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Avinash Kaushik
iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5? OMG! OMG! How do I choose??? Here, and you're welcome: #you
Social success ≠ Actual business success. A small case study: #realitycheck
A $1.5 million bet on the Scottish referendum: Not a bet, a calculated risk: #datarocks
CFO to CEO: "Why do we have to spend money to train employees? What if they leave us?" CEO: "What if we don't train them and they stay?"
[Just when you thought.....] The Suitsy is a one piece suit:
While we're focused on combating terrorism, US faces potentially a much bigger challenge: Water Wars
The growing gap between the megamillionaire and the millionaire next door:
The secret world of the Dunkin' Donuts franchise kings.
Learn from the very best in NY: The art of data visualization, w/ @junkcharts: NY University: Go, now!
What are some interesting facts about working at Google?: My fav:
10 Foreign Words We Need in English—Illustrated! #awesome
Watch how crayons are made: And, please share with your kids (of all ages!).
[Word of the day:] Twoosh: A perfect, 140 character Tweet on Twitter. #nowyouknow #happytwooshing
[Add your insights!] Rock your mobile site & App reporting and analysis strategy via this how-to guide:
How far should "to each his own" go? #power
Magnificent Mobile Site & App Analytics: Reports, Metrics, How-to! #winbig
Free VOIP calls in Android? Have been dogfooding this, it is awesome! Hangouts Dialer: #canyouhearmenow
[My new post] Magnificent Mobile Site & App Analytics: Reports, Metrics, How-to!
.@google has invested $1.5 Billion in 18 amazing renewable projects, fm wind to solar to water: #green
Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent: #foodforthought
Chew on this: Number of independent bookstores in the US rose by more than 20% between 2009 and 2014!
Programmatic media is confusing, complex, and the future. Here's a simple, insightful, guide: PDF:
“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” -Hemingway
Big data's big promise delivered via big investment? Sadly, not really for marketing:
Hate when your kids eat cotton candy? You can blame a dentist.
17 Of The Most Unusual Beaches Around The World: #travellust
We are using humans as safety nets or backups to computers. That's completely backwards!
Everything we tell ourselves about how busy we are is a lie: #priorities #outcomes #truth
"If Twitter chooses which idiots I see in my stream, I've wasted years carefully selecting those idiots myself!"
The World's Largest Toymaker? Lego! #goodnews
6 things the happiest families all have in common: #nowyouknow
[Absolutely. Must. Read.] How municipalities profit from poverty: #foodforthought #omg
My latest LinkedIn post: Winning On YouTube: 6 Effective Strategies: #practicaladvice #digitalmarketing
Animals will eat just about anything: 2014 X-Ray Contest Winners: My fav, 43.5 socks. Yours?
World's best YouTube channel? All Things Hair: Perfect See, Think, Do:
Excellent eBook by @yoast: Optimize Your WordPress Site: SEO, Usability, Conversions and more!
[30 plus year study!] What your 1st-grade life says about the rest of it: #insights
U know what your problem is? It's the tie! U are not wearing the right color: #easyanswershardquestions
A Beginner’s [In-depth] Guide to Website Speed Optimization:
[Go CA go!!] The happiest states in the US... agree or disagree...
Colgate Total's dangerous chemical ingredient, and the FDA process that approved its use: #yikes
If you remove anonymity, you won’t hear from most of your readers: #privacy
Sure, Give a 9-Year-Old an Uzi: Four Blunt Points:
The finest American lawyers hugged the finest Direct Mkt experts & produced this horrendous baby: h/t @saraclip
Where we donate money vs. diseases that kill us: #effectivemarketing #reality
How Norway has avoided the 'curse of oil': #momoneynomoproblems