Black 16 32GB New Blue | eBay
2 years ago today I stepped on them yellow footprints in Parris Island to start boot camp and eventually become a marine.
That 96 tho! 😎
On Pac till I fall asleep. 2pac-"if my homies call"
I still don't understand how this pic became the joke of so many memes.
2 of my bros prolly getting kicked out the marine corps 2mar. #whatcanalcoholdoforyou
I already know we gonna have a 30 minute formation tommorow and a debrief of went down over the weekend
Back to work tommorow. Weekend was good while it lasted
Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.
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Kids in the back seat cause accidents; accidents in the back seat cause kids. 😉
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A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well. 💰
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Count yo blessings instead of worrying bou your problems. There's much more to be thankful for.
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