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Turned off game and Manning gets Broncos to OT. #DENvsSEA
I really would like Xavier back after/because of Axis. Usually not in favor of hero resurrections, but I like Prof X as the glue of mutants.
Uncanny Avengers 24 was damn good. Even the change in art I surprisingly liked. Nice to have a less cosmic story.
INTERCEPTED! Kam Chancellor picks off Peyton Manning with Broncos driving. It's Manning's 1st Int in 193 attempts. Seahawks lead, 17-12.
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Was the 17th the first second week of 3-D covers or third? (Do we have 1 more week or two?)
Looking forward to #blackishABC It looks really funny. I need a new sitcom.
Just read and enjoyed SIRENS 1, by @perezartist. Welcome back, George!
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Man, so many comics I've looked forward to reading from#NCBD Have disappointed some.
Surprisingly, there were a few things I didn't like about X-Factor 14; usually love it. Wanda wasn't Wanda-like. It was very generic.
Thor 25 had high points, and some filler points. Looking forward to Thor #1.
Could female Thor be Frigg, Ellisiv or Atli? I wonder.
My actual opinion. There is too much people standing around and talking in modern comics. You can fight and talk, much more exciting.
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I'm going to plan my vacation destinations based on where @Hotdogonastick1 locations are.
If I had a time machine my #1 objective would be to make sure silly comic names were never used: She-Hulk, Lightning Lad, Cluemaster...
Hot dog, chili dog, or corn dog? Yes please.
I haven't read a Doctor Doom arc in a long time. He's been in books, but not a central figure of things I've read. I hope that changes soon.
When is @NY_Comic_Con I want the retailers only presentation to happen so we can hear Marvel's plans
Manifest Destiny 10 felt like a misstep issue. It didn't feel necessary or really interesting.
Armor Hunters: Blooshot 3 had a great battle for its finale. @ValiantComics
SPOILER Avengers World 13. I didn't love the issue, but the Pym Particles ending was cool.
help, please help...there are two gays and only 12 of us. we have girls here...oh help us please. #phillyhatecrime
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The @Gotham preview during the game left me with two impressions: 1) it'll be well-made/quality 2) it probably won't be my kind of show
Go Lions, but damn @AaronRodgers12 is good! #GBvsDET
These crazy big #NCBD weeks! New 52 Futures End Injustice Red Lantern Sinestro Superman Doomed Superman…
Just realized Survivor starts this week! @Survivor_Tweet
QB trends in Detroit: Matthew Stafford is 1-6 career vs Packers. Aaron Roders is 9-1 career vs Lions.
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I'm in the minority, but Multiversity Society of Super-Heroes wasn't for me. I expected more connection to last M issue & wasn't drawn in.
Odd that DC had back to back events with FE as initials. Makes it hard to abbreviate it on Twitter.
Green Lantern New Guardians Futures End: I think one issue I have is that it ended with a cliffhanger that will likely never be explored.
Green Lantern New Guardians FE: Saysoran was cool, but I'm not sure I'm smart enough to fully understand this issue. So it was ok.
Hopefully today's the day I finally get polio.
Dreamed about Tilikum all night. A tank is not the ocean, @SeaWorld #EmptyTheTanks #Blackfish
Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth (both 30 at the time) meet at a movie premier in London, October 1956
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The guy on #Utopia said he doesn't know what democracy or dictatorship means. Really.
Peeing with your bros is cool. Ask Hulk.
I didn't love Pandora Futures End, but the ideas were unexpected, which I respect
Did LSU forget how to play Defense? #MSSTvsLSU
Mississippi State? Wow. 14-0.
Holy Crap! Wonder Woman Futures End had some great elements, and that last page blew my mind. War! @CharlesSoule
Live in Utah? I'll be introducing and answering questions tonight for #MazeRunner at Jordan Commons @megaplextheatre. 6:35 @IMAX
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Nobody cares about DC comics women. They should just put Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman in one book. (Is trolling ok if you're joking?)