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One thing I hate about Internet: nothing can just be a surprise. I didn't want to know Dick Grayson's fate until I read Forever Evil finale.
I'm not a Vicki fan, but she looks good! Last season I thought she looked really bad. #RHOC
Vicki's endless jealousy of heather is disgusting. She is beyond narcissist bitch it's a Plumeria tree. Look it up! #RHOC #hubbyquotes
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Seems unfair that they can bad mouth Gretchen without her defending herself. #RHOC
Lindsay did this show to prove she's not spoiled, overindulged, or hard to work with, Right? Seems every goal she had, failed. #LindsayonOWN
Lindsay Lohan is just pathetic. This chick wants no real help. And Oprah is capitalizing on this show. Just sad! #LindsayonOWN
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I don't think I've ever seen anyone make more excuses than @lindsaylohan what a rude irresponsible ungrateful spoiled brat! #LindsayonOWN
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Lindsay's "sober" friends are totally on meth. #LindsayonOWN
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Suspect Identified: Frazier Glenn Miller, Longtime Anti-Semite, Arrested in Kansas Jewish Community Center Murders…
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Steph Curry becomes the first player in NBA history with 250 3-pt FG in multiple seasons.
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I can't believe Han Solo showed up and married Starbuck on Game of Thrones! Wait. Was that a spoiler? Sorry! #GoT
Ep068 - The Eternal Flames Of Gotham - DC Radio | A DC Comics Fan Recap | DCR Podcast -
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Trying to wrap my brain around this: Is it normal to have a naked selfie? Does everyone have a naked pic of themselves? Thanks for input.
What are the things around Spider-Man's wrists in Avengers 16? I missed that. Anyone?
Briefly got 3 Superman books after Byrne Man of Steel relaunch, but never really was a collector. W/ Johns run, I'll be getting 4 S. books!
What a freaking good game! #ThundervsPacers (Why isn't Hibbert playing this quarter?)
I know Namor hasn't always been likeable, but Hickman writes him like a total dick.
2nd game in a row I've seen Collison get bloody during a game. #Thunder #ThundervsPacers
Fantastic Four 22 the first appearance of the Moloids
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I really liked John Romita Jr's X-Men work. So I've been surprised at how much I haven't liked the ads for his Superman.