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Hahahahhaha Bandra church sign... 😂😂 damn right y'all �
We all go through shit. shitty days, events, shitty people. We all suffer. And here's the thing, no one can really protect you from your suffering - you have to sit through it, walk or waddle through it, endure it, run with it, train with it, watch the tissue scar over to become something stronger.
Love when this happens, seeing my v talented friends on the telly! @yudistaar! You're a flying🌟baby!#airliness@Gymm!
"What comes easy won't last.. And what lasts won't come easy." Amen 🙌 Simplicity. Understanding, Acceptance, no judgements, no labels. Peace, love and happiness. That's what I'm chasing. [along with hard facking work and success]. What are you chasing? [apart from them gainzzzz 😬] #chaseyourglory
A friendly reminder from one of my all time favourite animated films: Keep your head up y'all! You got this👌�
Meal+ Coffee Bweakkkkkkkyyy!! Where's my coffee!!
Delhiiiiiii how much I missed you!! Here for the semi finals for ze #RMUFF! Best of luck y'all! w/ Abr_Ayazahmed
Curls for the Gurlzzz💪 . Shot all day and straight from shoot headed to ze gym to get my workout innnn, got a super early flight tomo so y'all know I gotta wake up extra early to get that AM cardio in! . It's a lifestyle. Don't ever let anyone tell you different :) Love errthang about it.. Even h
See y'all at the Reebok MTV #ultimatefitnessfan semi-final in Mumbai at @CrossFitOM Juhu between 12-4pm, today!
Whachu know bout that meal prep laifffeeeeee? I be on top of mine! #everydamnday 😬 And yes, I even bake my own protein enriched muffins aka ProMuffs to enjoy with my ice blended Americanooooos 😍 no sugar no milk please, Thank you. . Got shoot next two days plus travelling for the same so gotta ma
To all the contestants! See you at the Reebok MTV #ultimatefitnessfan semi-final in Mumbai at @CrossFitOM Juhu, between 12-4pm tomorrow!! 👊
I be working on that #aestheticGame 24/7 every damn day because that's just how we doooooo! Needed a push and some mental work to get me to the gym today, and a double shot Americano later I was hella glad I did. Had the hardest back workout iv had all week. All close grips, super setted hard and h
Ain't no trouble in the world a cup of tea and a soulful sister cant solve. With the bae @sapnamotibhavnani 🙌✨💛 #rougetea #cuzwefancylikethat #suzettesfolaife #tattoohood #sisterhood #soul #chai #indianwomen #indiaexotic #thatgoodgood #womenwithink #👌
Good Vibes all around 🙌 . #goodness #thatgoodgood #indianwomen #indiarepresent #indianexotic #DILLIGAF #allover #bandra #vibes #notimeforbadvibes #sisterhood #tattoohood #ink #womenwithink
Today's vibe sound kinda like this✨ #vibe #music #musthave #nowplaying #onloop #whatalife #playlist #mood #throwbackDurban #jheneaiko
House smells like freshly baked muffins, brewed nero coffee, lillies in full bloom and productivity. 👌
Never underestimate the healing powers of a white chocolate raspberry questbar along with a cup of good ol' PG tips 🙌
The calm that follows leg demolition with only one outcome : to have me dive into the deep end of the pool of lactic acid that is inevitable. I look forward to the increase swoleness .. It means one thing... Gains, progress and evolution. #dowhatyougottado #strive #yesiwenttoadifferentgym #silhouet
Beast back session today. Felt good to hit the iron after a two day break from weight training. Kept the cardio up tho.. Always on that AM cardio grind #noted. Feels good to see results in terms of leg and ab progress - working on keeping them legs nice and thick and the waist tiny as can be. Long
Beast back workout, meal prep, shoot for a 'secret video' all done with, just a few meetings and BCL practise to go! #Hustledontstop
Selfie timeeeee with @CrossFitOM who will probably never see this tweet bc he's so antisocial networking lol #werk
Please sign this petition to save Vijay the tiger🐯we can't afford to loose any more tigers for no fault of their…s
Shooting for @reebok @mtvindia #UltimateFitnessFan with the crossfit king @shivoham1111 and this other guy @abr_ayazahmed lol. #crossfitdidireallyjustsaythat? #lol #training #fittest #ultimate #somanytattoos #rbk #weworksundays #mtv #thatgoodgood #shooting #werk #hustle
Nothing like some sunrise Cardio grind to start off this sunday just right 👌
This woman, she buys me flowers.. They're tiger lillies.. My ferocious heart is forever yours @sarahjanedias03 🐯🌸💛
Think you've got what it takes to be the Reebok MTV #UltimateFitnessFan? Register here to take the challenge! :
Fight for what you love. Always.
#TBT In our Ziplining and oh so fancy wedding finery. Some of the best times with the one & only @krisgethin 💛 . "I was never insane except upon occasion, when my heart was touched' " - Edgar Allan Poe #tbt #agirlcandream #whatadreamitwas #throwback #UK #wales #yougottagothroughalot #standstrong
The brohiem's @RannvijaySingha's latest film #3AM is out in 2 days! Here's wishing you all the best for it! Make sure you guys catch it!
Such an amazing workout this morning! Kick started this week with a super intense back attack followed by some kick boxing followed by some cardiooooo 👊👌 super sets and giant sets are my absolute favourite. Also loved the fact that the air con wasn't working today haha! Wish they'd do that Errrda
Even sadder that it's been written by a woman. I mean, seriously? #deepikaandTOI
Pathetic. To see what BT came out w/ as a 'rebuttal' to @deepikapadukone. This is what is wrong with the mentality here. This. #notmovingFwd
Don't know how, but after yesterday's leg demolition I'm up for that AM cardio and back session today! #AlwaysGrindin'
Sunday Morning early bird Leg workout!! . Tried out a new workout that was sure to have me in tears and sore for the week to come. Excruciatingly good pain that has left my mind and my body quiet and still... Took a bit for my legs to quit them quivers tho #realtalk #thatDeepsquat . And now it's
Who else is going for this on Saturday? Can't waitttttt loveeee live stand up 😬�
. @JimCarrey will always and forever be my all time favourite actor..and person. Forevaaaaaah. 💛 yeabsolutley beeches *boink.
AM Cardio grind! Go get it' ain't nobody going to get up and do it for yaaaaa ⏰ 😁🏃�#sweatforsuccesscess
If you're in Mumbai there's no reason you can't have a healthy cheat when you're craving it! Check out @Fitness_Bakery 🎂�#healthycheatsts
Major S/O to @Fitness_Bakery for my super delicious +healthy cupcakes and my allll time fav Red Velvet Cake! 🎂🙌👌
Phone coming back to life now lol. Pending tweet going out now: Pack up! Time to commit some serious #Carbicide! 😁✨
Behind the scenes at my photo shoot today for a magazine! All about that hustle for muscle✨ Can't wait to see the finished images! #comingsoon #fitness #fitspiration #girlswholift #girlswithink #bodybuilding #allIseeisCarbs 😂 #iwilleat3restaurantsintheirentireity #deplete #load #carbicide #lol #
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