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Done with work. Off to The Martian.
FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY. Seeing The Martian tonight, then football and comics tomorrow.
Marvel Point One code. Hope someone can use it.
Initial reviews on Telos #1 aren't great. Maybe I won't even try...
#NCBD and I still have 2 hours before I can get my comics...!!!
Anyone besides me trying Telos tomorrow? @DCComics #NCBD
I must be old. What appears to be the new house style for the Big 2 feels juvenile and cartoony to me.
I wish I had a great idea for the Millarworld submissions...
One day until #NCBD - I can't wait!
What is the "in progress" smart list on @comiXology? I see no pattern to figure it out.
@stephenasmith saying "You don't want to make an enemy out of me" with a devilish look on your face IS a threat. Don't try and flip it now.
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@stephenasmith in my opinion you’re a blowhard with a lousy track record. You can’t get mad. That’s my opinion.
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@stephenasmith @KDTrey5 Dude, I like you a lot ... but that was a threat. The message was DONT MESS WITH ME OR ELSE!
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@stephenasmith @KDTrey5 I hope you get fired as does very intelligent human being
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New professional goal: make enemy out of Stephen A Smith.
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One positive about hockey is that Stephen A. Smith doesn't follow it and will never opine on it. So, we've got that going for us.
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Stephen A. Smith called Kevin Durant too sensitive in a 10 minute, televised, angry rant that ended in a threat because he was called a liar
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Stephen A. Smith threatened girl at McDonald's drive-thru. Said he'd have her "sleeping with the fishes" if he didn't get extra ketchup.
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Sinestro #15 was awesome. And Saint Walker, too! Loving this series so much.
Avengers: Under Siege, one of the all-time greats, 'Avengers' #270-277 (1986-87) by Roger Stern & John Buscema
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I always liked the relationship between Snowbird and Shaman. Kind of a great natural affinity. #AlphaFlight
Probably my favorite X-Men line-up.
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Don't miss out on our HUGE road to Wrath of the Eternal Warrior sale! ENDS AT MIDNIGHT!…
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After Secret Wars, is Hickman doing anything for @Marvel?
Yep. I'll admit it. I can't wait for all-new all-different Marvel to start.
Haven't had a true TV dinner in decades. Do they still make those? With different compartments?
Watching the Unauthorized 90210 Story. Seriously.
Rewatching season 3 of #RHONY @kellybensimon wasn't bullied, she just can't handle when she isn't "Queen Kelly". What a brat. She bullied!
Justice League #44 was so awesome!! Makes it so much better that it's not an "event" as much as a great story. @DCComics @geoffjohns
Green Lantern Annual #4 - that didn't even look like Hal
The story for Aquaman #44 was ok, but the art was rough...!
The more I reflect on The Mantle #5, I can't justify buying more issues. The logic gaps took all enjoyment away. Past issues make no sense.
I took the leap and put Illuminati in my pulls. Because @Williamson_Josh
College football had a crazy Saturday. It was fun!
Finally on track with my fitness. Feels great.
Hey @pizzahut how do I email someone at the corporate level?
The Mantle #5 was pretty lame. Why did he kill people and fight if he could've just given in and died? Makes no sense. I'm disappointed.
Don't normally cheer for Clemson, but tonight: Go Clemson!! #NDvsCLEM
I bet Loki reads Aquaman back issues with Ocean Master appearances and just laughs....
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