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Barack Obama
If you agree women should earn #EqualPay for equal work, get your name #OnTheRecord:
If you believe in expanding economic opportunity, go #OnTheRecord:
Happening now: The President is awarding the #MedalOfHonor, the highest military honor. Watch here:
There's been real progress since the financial crisis hit six years ago today, but there's more work to do:
Watch the weekly address: The President reiterates his plan to confront the threat posed by ISIL.
Student loan debt is not just a young person's problem: #OpportunityForAll
Happy Birthday @americorps! I'm honored to have served with them in Chicago and couldn't be prouder of all they've accomplished. –mo
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Americans are paying less and getting more from their health care. More from @voxdotcom:
More than half a million @OFA supporters have gone #OnTheRecord for expanding economic opportunity. Join in:
"People who love their country can change it ... That is the promise of AmeriCorps." —President Obama #AmeriCorps20
"If you're an employer … look to AmeriCorps. Look to the Peace Corps." —President Obama #AmeriCorps20
"We've seen again and again how national service gives young people valuable training … and employers have noticed." —President Obama
"We are determined to help AmeriCorps succeed." —President Obama #AmeriCorps20
"I began to understand what citizenship meant—not just words on a page." —President Obama on community service #AmeriCorps20
"The Obama household was on board with AmeriCorps from the start." —President Obama #AmeriCorps20
"You have made America stronger because of what you've done." —President Obama to @americorps #AmeriCorps20
LIVE: The President is celebrating 20 years of @americorps #GettingThingsDone. Watch: #AmeriCorps20
#OTD in '94 I welcomed the 1st class of @americorps. Grateful to the 900K members who've kept the spirit of service alive in the U.S. #Proud
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Happy birthday to AmeriCorps, which has been #GettingThingsDone for 20 years: #AmeriCorps20
Watch: Last night, President Obama addressed the nation about the threat from ISIL.
"Thirteen years after small and hateful minds conspired to break us, America stands tall." —President Obama #NeverForget
ICYMI: Watch the full remarks from President Obama's address to the nation tonight.
Happening now: President Obama is addressing the nation. Watch here:
President Obama will address the nation at 9:00 p.m. ET about the threat posed by ISIL. Watch:
Raising the wage, equal pay for equal work, reining in student loan debt—go #OnTheRecord in support of action:
Put your name #OnTheRecord and make it clear where you stand on expanding economic opportunity:
The carbon pollution levels in the atmosphere rose at a dramatic rate last year. It's vital to #ActOnClimate:
"When we all understand that even one case is too many, that’s when it will change." -VP Biden on violence against women #VAWA #1is2Many
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"We reaffirm the basic human right to be free from violence and abuse."—President Obama on the Violence Against Women Act's 20th anniversary
"'There’s no debate': 97 experts explain the scientific consensus on climate change" More from @Salon: #ActOnClimate
It's been more than five years since the national minimum wage was raised. That's wrong: #RaiseTheWage
Watch: Congress is back this week. Time to demand better from @SpeakerBoehner.
On Women's Equality Day, @OFA volunteers discussed ways to help working families succeed: #StandWithWomen
"All the middle class in this country wants is a chance. No guarantee, just a chance." —@VP Joe Biden
Congress heads back to Washington this week—now is not the time to be cynical about what they can accomplish.
Watch @VP Joe Biden deliver the weekly address, saying it's time to help the middle class: #OpportunityForAll
There's more to do, but this is real progress: 10M private-sector jobs have been added over 54 straight months.
Then and now: Auto workers are assembling nearly 800,000 more cars each month than in 2009 →
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In 54 straight months of job growth, the economy has added 10 million private-sector jobs. There's still more to do.
For just $123 a month, Phil and his family of five are covered. #ThisIsWhy
Breaking—Another great step forward for love in Wisconsin: #LoveisLove
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You should reject cynicism:
"I think it's wonderful." Tanyce is a cancer survivor, and #ThisIsWhy she's praising her new health care plan:
Because some are standing in the way, this has been the least productive Congress in modern history. Demand better:
Add your name: Refuse to be cynical about what leaders in Congress can accomplish.