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Guardians of the Galaxy 22 was too silly for me. It's not that it was bad, just maybe not for me.
Batman Superman 17 had interesting plot points, but if Clark is acting that angry now, this could get bad.
Read Fear Agent vol 1. I don't get the appeal. Not that great, imo.
Roll the dice, move your mice.
I sincerely, deeply, desperately do not understand slow drivers.
So pretty much no comics on New Year's. Bummer.
The lesbian on the Real World? Nice fake, exaggerated accent. Not. Buying. It. @MTV
Mephisto can either be an incredibly awesome badass or a lame joke.
Fantastic Four 14 was pretty good. Solicit said Valeria was returning and she wasn't in it, but I do like the things are coming together.
I feel like I shouldn't have liked Teen Titans 5, but I actually did. It was kind of fun.
Storm 6 was disheartening. I would love a great Storm series, but this just isn't great. Doesn't even feel like Storm.
Supergirl 37 was wordy and clunky, but had some interesting concepts, too.
Why do people have ear buds in for selfies? What am I not understanding?
I wanted to defend all the hate on Wonder Woman, but 37 did have problems. Not as bad as the Internet claims, but clumsy. Not totally Diana.
Billy was BRUTAL in The Bunker #8. Crazy. @JoshFialkov
Hoping today's the day I finally get a Quinceanera...
If any other #Survivor fans want to steer clear of #Survivor30 info, steer clear of @realityblurred. Maybe I've finally learned my lesson.
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@realityblurred are you kidding? That was the best part of the entire season! #SURVIVOR
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If you are struggling to follow @JHickman Avengers and need help, check out my humongous summary! Avengers.WhatNow?
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Comic book giveaway! Signed Death of Wolverine 1, Uncanny X-Men 256 key and all pictured. Follow & RT to enter.
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If you tell me it's not really Friday I might rip out your eyeball.
BREAKING: Celtics agree in principle to deal sending Rajon Rondo to Dallas for Wright, Nelson, Crowder & 2 picks. (via @ESPNSteinLine)
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A few more days and then a 5 day weekend!
So Wonder Woman 37 is giving me feels....but for all the wrong reasons & they're not good feels & also I'm a bit sad about the whole thing.
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ICYMI, here's my review of Wonder Woman #37. I straight up HATED it, start to finish:…
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Is @DCComics bringing in new series to replace all the cancelations?
Why is everyone hating Kyle since the season start. What have she done? #RHOBH
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I wouldn't be sad if James Franko retired from anything Hollywood. #NotMyBag
I just heard on a podcast that Illyana in current X-Men is from an alternate timeline. When did that happen?
I thought it was 7 series. I am counting 13 series now! DC canceling A LOT. Finally canceling World's Finest!
Oh and Batwoman is ending??
OK but COOL. Darkseid war??!! #intrigued
I hate solicits and knowing what is coming. I usually avoid them (except knowing who the creators are). But this DC cancel had me looking.
So what series is DC canceling? GL Corp, GL New Guardians, and what are the other 5?
With how terrible AXIS has been, I am glad that even with the expected dropoff from #1, #3 dropped off from #2. Terrible. @Marvel
#GodIfYouAreAbove is trending and I have absolutely no idea what it is. Is this because I have a dark, black soul?
So is Injustice ending now that @TomTaylorMade is leaving, or are we getting a new writer? I'd prefer he ends a great run and it ends w/him
Trying 3 new podcasts this week. Maybe one will stick and replace one I'm looking to replace.
Hoping today's the day I finally find an Infinity Gem...
Monday again? How does this keep happening?
My last #NCBD book this week was Avengers 39. I'm having fun with the Time Runs Out, even though I know it just leads to Secret Wars.
Thor 3 was great. I'm loving this series. And then the cliffhanger!
To order Chinese (again) or not...
Bravo to @nickspencer for making Avengers World 16 more than a lame tie-in. The wrong he undos was surprising.