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现在下课了! 哦我的天哪!
ยาก ยาก ยาก ยาก ยาก มาก ยาก ยาก ยาก ยาก มาก ยาก ยาก ยาก ยาก มาก everybody!(ทำนอง shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot everybody!)
要回家看书 ==“ 学习真的不懂
心情不好 ==” 学习很忙!
There're always humans out there looking half or very identical as someone you know
In this world, there is no one you can trust.
Oh you, who else will adore, love, and care about you better than yourself?
Far from my eyes, far from your heart?
Leverage 10% annually by trading stock? Nah nah I'd rather risk some way else
I've enough frustrations for these very days despite all goodness
My mother is a stalker who stalks me through social media every way she can and add everyone I know. Fuck my life.
Investors in different parts of the US favor different types of stocks
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คือแบบขี้เกียจแต่งหน้า ขี้เกียจเขียนคิ้ว ขี้เกียจไฮไลท์ดั้ง ขี้เกียจติดสติ๊กเกอร์ตา เบื่อ ศัลยกรรมดีมั้ยจะได้จบๆ นำคาญตัวเอง
คือ อยากทำจมูกบ้าง แบบอยากมีซิลิโคนบนหน้าบ้าง แบบขี้เกียจไฮไลท์หน้า ผิดไหมทำไมคนรอบตัวไม่เห็นด้วย
I mean, all of us human I believe 100% hate pimples. Ironically, no scientist comes up w/ ways to prevent pimples...
Life is more important than money. It's useless to be rich and dead... Money is only a tool to saving life.
Monetary circulation globally is all about merchandizing....transaction
Living in the city of peace, not war zone, living in the city where we do not fight over cost of in the city of opportunity
As time goes by, we come to numerous realizations. Most inclusions, you were, you were right
If we cross the river to the other side; that's where my parents fell in love.
I am passing my university now... Thammasat University where I've spent years until now being academically torturous
I can't tell you how high the point of insecurity and inferiority complex I stand... I'm only trying to overcome 'em
China aims to hit carbon emissions peak at around 2030, promises best efforts to realize the target early
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Yogurt, honey, lemon, mixing together! Pour boiled water..Stir...Drink.. oh so refreshing and organic
I read in the internet that this is self detox recipe so I'm trying here now.
Fat people looking thin in photos. Thin people looking fat in photos.
And no more of washing or ironing clothes... So I can cook to inspiration and keep writing my project
Two maids come clean my house today. They'll come clean my house 2 days a week. So happy my house is clean.
I love not having pets, having myself is enough responsibility

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