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Aza Raskin
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There is no design think, only design make.
Visual and interactive map of keyboard shortcuts for popular apps… Shows we still need Ubiquity…
"Fewer than 200 individuals of the world's total population will enjoy this song". Has accordion + a soprano rapping.…
Graduation ceremonies make me wonder why nobody gets a monoploma. Maybe it's like the magnetic monopole: conjectured but never found.
The alumni office plus the detailed admission notes gives a good training set for a big data analysis of what predicts great students.
Google uses a data approach to determine what signals predict great hires. Do any universities yet take a big data approach to admissions?
The CTA announcing "This is Grand" will never cease to amuse me.
This kid invented a special cup so her grandpa with Parkinson's can drink without spilling
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Excited to be back in Chicago. My little sister graduates from University of Chicago in less than 12 hours (my school too). So proud of her.
Quantifying real-time homophobic language on Twitter.!/today/ Would love to correlate this signal with world/local news.
NativeScripts lets you write iOS & Android apps natively via Javascript. In beta.… Docs here:…
Litographs: entire books in posters and on t-shirts.
Platforms beat product almost every time. Community is the new capital. Quotes from @InfoEcon's great lunchtime talk at @Jawbone.
Ice flow velocity in the Antarctic
The most important list you'll read: The list of cognitive biases… —It's missing the cognitive bias for stuff in lists
Corporate time equivalents: “Just a sec” = 5 minutes. “Quick chat” = 48 minutes. This should be a browser extension.…
Everything not saved will be lost. — Nintendo "Quit Screen" message
Go listen to the latest Cathedrals song. Kudos to @johnnyhwin: Indie, dreampop, r&b.…
The first documented hospital staff, from 1063AD. 15 hospital beds, 10 staff (including a potter and a barber!)…
The spiral of silence. Worth a read.…
Third wheels are minor thirds.
Scientists have selectively been able to erase and restore memories!…
Better data centers through machine learning. Clever. I'd love to see this applied to where people sit in companies.…
Jobs had a prescient analogy: "PCs are going to be like trucks," and iPads are the cars. That means wearables/smart watches are the bikes.
Very excited by Apple's new Swift language. It'll do to mobile dev what JS did to web/desktop dev.…
It took the telephone 75 years to reach 50 million users. Radio 38 years. Facebook 3.5 years. Angry Birds... 35 days! via @aza at #uxlondon
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Loving @aza's black and white slides from UX London yesterday
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Gamblers get addicted 4x faster to slot machines than other gambling - provoking stuff from @aza on the power of Skinner Boxes. #uxlondon
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LeVar Burton wants the web to save reading and 'Reading Rainbow'…. Proud-happy that @ivanovitch made this happen.
Brilliantly said by @aza - "Attention is the basic currency of our modern economy." #uxlondon
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the case for more responsible digital design:… my notes from @aza talk at #uxlondon
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Best thought so far from #uxlondon: "Behaviour change will be the next blockbuster drug. And Designers will be the next pharma" from @aza
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London, here I come! Very excited to be speaking at UX London.
"Gigantic rotating, pressurized spacecraft the size of towns or even cities."— NASA, back when it was being awesome
I'm currently wining the battle not to get this bag. I may still lose the war.…
Hello Entropy, master of laundry
Nice to see UP and UP Coffee on the front page of the Apple store.
NPR brings together "the 300 best commencement speeches, ever."
Missed last night's Design for Health Class with @aza of Jawbone? Watch the video here! #medx
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Want healthy habits that really stick? Ask designers about personal practices: @aza says he sneers at bread to reduce carb consumption #medx
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What if we apply transitory nature of data to health -- like snapchat? Change the way we share info. Fascinating question from @aza. #medx
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To get people to make a behavior change: "Surround them with people that share the same social identity or goal." @aza #medx
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Why is recycling successful? There's a social loop connected ~ neighbours can see what each other are doing ~ @aza #medx
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@aza of Jawbone predicts that fighting health inequality will become the cause of the next generation #medx
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Part of @StanfordMedX #MedX RT @aza: Watch my lecture on designing for social in health at 6pm PST
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Watch my lecture on designing for social in health. Starts at 6pm PST. Questions via Twitter.
If you are near Stanford, I'll be giving a lecture on health and social design a bit after 5:15. Come participate at LKSC, Room LK308.