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Biology Frog
One would think that the moonwalk would look like zero gravity with lots of time in the air. But noooo.
Tonight at @TheLightVegas let's switch things up...
*points at your face*. Is this seat taken?
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new album release strategy: break into people’s houses and leave a CD in their underpants drawer
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Guy sitting next to me on the plane just went to the bathroom with a pair of jeans in hand. He's wearing sweatpants. He's changing pants.
Hey @U2 @iTunes this is the new U2 album plot:
Read dir. @goldwatch's firsthand account of filming @dilatedpeoples' "Worst Comes To Worst" in NYC on 9/7/01.
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The don @catchdini came up with LOW PROS RT @Lawl_Jordan: @atrak Where does Low Pros come from?
yes duh RT @digital_phreak: @atrak are you really the voice behind "Fool's Gooooooold" sample?
I remember thinking that Fool's Gold had a sort of Swan Song ring to it, which was a deciding factor.
The name Fool's Gold is unresolved - my ex and I never agreed on who came up with it, lol. I swore i got it from the Stone Roses song.
The name Sunglasses Is A Must comes from my boy Maink this wild graf writer from Montreal. He was like our yoda.
The name A-Trak was supposed to be a tag because my bro used to write graf and I wanted to but never did (i was 12) and then i started djing
Armand liked the name because it felt like NYC delivery food. DS was always meant to be NY-centric.
I was like WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT because I always used to joke about: is duck sauce sauce for duck or sauce made of duck??
Here's a tidbit: the name Duck Sauce came from our art director @DustLaRock
FLAN RT @Glenn_Mocha: @atrak flan and eggplants are falling out the plane and you have a parachute but can only save one...which do u save?
Secrets revealed.
I'm not actually eating an eggplant right now I just switched off my brain and checked what was the first thing that popped up.
Hey twits I'm on a plane and I just wanted to tell each and every one of you that eggplants (also known as aubergines) are wonderful.
Just testing out this radioactive moisturizer. #instabeauty #makeup #kiehls #beautytips #facial #metrosexual
All my homies in Mexico can now check out the recap from my show in Hermosillo last month:… #Music4Today
Our very own Soho storefront. surface_to_air was lit tonight.
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"I figured the pants have to be so tight that they reduce your sperm count." -@Chromeo…
DAY OFF LA tix can be purchased with NO SERVICE FEE on Thursdays (12-5p) at The Shrine Box office. Get em! more info-
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BANGER ALERT. This @Mat_Zo remix for @Chromeo is sooooo good. Junglist vibes!…
#tbt yes that's me, yes that's a monogrammed towel, yes those are tanning glasses, yes that's a speedo, I have no shame. I just hadn't realized yet that I can't tan.
Huge congrats to my homies @EnNoir on their presentation, looked sooo dope 👌👌✨
also this SBTRKT album completely floored me.
It's so good to have @dfa1979 back in our lives
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Remember that time me & @diplo & @Skrillex dj’ed the @ITSJEREMYSCOTT party unannounced? Tonight? Yea.
A little impromptu soirée.
@Skrillex @atrak @diplo just casually making this night a million times better
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Flantasy is reality
FLAN RT @onebitternigger: Idk if ur still into this but I ate this for you @atrak