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#TBT! . A softer side captured by the amazingly talented and one of the most creative designers and people I know.. @JJValaya✨ . #throwbackthursday #backwhenIwasagoddessforaminute #longhairdidntcare #creative #beautiful #fashionphotography #jjvalaya #thathappened #dream #reality #fruits #yeahidtot
BaniJ bringing out the goddess within in a flawless Valaya creation. Have you seen this side of the edgy diva before?
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Something to think about. Get your priorities right y'all Things are just things. . #justafriendlyreminder #quote #word #truth #value #createlovenotchaos #love #reality #whereayourheartat #cantbeallbad #priorities #peoplevsthings
Double shot americano+triple economy. A stranger who said he wud wake me up if I was sleeping to talk to me #Tuesday💀
Just a regular Monday💫 . Intense past week of crossfitting, LISS cardio and switching up workouts with callisthenics andddd goddamn #swolelife or as my good friend @rohit1993 says #livesore lol. . Love this life, and ima lift it higher every. damn. day. Also, who doesn't love a pillow fort? I me
He never saw Her coming. They never did.
Be your own ray of sunshine, Be the sun in your cloudy skies, Always Shine on✨ #nomatterwhat #riseandshine #doyou #everydamnday #nomatterthelows #beyourownrayofsunshine #fucksociety #light #word #seek #focus #heal #reconnect #meditativestateofmind
Another one✨ . #fitnessfeature #spread #doesthismeanimafitnessmodelnow? #lol #thenewstandard #indianwomenrepresent #indianwomen #soexotic #train #womenwholift #teamsofit #meditativestateofmind #life #girlwithmuscle #girlswithink #inktastic #beyou #fucksociety #fucksocietysideaofbeauty #doyou #stron
Watch out this space for @bani_j's smokin' hot fitness feature. Coming soon.
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Behind the scenes picture grab off the computer from my photoshoot for a magazine last month.. This is unfiltered - will post pictures from the spread now for your viewing pleasure my instastalkers lol. . 4 weeks dieting while I was in the UK, a week of depleting and here we are. I wanted to look s
My fitness feature is out in this months issue of @Mandate_Magna ! excerpts on my FB page :)
I'm in love with today already.
Amen 🙌 @sapnabhavnanii: "It's not about the men in my life, but the life in my men." May you have a year full of life.
Hope y'all had a peaceful happy and noiseless Diwali! Hollaaa from @sapnabhavnani and moi 😘💛
#Repost from @abr_ayazahmed --- Shooting for #reebokmtvultimatefitnessfan at film city helipad.. Been exhausted, over worked and drained but still #lemmetakeaselfiefirst with badass @banij @mtvindia
LaterRegram via @poohatter: . @banij #fittestwoman #mtvreebokultimatefitnessfan #fitnessfreaks #fitspiration #shoot #alldayandallnight . Pulled a massive shift yesterday/today 7am to 230am woot woot wrapped up the finale for #UFF with 16 extremely amazing funny, bright and shiny (and fit) enthusi
Regram via @poohatter. Last nights shoot for Rbk+ @MTVIndia longest shiftttttt = late night selfies with contestants📷
Coffee break on shoot at filmcity for ze @MTVIndia Rbk #UltimateFitnessFan .. Got my protein pancake game on point 😁✨
Anddd repeat, time for that AM cardio grind and long day of shoot ahead! #HustleHarder 👊
Flight back to ze bay +all day press launchin' for #BCL [chd cubs🐯rawr] resulted in late night arm sesh' andddd Flex!
Let's get it together people! Bay ward bound and shoot soon as I touch base.. Hope we on time! #HustleHarder
My #selfiegame is better than yours.. Don't need no #selfiestick lol. Thank you to all the selfie addicts @IIT Delhi📷💁💛 . #nextlevel #5D #thenewstandard #selfiegameStrong #delhi #IIT @mtvindia #campusdiaries #selfiemania #nomore'canihaveapictureplease' #baws #tattoos #ririwoo #rendevous
My #selfiegame is better than yours.. Don't need no #selfiestick lol. Thank you to all the selfie addicts @iit Delhi📷
Day 2 shooting at IIT Delhi.. Lunch break getaway.. At my fav restaurant, guess where!
