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Axl Rose
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They got it all here... Sea sharks, land sharks N' cock sharks... They are the best!!! Errr.. I mean the worst! Ha!
Sea Level!!!
With the amazin' Alcione Nazareth!
Altitude! We're at some fuckin' Altitude! Thanx La Paz! Who's friggin' idea was it to open w/YCBM?! Someone shoot that guy! Ha! Thanks.
In La Paz Bolivia! 13.5k above sea level! Looking 4ward to the show! Paraguay last nite after a crazy storm. Fans were hardcore!!
So far so good! Great seein' evry1! Bit rusty. tech issues gettin' sorted. Great crowds! Rain gig yday but again, great crowd! Feels good!!
Over the past week I've put out a few intentionally sarcastic tweets in response and calling attention to (cont)
Happy Valentine's Day! n' remember nothin' says "I love you!" like a box of giraffe infused Danish chocolates!
Dear Director, No more Giraffables please, thank you! Ur borderless buddy, Axl.
Giraffica franchises r blowin' up like dandelions! I'll take a dbl Marius Happy Meal n' a McGrib 2 go! Det hænger mig langt ud af halsen!!
Lemme get a Giraffica, a homemade cherry Danish, some o' them pre-fried Pepper's... Oh! n' a liter of cola!
But seriously, let me get this straight... The Danes killed a 2yr old baby giraffe, chopped it up n' fed him (cont)
Just enjoying the lion's share of some tasty baby Giraffica sliders! Mmmmm! What'll them crazy Danes think of next!
Big thanks to everyone 4 the Bday greetings n' well wishes! Really appreciated! Thanks again!!
Oh well, so much for science! But hey, they still got that karaoke thing going for 'em! Awesome! They're (cont)
.@axlrose weighs in on the @ChiliPeppers' unplugged Super Bowl performance
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Happy New Year's Bitches!!
Hope every1 had a good yr! Wish every1 a Happy New Year n' a better next yr! Peace!! Axl
Big Thanx 2 all r fans, r crew, the band, r friends, families n' all r supporters this last yr n' over the yrs! Happy Holidays! Merry Xmas!
Help spread the word & get clean water to the developing world. $10 gets a child a year's water. #FlashFloodForGood
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Hopin' it's not too late and all the Argentinians are still celebrating. Happy Independence of Argentina. SALUD!