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Tune in Thurs., 9/18 from 7-8pm EST to learn how to prepare your pets for a disaster!
Check out this adorable update from Theodore's new forever home!
Zoe's working hard - and playing hard - on the set of our latest photo shoot! #dogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #frenchie #frenchbulldog #dog #dogs
Are your pets ready for a disaster? Join us Thursday to find out: @ASPCA’s #NatlPrep Hangout on 9/18!
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.@ASPCA Tips to Protect Your #Pets Before Disaster Strikes [And What To Do When It Does] |
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We're offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest in a cruelty case in #Florida. Full info:
.@Reuters exposes chicken industry antibiotic misuse! Demand better: #ChickenMonth
Check out of Animal CSI Workshop with @UF!
Thinking about adopting a second dog? @OhBoy_Mom has some advice first! #ASPCAparents
I will be part of @ASPCA’s #NatlPrep Hangout on 9/18 from 7-8pm ET! Join us!
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Do you know what to do if you find injured wildlife, like a squirrel or bird? #FightCruelty
Want to make a difference for animals in your community? Join the Advocacy Brigade!
Make sure your pets are ready for an emergency with these three easy steps: #NatlPrep
Stay up to date on all the latest farm animal welfare news with our latest edition of #ChickenScratch!
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Take the pledge: "If a pet store sells puppies, I won't buy anything there!" #AdoptDontShop…
Who's happy it's Friday? Nila! #adoptASPCA #dogsofinstagram #dog #dogs
We have an adorable update from Aaron's new forever home!
The chicken industry should stop attacking @ASPCA and start meeting consumer demand for humanely raised chicken! #chickenmonth
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And if you want to see more humanely raised chicken sold in your local grocery, tell them! #ChickenMonth
To learn the truth about chicken, why change is needed, and what you can do to help, click here: #ChickenMonth
Thank you for joining our #ChickenMonth chat. We appreciate all of your questions & input!
.@Texas_MUFC Chickens need more. They need room to move, enrichment, better light & dark hours for sleep, among other things. #ChickenMonth
RT @AvilaJorge345: @ASPCA I hate people who treat animals like a thing. #ChickenMonth
Chicken causes more food-borne illness than any meat: One way to fix it is more humane practices. #ChickenMonth
We believe ALL animals should have lives free of suffering. RT if you believe this, too! #Chickenmonth
"We have successfully bred most of the chicken out of the chicken." Here's what farmers have to say. #ChickenMonth
Selective breeding is a "growing" problem in the chicken industry! #ChickenMonth
DID YOU KNOW: Less than 1/3 surveyed ppl trust chicken companies to treat their chickens humanely. #ChickenMonth
DID YOU KNOW: Less than 1/3 surveyed ppl trust chicken companies to treat their chickens humanely. #ChickenMonth
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.@LynseyMeharg Sadly, industry standards do not always make that possible. #ChickenMonth
RT @AaronCDuncan: And, @chicken_supe, I recommend starting your own conversation and hashtags, instead of acting like parasite on...
.@AlyssaRyna Studies and farmer testimonies say otherwise. #ChickenMonth
.@GoldnPlump That site looks familiar. We like the one you copied from better.
.@AaronCDuncan Share our site with your friends to help them make more humane choices! #ChickenMonth
.@AaronCDuncan Chickens are not genetically modified, but selectively bred. We have pushed the chicken too far. #ChickenMonth
.@TheLifeOfARose Our label guide will help you find hormone-free chicken.
chickens and other animals have the right to live a good life. #chickenmonth
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Our label guide makes it easy to find humanely raised chicken in your local grocery store. #ChickenMonth
.@AaronCDuncan By industry standards, sick chickens should be humanely euthanized. This is not always the case. #ChickenMonth
RT @shannoncont: chickens and other animals have the right to live a good life. #chickenmonth
.@AlyssaRyna We support farmers who prioritize animal welfare. Industry obsession w/ speed puts many farms out of business. #ChickenMonth
ALERT: We're currently being bombarded by the chicken industry. Use #chickenmonth to tell them how you feel about factory farming!
.@TMichelleBufkin When chickens are so disproportionate that they cannot stand up, they develop skin sores. #ChickenMonth
Want to see more humanely-raised chicken sold in stores? Click here to tell your local grocery store: #ChickenMonth
.@GoldnPlump Our label guide clarifies that hormones/steroids aren't used on chickens. Common misconception.
.@TMichelleBufkin Farmers we work with are happier raising chickens in more humane conditions.
Please ask your supermarket to carry more humanely raised chicken. Visit to take action. #chickenmonth
.@TMichelleBufkin Studies show modern chickens suffer from dermatitis, lameness & even heart attacks b/c of unbalanced growth. #ChickenMonth