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Barack Obama
Defend health care reform—join Team Obamacare:
Obamacare is reducing costs and improving access to health care for millions. That's worth fighting for:
"Has the new law worked? For many, the answer is a resounding yes." More from @AsburyParkPress: #Obamacare
Thousands have taken a stand for health care reform—the fight's not over. Add your name:
Here are ways to do your part before November 15th: #Obamacare
Read this story about #Obamacare from @BloombergNews: "None of the most dire predictions has come to pass."
Add your name: Tell lawmakers that minimum wage workers shouldn't have to raise a family in poverty. #RaiseTheWage
Are you ready for Round 2? You should be part of this:
When the health insurance marketplace opens again on November 15th, be part of the team helping out:
How many can you answer? Test your knowledge about the minimum wage: #RaiseTheWage
Watch the weekly address: President Obama discusses what you need to know about Ebola.
Add your name if you're one of the 7 out of 10 Americans that supports raising the minimum wage: #RaiseTheWage
Here's how President Obama's acting to protect Americans from fraud and identify theft →
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DYK: Raising the minimum wage would lift nearly a million people out of poverty. Let's get it done: #RaiseTheWage
Add your name if you agree: Higher wages are key to a stronger economy—and that starts with a higher minimum wage.
Happening now: President Obama is speaking at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
If you do one meaningful thing today, take the pledge to help Americans get covered:
Last spring, volunteers across the country helped millions get health insurance. It's about time to do that again:
Make this simple commitment: Say you'll help spread the word about health care enrollment.
Long-term unemployment is on the decline. Let's keep the economy moving in the right direction: #ActOnJobs
This work needs you. Pledge to do your part for health care enrollment:
LAST CALL: Add your name tonight to tell the EPA you support cutting carbon pollution.
It's easy to take a meaningful stand for cutting carbon pollution right now: #ActOnClimate
This is a big moment in the fight against climate change—stick it to climate change deniers by adding your name:
Tonight is the deadline to have your name included in OFA's public comments to the EPA:
Learn why major companies are dropping their support of ALEC: #ActOnClimate
DEADLINE TONIGHT: Add your name to tell the EPA you support cutting carbon pollution.
This is one meaningful way you can fight climate change now: #ActOnClimate
This @WhiteHouse white board lays out how raising the minimum wage will improve lives—and the economy: #RaiseTheWage
This is a new record-breaking level: In 2013, vehicle mileage averaged 24.1 miles per gallon.
"A hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay." —President Obama #RaiseTheWage
If you support cutting carbon pollution from the air, add your name here: #ActOnClimate
Watch the weekly address: President Obama makes the case for why it's time to #RaiseTheWage.
"Today, we honor Malala and Kailash’s achievements." —President Obama on the Nobel Peace Prize announcement
WATCH: #With1010, hard-working Americans earning the minimum wage will get a leg up.
There's support from both sides of the aisle on raising the minimum wage: #With1010
Today, President Obama will designate the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument:
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WATCH: Americans earning the minimum wage will be able to do more #With1010.
If you think no one who works full time should raise a family in poverty, sign this petition: #With1010
#With1010, we could grow the economy and give a much-needed boost to #smallbiz & their workers. Let’s make it happen.
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"It's long past time for us to raise the minimum wage." –– President Obama #With1010
It's time: #With1010, both the economy and American workers get a hand.
Watch President Obama's message to @OFA supporters: It's time to raise the minimum wage. #With1010
Happening now: President Obama is participating in a town hall with members of the @CrossCampusLA community.