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Go Stanford! Beat The Irish! #NDvsSTAN
I don't mean to be cynical, but Tebow isn't abstinent, he's gay. Which is ok, but also what I believe.
Bullet the Blue Sky
My strategy is to whine and complain until we go out for good food.
Seriously, are we just done with the events of vol 1 of Jupiter's Circle? We don't get to see where that goes?
Jupiter's Circle vol 2 started fine, but what happened to the entire plot line from vol 1? I wanted that.
Superman 46 was hard to read. I just didn't care. At all.
Since Sandy Hook there have been at least 1,029 mass shootings killing 1,300 people…
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The Planned Parenthood situation in Colorado is very close to my house. It's a sad and senseless thing.
Going to see the Humpback Whale IMAX- fun
Thanks @amyschumer for teaching me about the Angry Dragon. Could've lived without that. Haha
Our #BlackFriday begins midnight eastern! Score our 5th Anniversary Box Set Blue Line edition. Only 250 made!
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Vader Down is interesting, but I don't like how over-powered he is in this.
Praying for any gays that attempt to fit in their skinny jeans tonight. May the force be with you.
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Fantastic ominous ad by Alan Davis for The Fall of the Mutants which officially kicked off in January 1988.
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When these ads starting popping up in 1988 I knew Inferno was going to be something special. @Marvel #xmen
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So to show his appreciation to the fans, is Brett Favre gonna text everyone in the stadium a dick pic?
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I read a couple of issues of Marjorie Liu's Astonishing X-Men. Wow, it's weird. Not really for me.
So JLA #5 - just an ad to make people buy Martian Manhunter?! Lame
All-New Wolverine #2 was even better than #1. This series has started off great. @TomTaylorMade
I don't enjoy the breaking of the fourth wall silliness in Angela: Queen of Hel.
@bamberhil I agree, but aside from digital readers who might catch up, I think the best chance is the full trade next year.
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I really hope more and more people jump on Omega Men. Not only is it awesome, but DC needs to see that unique series will sell.
Omega Men #6: incredible. Jump on this series if you haven't. It's one of the best.
Black Magick #2 was really awesome. I want more of this series now! It has really pulled me in.
I didn't think Clark or Diana were written to character, but I still enjoyed Superman Wonder Woman #23
Have a fANTastic Thanksgiving, Marvelites!
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This season of Survivor has been so good! @Survivor_Tweet
What does that mean that Donna is Fate? Wonder Woman 46
Aquaman #46 - pointless. If you totally skipped the issue, you missed nothing. Yeah he and Diana fight things, but that's it.
Mint chocolate cookies from @papamurphys yum
The new TC Book of the Week is Dark Knight III #1 by @FrankMillerInk & Andy Kubert. Grab a copy and share your thoughts using #tcbotw
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Watching my 600 Pound Life. So hard to watch. The lady has open sores in her fat folds. My extra 3 pounds doesn't seem bad now.
Rocking out Superman slot!
I was enjoying my read/reread of X-Man in a 90s sort of way until I hit the 30s and it's as dull as can be. Hope it picks up.
Rachel & Miles X-Plain the X-Men, Episode 84 – The Fourth Horseman - In which Franklin Richards is the...
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It’s POW podcast #512. This week Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #4 from @McKelvie and @kierongillen. Plus more!
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Warriors defeat Nuggets, 118-105, and become the 1st defending champions in NBA history to start 15-0.
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15-0! Great job Golden State. Can't wait for Tuesday. @warriors
Descender #7 was great, but I hate the reveal at the end! I do t want that!

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