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Rai 3 was good. Interesting the tie to the @ValiantComics universe that was revealed. But most intrigued by the companion. @mattkindt
The last few months have taught me to like James Hardin less and less.…
Black Canary is written like a totally different character in the JLA than she is in Birds of Prey
I want to thank my followers for allowing me to talk too much about @perezartist, private parts, work trips, New Teen Titans, getting naked.
"Maybe we should make 'straight marriage' illegal. It doesn't seem to have a high success rate." ~Adam Levine #MarriageEquality #LGBT
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I can usually overlook logistics of characters overused in many books, but how the heck can Harley Quinn pull off her book & Suicide Squad?
Just put the word "dozen" in a tweet and realized I never that word. Weird.
Birds of Prey is an important book. No other title quite fills its niche. I hope someone great brings it back soon.
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Dustin Screech Diamond still says his sex tape was fake and used a stunt penis.
Yes! You can show me your privates if you want.
Bedard does a good, serviceable job, but I don't find his work impressive
@garaujo1 @dranj70 New writing team on Supergirl in November, which kills the plans that Tony Bedard talked about in interviews LAST WEEK.
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Orcas should be swimming miles and miles and miles. @SeaWorld has them in a very small tank. #EmptyTheTanks
#SeaWorld: Orcas would have to swim more than 1,500 laps/day in new pens to swim the distance they would in wild.
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Reaction to #Ferguson on twitter has been fascinating. Quick summary: White Twitter: "WTF?!" Black Twitter: "See?"
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Caramel corn or kettle corn?
...and now for some happy tweets. First: Food deliver was ordered
Should I get up in arms and drama about world events, or stay Social Network silent? Do they accomplish the same thing?
I love this Family Guy episode so much!
On the phone with a client and they literally stop talking permanently, but the call is still live. Weird.
I really, really love Cyborg as a founding JL member, but somewhere in my head we should still have a @perezartist era Titans back sometime.
Some creators from the 60s, 70s, and 80s still produce quality, awesome work (@WalterSimonson). Some haven't transitioned as well.