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I'm rereading (and first reading) Bwa Ha Ha Justice League. Is that Black Canary pretty typical of how's she's always written at DC?
Descender is the tone and voice that the movie A.I. should have had.
I may not even go to the LCS today. Just a few books. #NCBD
Is the Rao storyline in JLA essentially the X-Men Alpha Flight mini where earth was great except you had to kill magic, just replace w/gods?
No female walking on the path with me, I didn't turn around to stalk and rape you. I wanted to walk in the shade longer. Sry for the scare.
I love Tom Taylor, but I'm not sure I need an X-23 (New Wolverine) series. I've never loved solo Logan, so not convinced I'd love this.
I've been enjoying Morrison's X-Men but I got to "Assault on Weapon Plus" and my enthusiasm came to a screeching halt.
@bamberhil @vgunvalson It's an insult to all housewives to say they need to ask permission from their husband to spend $ @MeghanKEdmonds
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Did Vicki just devalue all stay at home moms? That is being all uncool, not cool at all. #RHOC
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Why does Vicki always give marital advice? She's dating Brooks! #RHOC
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Vicki just made Meghan way more likable. Why is Vicki commenting on everyone's relationship? She needs to look at that liar Brooks #RHOC
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Vicki, Tamra & Shannon r giving Meghan shade about her husband...yet they have NO ground to stand on...people who live in glass houses #RHOC
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Vicki if Jim wants Meghan to work, he'll tell her to. He doesn't need you to butt in. @vgunvalson #RHOC
Yeah..Go to bed Shannon...BYE GO TO SLEEP! #RHOC Now maybe we can enjoy some of this episode!
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I'm starting to feel sorry for David. Shannon is a nagging nightmare. #RHOC
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Shannon Shannon Shannon You are insufferable. I feel sorry for the people in your life. @ShannonBeador #RHOC
Holy crap that show Home Free is a tearjerker. @HomeFreeFOX
Broadway, Saratoga Springs, New York, 1915. Colorized by Sanna Dullaway.
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Massage today. Going to a Korean spa and getting a massage and hanging out hella naked all day.
Whe the baby's feet ruins your photo... 😂�qF
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I've had a headache since noon, I'm at the point where I want to do this now.
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While it was played as silliness, Bobby flirted with Jean-Paul in Uncanny X-Men 415!
Debating a friend-what are your thoughts? Is it wrong to answer door in your underwear for pizza delivery?
I don't want to argue w/ any of you, but I struggle to understand how so many Americans so badly want us to have our guns. #DeathafterDeath
Back in the day you knew who your real friends were, because they ranked you in order of importance on Myspace.
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Huh. Never realized some of similarities b/t these redesigns til I put em side by side. I prefer Spider-Woman's. You?
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I believe I have walked out of 3 movies ever: The Flintstones, Little Shop of Horrors (80s), and Bed of Roses.
When Birthright came out, almost didn't get it because fantasy isn't my genre. So glad I did. Issue 9 continued a great, interesting series.
Is Magneto #21 the last issue? Anyone?
Poison Ivy. A woman with a goal and the means, intellect and will to achieve it. #dcyou #poisonivyleague #poisonivy
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The Conclusion is Near in the Latest Trailer for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2′…
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Read Cyborg. So glad it's something I want to read more of.
Arnold is still playing the terminator at 70, Stallone is still Rambo at 65, so why do we need a new Xena:...
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Already sad about "5th Week" with just 6 comics for my #NCBD
Finally saw Ant-Man. Different but good.
Everything you ever wanted to know about the #SinisterSix.
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Wonder Woman 42 was the 2nd issue Ina row that was pretty good. Seems the book is going in a good direction.
Future Imperfect continues to be a fun read.
Aquaman 42. Not sure what to say. Not sure I like it. Just not sure.
I only have 1 DC book next week? That's totally unusual for me.
I saw bad reviews for Old Man Logan #3, but I loved it. And Sorrentino art--can't go wrong.
Cyborg #1 is filling up my feed. Haven't read mine yet.
I rank and read #NCBD from least excited to most. This week was hard. Very excited.
Cyborg #1 in stores today! I've got mine. Go get yours:) #BORGLIFE
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I thought reading Morrison's X-Men might help me understand why Emma isn't still evil and that she just had an attitude. Still evil, IMO

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