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Barack Obama
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WATCH: President Obama is speaking at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
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President Obama: If a company isn't treating its workers with integrity, then they're probably cutting corners in other areas, too.
"It wastes America's time ... You guys are all paying for it as taxpayers."—President Obama on House leadership's lawsuit
"You shouldn't be fired because of who you love." —President Obama #WorkplaceFairness
"Any time Congress wants to do work with me to help working families, I'm right there." —President Obama #WorkplaceFairness
"We want to make sure the young dad on the factory floor has a shot to make it into the corner suite." —President Obama #WorkplaceFairness
"Millions more families have the peace of mind that comes with having affordable health care." —President Obama
LIVE: The President is speaking about fighting for the #WorkplaceFairness that Americans deserve.
Short sleeve button-downs are coming back but health care has always been in style. #Bornin88? Then #GetCovered. #TBT
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Speak up: Tell House leaders to #SueLessDoMore and help middle-class Americans.
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Instead of acting to help millions of Americans, House Republicans are suing the President today. #DoYourJobHouseGOP
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Great news: The U.S. economy grew at a 4% rate in the second quarter of 2014. Read more:
"I believe in an optimistic America that is making progress." —President Obama #OpportunityForAll
"Let's make sure anyone who is working full time isn't living in poverty." —President Obama #OpportunityForAll #RaiseTheWage
"I want Congress to do its job to make life easier for Americans who put them there in the first place." —President Obama #OpportunityForAll
"We've got just today and tomorrow before Congress leaves town for a month, and there is still serious work to do." —President Obama
"The states that have increased their minimum wage this year have seen higher job growth than the states that didn't." —President Obama
"I want my daughters paid the same as your sons for doing the same jobs." —President Obama #OpportunityForAll #StandWithWomen
"You're doing your job. Imagine how much further along we'd be if Congress was doing its job, too." —President Obama #OpportunityForAll
"The decisions we made to rescue our economy ... all those things are starting to pay off." —President Obama #OpportunityForAll
"The unemployment rate is at its lowest since September of 2008." —President Obama #OpportunityForAll