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Avinash Kaushik
seo digital marketing 139,132 followers
Why Do Most Dashboards Suck So Much? #bestpractices
Just collateral damage? Shrug and move on? Short post: #heartbreaking
Language and art enthusiasts alert: the A-Z of Unusual Words, illustrated: #incredible #creativity
It's become almost impossible to be the president of the entire United States. #reality
Why Do Most Dashboards Suck So Much? #bestpractices
Awsm example of real-time advertising: Nike Phenomenal Shot: 10 seconds fm action to ads to engagement:
Best practices, examples and the key missing ingredient from your analytics dashboards: My post: #data
[Pls share your tips, best practices, challenges!] My post: How to create glorious digital dashboards:
[New post] Digital Dashboards: Strategic & Tactical: Best Practices, Tips, Examples Pls add ur comments!
A moment of pride... The Humane Society prefers an Analyst with @MarketMotive certification!
"The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress." -Charles Kettering
How Fan Loyalty Changed During the World Cup - H/T @baekdal #dataviz
Head says Germany, heart says Argentina. I'm going with heart: #goargentina #gomessi Good luck to all!
Sign for sale in Salzburg, Austria. Unfair but reflects a sad reality. #life
Can you identify these 90s hits by listening to just one second of music? Freebie: #1 Nirvana.
Ever wondered how a co-worker worked their way up company ranks with seemingly little talent?
The Ecommerce Influence Podcast, with me! "Growing your #ecommerce company to $10mil+" #rockmore
There is no such thing as national honor, or if there is it should be synonymous with national common sense.
Argentina and Germany are in the world cup finals, but Adidas has already won the world cup!
Bored of Earth? Checkout @MarsOneProject Bonus? Did you know there was a .social domain? SM Gurus, rejoice! :)
How To Be Inspired At Work: by the magnificent @mitchjoel
.@Microsoft CEO @satyanadella's manifesto is an excellent read: Bold Ambition & Our Core: #gomsft!
Why shoot for suck less? 8 incredible digital experiences: #marketing #ux #passion #customercentricity
Everything is blue and white for me today! #goargentina #gomessi Good luck to both teams.
Mesmerizing Photos of People Lying in a Week’s Worth of Their Trash: