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⚡Lady RocknRolla ⚡
Took some friends out for chineseeee in these rainzzzz. It was awesome :) say HELLOO
They say I wear a lotta black. I like red too. Little bits of it. Here and there.
I heart Kala Ghoda!! #cafediaries Photo cred @kabbeerhmaira 👍🏼 #coffeebeansinthebag #aficianado #LOA #lovethisweather #mumbaimonsoons #joy #happiness #flow #love #streetart #graffiti
Got this lovely text from the Govt of India this AM. Love it!
Today's brew at the Judge Casa Thanks to @bluetokaicoffee 👌🏼 #allthecoffee #judgecasa #coffeemiester #aficionado #allthebrews #todaysbrew #soooooooSmooth #flavor I love my iced blended americano's. What are your favourite coffee beans? How do you take your coffee? #coffeetalk
Bout that time for another ab picture me thinks.. #Iwokeuplikethis From this morning 😏 _ S/O to @nicola_denise for getting my food on point 🔑 #allthecals #allthecarbs #alloftheabs #allofthetime #dedicated #howbaddoyouwantit #LOA
Repost via @kultureshopindia ・・・ IN THE SHOP | @mtvindia VJ & host of Mtv #roadies Bani J (@banij) stopped by Kulture Shop over the weekend for the first time. She loved the vibe of the shop but guess who stole her attention. #ThisIsMyArt #InTheShop #mtvindia #vj #bani This is such a cool shop! T
Sometimes ... Hope yall had great weekend 😘
Calling all ye artsy folk, check out Kulture Shop opposite Mehboob studio above Dcb bank! Great vibe #sumothedog
Haha, love this!! _ I always tend to go with my heart (the way I Feel) as opposed to what I Think may be the best way to go. Intuition, emotional guidance, we've been given it for a reason :) stay fine tuned in to it. Always. #lawsoftheuniverse #LOA #stayintune #feeldontThink #definatelydontOverT
Look at the color of the sky in Bombay today! B-E-A-U-TIFUL! 🌴🌿🍃☁️
If only every Monday started out this way. _ My extremely talented class mate from highschool @k_taal sent me a vid (not this one 😏) doing what he does best. _ Wouldn't you love waking up to videos like that? Goddamn. #gifted #nothingabovethewaymusicmakesyoufeel #vibing #breatheitallin #15secon
There is so much beauty all around me.. try to take as deep a breath as I can to take it all in #attitudeofgratitude so grateful for everything I have, for all that I am and all that will Be 🙌🏼💛 _ And how amazing is it that it started to rain In Bombay today? Yay! #live #learn #grateful #visual
Positivity, Light, Happiness, Purpose and so so much Love 💛
Muscles are great, but you know what? I've said it before and I'll say it again... _ #wordstothewise #allthewords #allthemeaning #conversation #realtalk #noreallygiveitago #whatsreallysexy #connect #hearttohead #headtoheart #allthatandsomeTomHardyofcourse #foreplaywithsomebrains #ohyeah #oldesttric
Friday night at my favourite place! A 3 picture collage and every single picture is blurry tsk tsk lol. #toomuchcaffiene? What? I can't hear you... but I can see sounds lol. _ And look I can flex my back and my quads at the same Damn time.. Forgot about my calves though haha oh well, you can't hav
I've been a fan of @danalinnbailey ever since I've been a fan of bodybuilding. I love everything she stands for and that's what makes it so easy to love her and her husbands clothing line @flagnorfail! The clothes are a direct representation of what they stand for! Love it! Wish you guys endless suc
The Ink Diary continues. This is piece 1 of the 4 I got last month. Knee cap, yes.. with bamboo, yes.. Painful? Yes. That's why I wanted to get it there though lol. Thought, well if I'm going to tattoo my knee cap might as well go with the slowest most painful process possible lol. Definitely an ex
Saint Bernards and origami!!The #ShopSmartWithFlipkart Challenge gets me. Take the quiz here!
Just a post isolated back workout picture for y'all. Fuck the norm, fuck what society dictates, what the media dictates, what their standards are, fuck the tiny little boxes you were never meant to be confined into, fuck labels and most of all fuck sleeves. Just be you and Do You. S/O to the iron
Just in time, wanted to post a #TransformationTuesday picture for everyone on here that follow me for fitness related updates :) __ It takes time, a lot of time- a lot of clean eating, meal prepping, soreness that will make you not want to get out of bed, sweat, definitely tears (leg day gets me em
Quads to chest!! -------------------- Behind the scenes from my shoot with Heath & Nutrition magazine over the weekend! S/O to the bae #nikeindia @nikewomen for the threads! 😊 And Reds Gym for letting us shoot there! -------------------- Will post more once the feature is out next month 😁 -------
My coffee situation getting serious on me. @bluetokaicoffee ---------- #homegrown #nxtlvlsht #coffeemakestheworldgoround #coffeesituation #thatgoodgood #indianexotic #kgc #oneofthosepeople #whoevertheymaybe #atleasttheyhavegoodcoffee #momwouldbeproud #lol @tanyajudge my house is a home finally LOL.

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