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Barack Obama
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See what President Obama is doing to help Americans find good jobs: #ReadyToWork
"Let's get together, work together, to restore opportunity for every single American." —President Obama #ReadyToWork
"Instead of rewarding companies for shipping jobs overseas, let's create jobs right here in America." —President Obama #ReadyToWork
"Let's make sure the next generation of women are getting a fair deal." —President Obama on fair pay #StandWithWomen #ReadyToWork
"Every job seeker should have the tools they need to take their career in their own hands." —President Obama #ReadyToWork
President Obama: If you're working hard, you should be able to get a job that pays well and look after your family. #ReadyToWork
"The good news is today ... our businesses have added over 10 million jobs in the past 52 months." —President Obama #ReadyToWork
"The unemployment rate is at its lowest since September 2008." —President Obama #ReadyToWork
LIVE: President Obama and the @VP want Americans to have access to today's good jobs. Tune in: #ReadyToWork
Watch the President and @VP speak about helping American workers find good jobs at 12:10 p.m. ET: #ReadyToWork
The deadline to sign this minimum wage petition is approaching. Don't miss your chance: #RaiseTheWage
President Obama took action today against #LGBT discrimination. Read more:
Retweet if you're glad President Obama took action against workplace discrimination for LGBT Americans.
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WATCH: President Obama is participating in a town hall at @WalkerJonesEC about the #MyBrothersKeeper initiative.
Happening now: The President delivers a statement on the situation in Ukraine.
LIVE: The President is taking action to protect LGBT employees from workplace discrimination.
“We have to make sure our economy works for every working American.” Watch the weekly address: #OpportunityForAll
In the weekly address, see the President's plan for building an economy that works for every hard-working American:
Happening now: President Obama delivers a statement on the situation in Ukraine.
"Wherever and whenever I have a chance to help families like yours, I'm going to do it." —President Obama #RebuildAmerica
"We should be making sure that hard work pays off with a higher minimum wage." —President Obama #RaiseTheWage
"What I've done is put forward a plan to rebuild our infrastructure in a responsible way." —President Obama #RebuildAmerica
"First-class infrastructure attracts investment and first-class jobs." —President Obama #RebuildAmerica
"We've got to make sure our economy works for every American." —President Obama #RebuildAmerica