Lunch break on shoot and I made the quickest getaway to my favourite restaurant that tops my 'Must eat at' list whilst in Delhi... . Any guesses? . I love the decor. Makes me want to runaway to a cabin covered in snow lol. . #lunchbreak #musteatat #delhi #underground #freemealfortherightguess #sp
At IIT Delhi shooting for @MTVIndia CampusDiaries and ofcourse.. Selfie mania took the campus by storm lol.. #selfie
Busy couple of days headed my way, gotta get that AM cardio done with no matter what. Sacrifice sleep, get it done! No excuses! #dedicated
Long ass exhausting day over with and finally got down to meal prep for the weekend! ✈️ down to delhi for shoot and pictured is 5 meals for all day tomorrah. . Not pictured is my ProMuffs (in ze fridge) and my breakfast which is PrOats with @p28foods butta and a bunch of berries :) (that I like to
A new pair of Doc's and a variety pack of @p28foods! 😍😁💛👌🙌 . [Ofcourse it had to be something edible, I mean have you met me? Lol] . As y'all know I LOVE parcels 📦✨✈️🌍 (I mean honestly, who doesn't?!) and got this one todayyyy! Been well worth the wait - took over a month 😞 lol. . I love
Sometimes feeling weak is the strongest you will feel. Thank you for your love sista. @bani_j
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Mama I'm sending you so much💛@sapnabhavnanii: Sometimes feeling weak is the strongest you will feel. Thank you for your love sista.@bani_jj”
Nothing compares to the feels of booking tickets for travel. Just, nothing. #travelvibes #alwayslookingFwd 🌍
Hahahahhaha Bandra church sign... 😂😂 damn right y'all �
We all go through shit. shitty days, events, shitty people. We all suffer. And here's the thing, no one can really protect you from your suffering - you have to sit through it, walk or waddle through it, endure it, run with it, train with it, watch the tissue scar over to become something stronger.
Love when this happens, seeing my v talented friends on the telly! @yudistaar! You're a flying🌟baby!#airliness@Gymm!
"What comes easy won't last.. And what lasts won't come easy." Amen 🙌 Simplicity. Understanding, Acceptance, no judgements, no labels. Peace, love and happiness. That's what I'm chasing. [along with hard facking work and success]. What are you chasing? [apart from them gainzzzz 😬] #chaseyourglory
A friendly reminder from one of my all time favourite animated films: Keep your head up y'all! You got this👌�
Meal+ Coffee Bweakkkkkkkyyy!! Where's my coffee!!
Delhiiiiiii how much I missed you!! Here for the semi finals for ze #RMUFF! Best of luck y'all! w/ Abr_Ayazahmed
Curls for the Gurlzzz💪 . Shot all day and straight from shoot headed to ze gym to get my workout innnn, got a super early flight tomo so y'all know I gotta wake up extra early to get that AM cardio in! . It's a lifestyle. Don't ever let anyone tell you different :) Love errthang about it.. Even h
See y'all at the Reebok MTV #ultimatefitnessfan semi-final in Mumbai at @CrossFitOM Juhu between 12-4pm, today!
Whachu know bout that meal prep laifffeeeeee? I be on top of mine! #everydamnday 😬 And yes, I even bake my own protein enriched muffins aka ProMuffs to enjoy with my ice blended Americanooooos 😍 no sugar no milk please, Thank you. . Got shoot next two days plus travelling for the same so gotta ma
To all the contestants! See you at the Reebok MTV #ultimatefitnessfan semi-final in Mumbai at @CrossFitOM Juhu, between 12-4pm tomorrow!! 👊
I be working on that #aestheticGame 24/7 every damn day because that's just how we doooooo! Needed a push and some mental work to get me to the gym today, and a double shot Americano later I was hella glad I did. Had the hardest back workout iv had all week. All close grips, super setted hard and h