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me on the first day of school vs. me on the second day of school
when you're dead and ur crush finally texts u
Check out the 8 Hottest Celebs In Yoga Pants See Gallery Here👉 Here's Jennifer Lawrence😍😍
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First day of school is gonna be like "damn how do i spell my name
I wish more people would realize this
I wanted to taste this so bad when I was little 😂�
When you’re texting in class and don’t wanna get caught
Shouldn't…shouldn't Kanye be in the mirror?? 😹
95% of girls do this. Rt if you agree
let's make this disney selfie drawing the most retweeted disney picture of all time
when the person i like talks to me
These celebrities as kids have me crackin up! 😂 At least there's hope for all of us �
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When ur hungry af but u ain't tryna wash dishes
Celebrities with the best bikini body's --> You'll never guess who is #1 —>
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