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Yep. I kinda LOVED A-Force #2.
The five most anticipated All New, All Different Marvel titles | @scoopit
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I'm enjoying the new Green Lantern direction. 42 was great. Can't wait for more! @robertvenditti
Darth Vader 7 was another very good issue. Really liking this series.
Jupiter's Circle- I feel like I have no idea who anyone is, which makes it hard to care issue to issue.
I'm more of an Alex fan over Scott; Donna over Diana; Robin over Batman; Wally over Barry...
I use to really dislike the person that is John Byrne. Now I just pity what's left of him.…
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I didn't want Amanda to go home. #MasterChef @MASTERCHEFonFOX
Ultimate End #3 was great. I wasn't liking this series, but this was great. And the Punisher? Omg
So...We Stand on Guard #1. Intense stuff!!
As much as I've enjoyed the new Star Wars books, I'm ok that Leia was just a mini.
"SAGA is a war comic, it takes place in a war, there are going to be casualties." -Brian K. Vaughan #ImageEXPO #OWNIT
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I did look closer. I take it back. There's more new stuff coming that I'm interested in. Digging in, I could get excited. @Arkham_Chris
Maybe I'm just getting old. I applaud Marvel and DC for their fresh new series, but so many don't appeal to me and feel young (in bad way).
How are all my Twitterland friends? I hadn't been on much in June.
My LCS doesn't want to get that I don't want Batman Beyond!
Need some ideas for blog posts for next week..
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Hahaha. Love it. The @Lakers didn't get Aldridge because they didn't talk enough about basketball. Love it.
X-Tinction Agenda #2 was good. Years of Futures Past, not so much.
Two issues in and still not sure what to make of Omega Men.
Ramona talks out of both sides of her mouth!! Ramona you started this!! #RHONY
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The Lathan storyline is interesting, but having a hard time believing he just happens to be part of their life by chance. #BecomingUs
I checked with JDRF the other day - they did not send a Save The Date to @ShannonBeador and neither did I
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I've gotten to the @warrenellis parts in my Excalibur re-read. I'm enjoying it so much more than earlier issues.
My opinion? Superman 41 was really intriguing.
Green Lantern Lost Army exceeded expectations. I'm onboard and ready for more! @cullenbunn
This 2nd volume of Uncanny Avengers just doesn't do it for me.
I was worried I wouldn't like the new Aquaman, but 41 was awesome. I loved it.
Here you go, @wjgazard. Sorry for the delay, I was rudely interrupted by some thugs that drove past.
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When I smell a guy wearing Polo, I am reminded of every single guy in Middle School. @RalphLauren
PREVIEW: The Corps Goes Missing in @cullenbunn's "Green Lantern: The Lost Army" #1
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Ha! Unopened '95 Fleer X-Men cards. #excalibur
I don't like the idea that Illyana's Soul Sword is something separate from her. I like the origin that she created it and that's it.

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