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A truly inspired and exhausting day. What happiness looks like for me. #dowhatyoulove #everydamnday
The Meal Prep life! And what do you know it's Monday lol. Though my prep knows no specific day just gotta do it every damn day :) Been in the UK two weeks now and it's been absolutely glorious! Been enjoying all the great food out here and now it's time to wind it back in, I have a fitness shoot on
Haha, that's prop-ah representin' out here in the IngLand #intlDesi #Jalandhar
Yaar mera super⭐️ Desi kalakaar🎶…Z �#TheNewStandardrd Desikalakaar
me two three and four! Overdue catch up :) let's gooooo 💛 @NeeshaBadAsss: cant wait to see my kindred spirit@bani_jj”
Sun be shining bright out here in London Town! ✨
#hawaHawaii ✈️ see y'all on the other side. Have some fun vids from today's shoot - will post tomorrow. ✌️✨💛
😁 Thank you for the coffee! @VinnilMM:#Photoshoott#Zorawarr w/ the lovely@bani_jj#Zoyaa#Zorawarr this Festive”
Guess who's back? ZOYAAAA!! Photoshooting today for #Zorawar! 😁✨ missed her! :)
Trust Your Hustle🙌 . @cloudnineclothing . #training #lift #progress #gains #3weeks #backday #squeeeeeze #indianwomen #fitspiration #chaseyourglory #stills #everydamnday #DefineYourself
From this weeks back demolition with @drewnealpt. So very sore and so very grateful for the progress and the hustle 👊✨ #everydamnday #supersets #dropsets #back #training #norestdays #fitspiration #fitspo #womenwholift #indiarepresent #indianwomen #constant #visualize #lift #create #chaseyourGlory
Crushing big time on the Universe✨ #visualize #believe
Real Love. #realtalk #exists #truelove #nothingcompares #nomatterwhat #heartrules #holdstrong #always #truth #wisdom #listen #learn #recognize #respect
Never Settle. Trust Your Hustle. 🙌✨ Always.
1year later, Mohit lost 10kgs - way to go man! Keep at it! And we're still in the gym lol. #transformation
Too many great pics to chose from, last 1for the night. Tell the ppl u love u love em + have a great weekend! Gnight😘
Thank you for the very fly coffee lol "@Ga3lyn: Super fun day shooting with this lady. @bani_j kisses!!!
Shooting time for @MTVIndia today with @Ga3lyn .. In her house of FLIES lol lol.
Happy 1st of August!! How fast is this year going by? 😳😱😁 Countdown begins today.. T- 8 days.
Some real hardcore mafacking motivation. Be an artist, sculpt yourself.. Build something worthy Build something great
The only way to end a night at 2AM: with your eyes closed under the sky in the rain making silent promises sealed with a kiss.
#FitFamilia! I'm ill. Had a rest day yesterday after training 7 days straight (still on my cardio grind tho) and went in and trained abs and got that cardio did. And was pretty happily surprised to see how much sharper my abs were looking right now. I don't measure body fat, the number on the scale
Eid Mubarak 🙏 عيد مبارك 🙌
Woke up with sexy frog voice. Oh yeahh. Super side effect of having a sore throat. As my nani would say "नज़र लग गई" hun utarega kaun?
Gotta love a great Meal Prep! If not on a Sunday, Monday is usually my day of prepping my food for the days to come. Labelled the foods for y'all bc I know you're gonna ask what's in the box lol. Carbs are : SWEET POTATOES+ BROWN RICE . Protein source this week is: CHICKEN BREAST + EGGS . Fiber
You don't really know anyone till you know what they want from you - TC 🙌#MindFF*ckMonday
One more day and I'll be a week down on the changes iv made in my diet and training! . Picture is post yesterday legs annihilation and even tho I'm smiling in it, I was in tears (literally) during the workout. It was hard. And I wanted to push myself as much as possible. it was brutal and wonderf
Love the words and the beat and course mere yaar.. kalakaar, superstar di aavaz @asliyoyo UFFF. Mashallah 🙌…U#Listenn
Such a beautiful love💛 @sarahjanedias033: restore your faith in love... The Girl on the Bridge@VanessaParadis__#lovee#faithh#believingg”
2am and all iv got is Gratitude.. and so much LOVE. I love life so so much.
This is by far my favourite version of the song: Official remix of "Yaar na Miley" by @asliyoyo Spread n share…
He calls her fascinating, She calls him drunk.
New book day! Recommendations? #YouAreWhatYouRead 📖📚
Things that I love: Men who smell great, have a sense of humour and love food. #makemelaughtillifallinlove 💛✨
Testing Testing.. 1..2..3 Sound rolling.. 🎬 anddd Action! #hustlinn'
If you're not doing what you love, what on earth is the point? . You have to be passionate and driven in order to succeed in any aspect of your life. Whether it's with regard to your training, on the work front or in relationships.. You have to have Belief in yourself, in your passion and drive.. Y