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Funny Tweets
When you type "omw" but your iPhone corrects it to "On my way!"
When you touch your soul on accident
me when sandy call me at 3am and im turnt..
when 2 people are having a conversation on twitter but one of their accounts is private
when you and your best friend say the same thing at the same time
Who Needs Photoshop When These 23 Unbelievable Pictures Are Completely REAL? Whoa.
When someone makes u take out ur headphones to say something pointIess
You Won't Believe What McDonald's Serving Around The World.Had No Idea They Were This Creative
walking up to someone flirting with bae like
32 Tattoo Fails So Tragically Embarrassing That These People Should Never Go Outside Again.
looking at pictures of yourself in 6th grade..
When someone calls me ugly and im just like
These Animals Are The Largest Of Their Kind And I Won't Sleep For A Week After Seeing Them.OMG
β€œ you curse too much β€œ Me:
Trix were so much better this way 😩�
Basically how I'm handling life right now
Creepy Looking Right? Can You Guess What It's Made Out Of? The Truth Will Surprise You.
when you wave to somebody and they see you, but they dont wave back
It Looks Like A Boring Box In A Room. But What Came Out Of It Blew My Non-Engineering Mind.
if you flip a photo of bats hanging upside down they look like they’re having a wicked dance-off
These Are the 20 Most Unfortunately Hysterical Advertisement Ever Placed.#4 Had Me In Stitches
Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons Are Actually Quite Disturbing. #14....I Can't Even. Just No.
Can You Spot What's Hidden In These Images? It's Awesome... And Beautiful.
when your mom comes into your room and you have to pretend that you are studying real quick
she has a heart full of gold πŸ’•οΏ½