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Funny Tweets
You Won't Believe On What You See For The First Time, You Have to Look At These Pictures Twice
When you skip class and try not to look suspicious...
when the bus driver hands me the aux cord
When you finally break out of the friend zone
These Face Tattoos May Haunt You Forever! You Don't Want to Meet #9 In Person!
If Men Don't Have These, They'd Better Be Single Forever! Check Out What Women Looking For.
when people ask me what I wanna do this weekend
These Photos Will Make You Look Twice. And Then Again Before You See It.
When you look at your bank account
#HappyHalloween "Halloween is for dressing up as something you're not. That's why most girls go as something sexy"
when ur teacher looks at u trying to cheat so u just
A Spherical Cat and Some Photoshop Savvy, and Hilarity Ensues.
When you're stalking someone's twitter and trying not to favorite any old tweets
The Little Kids In This Neighborhood Will Never Be The Same After This. OMG.
When you’re being sarcastic and someone asks if you’re being serious
How I feel when I text someone first
23 Creepy Halloween Costumes From The Early 20th Century
trying to convince your mom she's wrong
These Unbelievable Photos are NOT Photoshopped. A Must See.
When you accidentally touch your soul
This is Cody from The Suite life of Zack and Cody... feel old yet?
This Girl's Ability Just Blew My Mind. Wait Til You See What She Can Do... Wow.
When your mom comes and picks you up early from school
The 12 Facebook Posts Everyone is Talking About. A Must See.
How Is Art Like This Even Physically Possible? I'm Seriously Speechless...
"Come with us" They said. "It'll be fun" They said.