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Unfortunately, I felt Cyclops 6 moved a compelling, nuanced father/son story with tons of subtleties and changed it into a "cute" story.
I thought Superman 35 was the best of Johns' run. I felt like I knew what the arc was about. I also love grey morality w/no great choices.
Well, my day may finally be looking up. Friend is bringing over @papamurphyspizza
Got Snowpiercer from @netflix. Now just need time to watch it.
Wow. When it rains it pours.
Avengers 37 is getting such bad reviews, but I loved it. Last segment alone would've been worth it. So good; hard to express w/out spoilers.
With all of Marvel's teasers, especially House of M, I feel like it is all misdirection and they have a scheme going...
New York Times Columnist Apologizes For Attending Fundraiser For Anti-Gay Legal Group
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Archie could've just faded into oblivion. You gotta give it to the creators who made Archie relevant again.
RIVERDALE TV Drama Based on ARCHIE COMICS Headed to Fox
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I highly recommend Justice League Dark 35. Great jumping on point, too. Zatanna is a great character and this Amber will be great to see.
Having a tough couple of days. Was hoping @CouplesTherapy5 would be cathartic, but that was intense. Emotional. #CouplesTherapy
Not sure where your local comic shops are? Here’s an easy way to find out! #comicmarket
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Some days the world weighs more than others.
OK despite the jokes and despite how unrealistic the divide between X-Men & Avengers is, there were aspects of AXIS 3 that I liked.
Worst thing about AXIS? All the jokey crap. Enchantress has a quip in battle? REALLY? It's terrible, terrible dialogue. @Marvel
Marvel Teases ATTILAN RISING in Summer 2015 ... Wait, That's New!…
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Hoping today's the day Rudolph finally gets to play the reindeer games...
This December, return to the year 4001 in RAI #5 by @mattkindt and @Clayton_Crain!!
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Hoping today's the day it finally gets the hose again...
Got up at 4:15 to be at this meeting on time...the last party is still not here. Grr. #tired
Hoping today's the day I finally run out of inappropriate things to say in Twitter...
Kansas City takes Game 2! Royals ride 5-run 6th inning to victory over Giants to tie World Series at 1-1.
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@bamberhil no problem with eBay. It's my work among other things from home. Check out my store sometime. It's called that_nerd_guy
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Still only get mere glimpses of the Earth 2 Wonders. A weekly and a monthly and we should see more of Hawkgirl, Aquawoman, Flash-everyone!
I didn't think World's End 3 was as bad as others did, but it is pretty unfocused. I'm hoping as it establishes itself.
Missy: We made so much more rice at our tribe. Hey Missy--your tribe was about out of rice, idiot!! @Survivor_Tweet #Survivor
Alec has amazingly crazy brother issues. @Survivor_Tweet #Survivor
Hoping today's the day I finally eat until my stomach explodes...
X-Factor 15 was really good. I wish this wasn't cancelled. @PeterDavid_PAD is doing a great job. Plus, I want to see more Luna.
Come on KC! Best the Giants! #SFvsKC
I keep trying to quit Aquaman, but I'm still going. Issue 35 was intriguing and a great beginning to the new arc.
Good to see people liking Catwoman's direction. She's to great of a character to have a crappy book.
Thinking of going trade-wait with Saga. When's the last issue if have to buy before next trade issues would begin?
Hoping today's the day I finally get that female circumcision I've always wanted...
#NCBD!! What are you excited for?
Requested Fan Favorite Fight! Who wins you decide! RT for Red Robin! Fav for Damian Wayne! Results in 24 hours!
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Heigh-Ho Heigh-Ho
More Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died from ebola. #TheMoreYouKnow
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My attempts to stop cussing haven't been terribly successful.
I'm glad redd & jada are looking out for each other this season #bgc
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The show Marry Me is really hilarious. @NBCMarryMe
Bought James Robinson JSA vol 1...hoping I like it.