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Thor #1 was very good! I was disappointed that we're still waiting for the reveal, but the rest was great. @rdauterman's pencils=amazing.
Bummer! I've been waiting for Nailbiter Vol 1 and my LCS didn't get it! @Williamson_Josh Call them and yell a ton for me?
I want the real Titans back, but I did like Cyborg being a founding member of the JL.
Already a Chris Jamison fan. #TheVoice
Melo is most "underrated superstar"? Really Melo? Win a few playoff rounds, and I will believe you.
If Outcast does get made into a movie or show, casting Kyle will make or break it. #pivotal @ImageComics @Mitografia
#GREENLANTERN GODHEAD #1 is such a good book. I'm glad I got to kick off the crossover & work with such brilliant creators! On sale Weds!
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Donating more comics to the local school today. They seem to appreciate them. Maybe they just toss them?
5 lbs of fat vs 5 lbs of muscle. This is why we workout 💪
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I think I like old Captain Atom costume better.
Most anticipated #NCBD for me? Alex + Ada and Nailbiter vol 1
Hal's no longer a member of the Green Lantern Corps but Sinestro is... See how the universe copes in GREEN LANTERN:
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Looking for a coach potato who cares enough to work out and hate it like me. 🏆
I liked Injustice more when Clark's rationale was off. Now he's just evil and it's not as interesting. Injustice @TomTaylorMade
Hal wouldn't tear off his enemy's arm, but now he trusts Sinestro so much that he'd stoop that low? Hard to believe. Injustice 12.
Injustice 12: I want to like it, but it's hard to believe Hal & Clark are so far gone, so dark and evil. When did Sinestro become so trusted
New Avengers 24 started slowly as far as my interest, but 2nd half was great! The T'Challa and Shuri part was great. Doctor Doom: yes please
Really @DCComics ? This helps people take Wonder Woman so seriously. Grrr
Say what you want about Todd McFarlane--I still think he is absolutely amazing.
I am excited at the hints of Pre-New 52, but I have lots of questions.
This week can just end quickly...please
Dick pics are the human equivalent of a cat giving you a dead bird as a 'gift'.
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...Born on a Monday
Hoping to see Barda be the badass she is in both Futures End and Worlds End.
Sinestro Futures End was as good as the regular series. Very compelling. @cullenbunn
It's striking how the Futures End issues generally were good if the main creative team did the book, and generally terrible if they didn't.
Outcast 4 was good, but it was the first issue that didn't knock it out of the park. I think Kyle is the perfect protagonist. @ImageComics
I thought people were being to hard on Jim until tonight. He was being a dick. #RHONJ
Kathy and this house. Is this the best you can do for a storyline? I mean you only on the show part time as it is #RHONJ
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I love seeing Jacqueline & Rosie, but Kathy and Richie still drive me crazy. #RHONJ @Bravotv
The Speed Force and time-travel teased in extended synopsis for the 'THE FLASH' pilot! #HYPE!
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The Trump joke in Letter 44 10. Hilarious. Thanks @CharlesSoule @OniPress
Every issue of Letter 44 impresses. Seriously, if you're not reading this, jump on first trade. Intense and smart! @CharlesSoule @OniPress
Animal Freedom Amendment will help all animals gain freedom under supreme law. Lawsuit challenges orca slavery:… #ROC
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Goodell has nerve to run PSA including phrase "no more excuses" without resigning as commissioner. We don't have a joke here. #FreeSimmons
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#FreeSimmons: Twitter rallies behind Bill Simmons after ESPN suspension - Citing a breach of its journalistic...
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Court Doc: Gay-Bashing Victims Punched, Called "Faggots" Repeatedly via @Po_st #PhillyHateCrime #LGBT #Supremacists
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New Post: Amazing X-Men #11 Review! Not Much Of A War At All -
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Review: Amazing X-Men #11 by Kyle, Yost, Barberi, Wong and Rosenberg
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Does Northstar not fly anymore? He doesn't seem to in Amazing X-Men
If old DC is coming back I'll be thrilled to get my Raven back. But I don't want old Earth 2, I like our Earth 2