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Come on KC! Best the Giants! #SFvsKC
I keep trying to quit Aquaman, but I'm still going. Issue 35 was intriguing and a great beginning to the new arc.
Good to see people liking Catwoman's direction. She's to great of a character to have a crappy book.
Thinking of going trade-wait with Saga. When's the last issue if have to buy before next trade issues would begin?
Hoping today's the day I finally get that female circumcision I've always wanted...
#NCBD!! What are you excited for?
Requested Fan Favorite Fight! Who wins you decide! RT for Red Robin! Fav for Damian Wayne! Results in 24 hours!
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Heigh-Ho Heigh-Ho
More Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died from ebola. #TheMoreYouKnow
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My attempts to stop cussing haven't been terribly successful.
I'm glad redd & jada are looking out for each other this season #bgc
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The show Marry Me is really hilarious. @NBCMarryMe
Bought James Robinson JSA vol 1...hoping I like it.
I am not looking to add to my pulls, but if I was, I might add Loki. It's a good book.
My flight to Vancouver went fast. Reading the side Civil War comics for first time. Hoping my meetings here go well.
DC Comics Creators Asked To Bring Their Stories To A Close Before The Band-Aid
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Finished vol 3 of East of West. Issue 15 was great. I can't get enough of Babylon and Baloon.
@bamberhil Starlight Multiversity Futures End Goners (?)
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Most anticipated #NCBD books: Injustice Starlight Red Lanterns ends.
Closed on a deal already this morning, so I guess I shouldn't complain.
On the Linda Carter Wonder Woman, I always loved Wonder Girl more than WW.
Batman's Middle Children - DC Comics Weekly Recaps | DCR Podcast S2-3 -
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BREAKING: Peyton Manning sets NFL record with 509th career TD pass, moving past Brett Favre for most all-time.
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X-Men #100 by Chris Claremont & Dave Cockrum. Published in June 1976. #XMen #comics
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Broncos look like world beaters...
There's No. 508! Peyton Manning ties Brett Favre's NFL record for career passing TDs with 39-yard pass to Wes Welker.
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Watching Manning and seeing the stadium makes me wish I was back in Denver.
Some people count; some people don't.--Robbie
She's totally like the wind through my tree.
Somebody actually just put Baby in a corner.
None of my comic podcasts ever sing the praise of Manifest Destiny. So many people are missing out. @ImageComics
We used to play Space 1999 and fight over who got to be Maya.
I don't give a crap what you say. DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES!
She at the church. She getting married to oily bohunk. Married? Married. Married? Yeah. Married Married? Married! Jeez.
Just had sex with the milkman and don't feel guilty at all.
Reading Marvel Comics #1 on @comiXology. I dont know about the Human Torch and Sub-Mariner but i see a bright future for the Masked Raider!
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I'm feeling like @DJHistryteach tonight as I think about work tomorrow. Don't. Wanna. Go.
I can't believe they're making Wasp a real insect in Avengers 2. We'll barely notice a little fashion-conscious bug in the background.
The Baby Alive comment on this week's podcast literally made me LOL. The people around me at the gym thought I was insane. @ComicVine
There's nothing there, man. It's not ugly, it's just void.
And a generation of females began to compare every guy to Jake Ryan.
I can't believe this. They f***ing forgot my birthday. I could quote this movie almost verbatim.
I'm babysitting a 2 year old tomorrow night. Is he too young for weightlifting?