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Barack Obama
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Two victories for clean energy in California: #ActOnClimate
"Everybody who works hard and takes responsibility deserves the chance to get ahead." —President Obama
"We're using existing money to create opportunities for hardworking Americans like you." —President Obama #ActOnJobs
Retweet if you agree we need to train Americans with the skills employers need. #ActOnJobs
"We've got to make sure [every] job pays a decent wage." —President Obama #RaiseTheWage
"For too many middle class Americans, it feels as though the same trends that have been going on for decades are continuing"—President Obama
"Everybody has a chance—that's the idea of America." —President Obama
"Too many Americans, if they are lucky enough to have a job, are working harder and harder just to get by." —President Obama
"In today's economy, it's never been more important to make sure that our folks are trained for the jobs that are there." —President Obama
Watch: President Obama is speaking on the importance of jobs-driven skills training in a 21st century economy.
Taking a stand against gun violence matters to Gilbert and his family. See why:
Climate change is about more than data. It's about people. Watch the trailer for "Years of Living Dangerously":
President Obama will deliver remarks on jobs-driven skills training in Oakdale, PA. Tune in at 3:45 p.m. ET:
Millions of Americans can now rely on quality, affordable health care coverage:
Millions of Americans now have health insurance—and peace of mind—but it couldn't have happened without you.
Watch: Health care reform changed the course of history in America.
"Today, we recognize the incredible courage and leadership of so many Bostonians in the wake of unspeakable tragedy." —President Obama
If you want to see the House take action to fix our broken immigration system, here's how it could happen:
Add your voice if you believe women deserve equal pay for equal work.
Watch for free: The first episode of "Years of Living Dangerously" is available online. #ActOnClimate
Health care reform changed the course of history in our country—and you played a part.