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O.M. Bacon Bourbon
Home-Fried Potato and the Prisoner of Hashkaban #TakeAMovieToBreakfast
We don't listen to anything but the Gospel of #Bourbon, @BourbonBanter! Hey fans, who else thinks Ol Major #BaconBourbon should be featured?
We live the #Bourbonlifestyle 'cause we love The Bourbon Review by @GoBourbon! Who else wants them to review Ol Major #Bacon #Bourbon?
Help us get into your belly on Kickstarter! It's starting to get pretty popular over there!!……
We hope everybody comes around some day.. but I guess loving #murica isn't universal. #Bacon #Bourbon @JDavidWicker
Our @kickstarter project broke $1,500 in a few short hours! Help #Bacon #Bourbon pick up momentum today!…
Hey @Nick_Offerman, Do you want to be the spokesman for our brand? We can pay you in #bacon #bourbon or not at all...
The Best =@ForceBrands! Help our campaign to get #bacon #bourbon's delicious tastiness on shelves @ForceBrands…
Ol' Major #Bacon #Bourbon desperately wants to get into your belly @TrippleOG619!!! Get it there by supporting us:…
'Ey Fans! Glad you're down with our #bacon-y #bourbon-y goodness, but we need you now! Help us out on @kickstarter!!…
#Murica has spoken. @BaconBourbonUSA isn't just the next great flavor.. It's the only flavor you'll ever need, @BruceDWiley!!
Get ready for the Ol' Major #Bacon #Bourbon Manhattan, @FarmlandFoods.. We'd love for you all to try it soon!
Great to see you @wswaconvention! @ForceBrands is helping get onto a shelf near you by covering our staffing needs .. and a lil' promotion!!
We're not in MN yet, but we'd love to be! @PurpleSince76 it would really help us if you asked a local store to carry Ol' Major Bacon Bourbon
Hey @DartMarina! Where are you located? We'd love to see if we can't get YOU to try #bacon infused #Bourbon from @BaconBourbonUSA
Hey @BaconandBarrels. Wanted to say how excited we are to be going to #SanDiego soon!! We're at @wswaconvention showing OM #Bacon #Bourbon!!
We'd love to hit #Philly, but we don't yet have a distributor in PA! Tell your local store to carry our product @FederalDonuts
We'd love to hit #Minneapolis, but we don't yet have a distributor in MN! Tell your local store to carry our product @vikings111676!!
We'd love to hit #Denver, but we don't yet have a distributor in Colorado. @scottfarina1 Please tell a local store to carry our product!
Get out there build something. Masonry is #murica. #ThisIsMurica
Hey Ol' Major fans, Get ready for some #MuricaPhotos. Why? Cuz #Murica.
@BaconBourbonUSA Come to Bacon & Barrels Festival San Diego and Solvang! Tons of Bacon AND Bourbon fans all together!
Retweeted by O.M. Bacon Bourbon
#Bacon #Bourbon fans, WE'RE COMING FOR YOU!! Tell us where you're located, so we know what cities to come to next..
@BaconBourbonUSA we have Bacon Moonshine & Bacon Beer at Bacon Fest! Bacon Bourbon will fit right in! 8/30/14 AKA International Bacon Day!
Retweeted by O.M. Bacon Bourbon
Sad we can't make it this year @BaconandBarrels! Fans: Please visit on May 31 #SanDiego & the original Bacon & Barrels Los Olivos on July 19
Just wanted to thank @WSWAMedia for a great @wswaconvention! We met with amazing people & #Bacon #Bourbon is coming to #America!!
@BaconBourbonUSA thanks for the follow! Can't wait to try some bacon burbon!
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#Bacon #Bourbon is looking forward to meet with America's best distributors & have a great @wswaconvention! We're in Suite 1006! @WSWAMedia
Catch #Bacon #Bourbon at the @WSWAMedia convention this week! We're in the Branded Spirits USA hospitality suite!!
BaconPickup: I like you almost as much as I like #bacon. #BaconWasted
#BaconPickup: Doesn't this rain sound like beautiful sizzle of #bacon. #BaconWasted

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