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Don't you ever rely on anybody cause only you can save yourself
No matter how extraordinary you live your life, no matter how glamorous it has been; it ends someday and you eventually die.
Fruits imported from New Zealand taste so good...I hope I maintain this healthy lifestyle
Let us prioritize those who do the same to us whilst those who don't shouldn't mean as much
my life has been familiarized with water; the glamour under the sky lately
Why would we surround ourselves with study when we can stop wasting time and make money
To suffer believing tragedies endured today were consequences of our karma. To never fight anyone back. To clean your soul and commit no sin
To give without expecting in return, to help every unfortunate, to meditate, and to pray for peace. To want nothing. To be virtue.
To feel money isn't necessarily essential & that eternal peace is to not be reborn to life ever again cos life is suffering..that's Buddhism
To appreciate no praises & to perceive no emotion towards gossips & verbal attacks. To feel nothing, to behave as if you're a stone.
Is it safe to fly over war zones? Where airlines can (and cannot) fly: @EASA @airfrance
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Inhale and exhale and recognize your breath for every second of your time being. That's the ideal of Buddhism.
Buddhism's concept is that emotions are kept neutral i.e. to feel neither happy nor sad, but to feel peace at every step of life
Even psychology teacher said you'd be nuts if you were happy at all time
The time of my life were mistaken and from now on I will spend the rest of my life fixing it
You can't call people stalkers when you are totally openly public
Hello... Is this...unfair?
Today I occupy all restrooms I pass as its been almost 10 times shitting
now seven times of excretion....
6 times of excretion in 6 hours... super diarrhea....
Proper makeup on my face
I do donations, make merits, and pray constantly, I just don't talk about it.
a day of which seventeen were seen
there is no boundary to citizens of the world
ตื่นมาท้องเสีย อึครั้งที่สี่ สู้ตาย ปวดท้องกระเพาะด้วย
เรามาถึงจุดนี้ได้ไง จุดที่ไม่มีที่นอนในห้องนอนตัวเอง บ้านมีห้องน้ำ4ห้อง แต่มีห้องนอนเดียว ไม่มีที่นอน...
Showering twice a day isn't mandatory either
Most days, grooming fail
Want to be electrified
dun worry, I am real
Never get me wrong, I am a good person unless you play it dirty
You will perish and none of the legal components will defend your termination
Whether you like it or not, violence or death may be your consequence.
If you misbehave me, I'll make sure you get desirable paybacks. I stand up for rapid justice.
Life is about justice you don't deserve, but as far as you fight, you will get it right
Me & my bestfriend were crying on our teenage life about how ppl broke our hearts, look now we passed hopeless days & got ring on our finger
Sushi Den Takeaway
I know life isn't perfect yet I try to fix all the flaws
This is one of the most exhausting week for my boyfriend. I am so proud of him. Things are not easy. He is fighting.
I never talk to anyone about it
Feeling dishearten about life
Bring your wallet to a lost island and what's inside there is equivalent to pieces of paper which means nothing
Every minute is occupied
Struggling with excretion...In other words, shit...
I haven't slept in three days
Ideas vanish within clusters of a second
In this world, to be ordinary is to be forgotten

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