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Two comics that shaped my comic book reading for decades because of when I got them (from the newsstand).
Dark Beast, meet Nate Grey.
Holy Boob Buckets!!! Just saw that Nailbiter vol 3 is out this week. Just in time for 3 day weekend. Why do I tradewait? @Williamson_Josh
I shouldn't like Dark Beast, but I do. #XMEN
This church needs a new graphic designer
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Watching @DweezilZappa on #Chopped and just didn't know what a hella good guy he seems to be.
I hate how some 90s books made it damn near impossible to figure out the issue number.
Having your computer delivered in the 1950s.
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14 issues in and I still really like Sinestro. Never dreamed I'd enjoy a solo book with him starring.
Lando #3 was the best yet of the series. I love the book so far and figured Lobot would end up less human.
Bunn seems to be getting his footing with Aquaman but I'm a little confused. So is Mera's sister impersonating her?
Cyborg #2 was good. I'm still on board.
Two things that aren't my thing: 1. Sideways comic book pages 2. Mojo from Longshot/X-Men
Superman #43 - at least it makes sense why Lois revealed his identity
E for Extinction #3 took the series from OK to ridiculous. It felt like a Saturday a.m. cartoon in all the worst ways.
For those of us who need a smile today:
The drive in theater by my work has Pixels playing with Fantastic 4, is that considered torture?
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Moving $300,000 from one account to another feels pretty cool.
I have no non-Marvel or DC this #NCBD. Weird.
Purchased Low vol 1 TPB and Justice League of America (2006) vol 3 TPB from @InStockTrades today. Can't wait.
Thinking of trying Remender's Low again, this time with the TPB
An actual Jesus would be SO SAD at what these people say is Christian. SO SAD.
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My next partial re-read/partial first read: X-Man
@BeckyGMartinez @CharlesMBlow So much for keeping an open mind, for expanding one's mind, for a self-limiting college education.
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62 years old & @vgunvalson doesn't get that she's not always right, that talking over someone doesn't make u right, & empathy's good. #RHOC
Burn the Witch!! @MeghanKEdmonds is always wrong. Everyone else is perfect. #RHOC
I just don't understand the @ShannonBeador fans. She's negative and complains about everything. #NagWife #RHOC
Does it hurt the comics industry to get trades from Amazon?
@KINGVictoria_ making it sound racist when in fact not many people went to the cinema that weekend is just idiotic of her
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Can't wait to see The Martian! #TheMartian
This guy on the plane just broke up w his girlfriend and she's SOBBING
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The finale wasn't on my dvr. Didn't even know it ended. Bummer. #FoodNetworkStar
Im looking forward to Heroes Reborn more after the preview, but still not sure.
My ever-changing current top 5 comics: Birthright Justice League Nailbiter Magneto Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta (In no particular order)
I liked Harrow County #4. Yes, it was a little too easy of an arc ender, but other parts still intrigue me.
I've never seen The Walking Dead (no specific reason). Is it stupid to watch episode 1 of Fear? Just to find a jumping on point?
@Sublime00 @JackeeHarry @EW considering that according to critics this weekend's releases were flops, I'm not mad at the statement.
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@MaliykaisHealth @JackeeHarry @EW me neither. It's a normal statement made about films when nothing else comes out and they still reign #1.
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10.3 miles and a full two minutes/mile faster than I had been going. Great workout!
GOOD MORNING! & HAPPY #FTWD DAY! I'm so happy I could cry!
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Have a friend who hashtags "sexual" after most posts. And he's serious. Makes me laugh. #sexual
Haven't worked out in a week. So today's the day. Excited.

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