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Tim Siedell
Issue 5 of my Vader series came out today. Thus concludes my second (and last) Vader miniseries for @DarkHorseComics. Thanks for reading.
"We have nothing to fear but fear itself." - FDR, who never had to face a low battery warning on his phone.
Okay, spring, enough with the birds!
Congratulations, Mad Men. I actively dislike every single character. You've perfectly captured the world of advertising.
Not telling you how to do your job, NASA, but you'd get a lot more viewers if you'd schedule these eclipses during prime time.
Woke my family up so they could see the moon trending on Twitter.
You know the guys from Mannheim Steamroller are rocking their brains out in a field somewhere right now.
I don't remember the moon being this desperate for attention when I was a kid.
Parenting tip: Tell your kids to clean their rooms or you're going to turn the moon into blood tonight.
This weekend I'll be capturing/tagging old dudes with ponytails and releasing them into their natural Santa Fe habitat.
Anyone know if my tweet about Miley Cyrus' tongue won a Pulitzer?
I hear the music from the opening of True Detective every time I go into a staff meeting.
When you win the Masters a second time, you should get green pants. Third time, vest. Fourth time, pimp hat.
People are like cupcakes. Some are plain, some are fancy, and once I ruined a half dozen by forgetting them in my trunk.
A Pop-Tart in the streets but a Toaster Strudel in the sheets.
I'll be angry-dancing in an abandoned factory if anyone needs me.
Nobody needs seven layers of dip. Simplify your lifestyle.
Slowly coming to grips with the fact that my hands can't squeeze anything quickly.
Running from a brothel to your car with a sheet over your head? RT @justinbieber No one knows what Im planning ;)
The Apocalypse. Recommended by four out of five horsemen.
Pretty cool how the internet allows everyone to have a voice on who should be silenced next.
Sure, Flatizza sounds a bit clunky, but give Subway credit for finding a shorter, snappier way to say Flatulence Pizza.
Wearing a Baby Björk so I can carry all my stuffed ravens and twig fairies while I take a walk.
And then one day you realize you're older and fatter than old fat Elvis.
Oh no, neighbor's kid has a whistle. This is not a drill. Or maybe it is, it's impossible to tell.