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Bamboo Manalac
Oh that is crazy.. What a way to win.. SF to the World Series ..Again :) Giants in the playoffs always fun to watch Hello KC
3 more stops before we head to LA...We got shows in Saskatoon(1st time there),Toronto & Edmonton ...The calm before the weekend charge
Just only now getting the chance to thank both Calgary and Winnipeg.We were pretty much wiped out after the 3 straight gigs. Thanks again :)
Today is THE day of D show Welcome 2 Raincouver What happened 2 Mr.Sun? See y'all tonite Rain or ..more rain :)
Hello Mr Sun..sun ..Mister golden Sun..shine some light on me.. Morning from Vancouver, Canada
I hit my limit today @BambooMuzakLive I'll keep on following when I'm allowed again :)
Shhh our little secret I'm moving out N moving into @BambooMuzakLive I'll be here 4 few more months...then poof Just shaking things up:)
We're back...@ASAPOFFICIAL Hope everyone's ok from Mario...that thunder storm was something else We got 2 numbers today ..enjoy
At CARRIAGEWORKS in New South Wales, Australia shooting for JagBlack
Just another day at the grind Day 2 Blinds Late halftime @TheVoiceABSCBN
Halftime @TheVoiceABSCBN Day 1 Blinds So far so good :) #KampKawayan
Thanks for coming to see the show guys ..thanks for the signs :) Tomorrow WE begin #KampKawayan
Today at the Voice S2 photo/promo shoot Sunday is the big day :) #KampKawayan
Good morning Good evening Everybody :)
Done for the day Thanks @ASAPOFFICIAL Thanks for tuning in this afternoon Zzz :)
Good morning good afternoon good evening heads still in a different time zone ...yawn Enjoy @ASAPOFFICIAL :)
Hello world I'm headed to sunny Kissimmee Florida,USA and playing for TFC"Sama saya fiesta mo sa Florida" August 23 Saturday See ya :)
Thanks Again AngelsBMLFanaticsAshBooPandasEverybody Thank you Tattoo@Home On the road to Dagupan
I just want 2 say thanks 2 everyone who voted for me and got me that really cool looking TattAward..It lights up Reading light?..maybe :)
@BMLFanatics: @Bamboomusiclive Bit you on the what, sir?” The bum ..butt...rear...bottom...behind..tail...arse..hiney :)
@ariannejae: @Bamboomusiclive Why do you type like this” Why? Bec music is in the spaces :)
That's it for me today..3 numbers ..that last one bit me on the . . . Enjoy what's left of the weekend :) Have a great week ahead
I want to thank everyone who joined us for tonights show The Voice gives back And we'll keep on giving :) Thanks Again Good night
This is OFFICIAL I'm staying home Have a nice quiet dinner Drink 3 glasses of wine Watch a film Then go 2 bed NO GIG IN BULACAN TONIGHT
A shoutout to Darren.. Keep your head up kiddo In my book came out on top A coaches opinion :) help bring out D artist within..all D hard work..It was ALL worth it..I'm always here kids :) Kids rule! #KampKawayanforever
I signed up to b a coach and coaching kids was truly a joy. I may have pulled my hair out a few times, but to b a part of their journey...
Again I just want to thank @GaryValenciano1 ..that performance with Juan Karlos Pure Class Hope y'all enjoyed that..I did :)
...I have a feeling this won't be the last we see of Juan Karlos :) Good luck in your Journeys JK Keep your feet on the floor little man
I just want to say thanks to everyone..PandasBMLFanaticsAshBoo Everyone who voted n supported JK & KampKawayan..
Good AM & PM World :)
Good AM & PM Tune in today @ASAPOFFICIAL Doing a number with my fellow coaches then we fly to Resorts for rehearsals ...THE finale :)
I just want to thank everyone for participating and voting for tonights final.All 4 finalists did great. JK good job kiddo..1 more night :)
finished our 1st day of rehearsals for wkend finale.A lot more mental prep than actual singing. The coach and the padawan need to rest :)
Getting closer to that time.. Keep on voting guys :) KampKawayanKids Edray & JK Wait till u see the 3 way battles :) Just Listen :)
Can I borrow your photo pls :) Keep on voting everybody & Thank you
To everyone out there The songs I sang today 1 let me entertain you -Robbie W 2 Fast Car - Tracy Chapman 3 Let her go - Passenger :)
Hope you guys enjoyed that... I don't want any of my KampKawayan kids to go :) Only miss the sun when it starts to snow..
One more prod..@ASAPOFFICIAL then we head to Resorts for @TheVoiceABSCBN kids Keeping my fingers crossed :) Good luck Edray Good luck JK
Another Birthday greet to ... Irene..Happy Birthday to you..ashboo of Netherlands..see ya 2015 :) Enjoy your day
I'm a burning effigy of everything I used to be Your my rock of empathy, my dear - that's a great line from Mr.RW ..that was fun :)
We're about to start :) @ASAPOFFICIAL Hold's gonna be nuts
Let's celebrate birthdays Jiah belated Happpy Birthday..hope you had a great one :) And hello BMLFanatics.. I saw you guys last nite :)