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Jillian Barberie
Green Room @HSN Hope you can join me for an hour at 7 am EST TooFaced !!!!!
Hope you tune into @HSN today at 7 am 10 am 3 pm & 10 pm EST for our @TooFaced Fall launch. We have some amazing deals for your pretty face!
I'm honored! Thx xx NorthChiSox45: My #wcw is the lovely @askjillian !
In his honor I will now operate the first werewolf sanctuary. #EricTheActor #RIPEricTheActor
In honor of #EricTheActor #RIPEricTheActor I am having every mole on my body surgically removed. #NeverForget
Wish I had resolved things with #EricTheActor before this. I grew to to love that little guy over the years even tho he hated my moles.
Awe...... This made me sad..... R.I.P. ERIC THE ACTOR. @sternshow @HowardStern…
Awesome. Everyone clapped at the end! Loved it Very Moving! @batemanjason: I'd love to know what you guys think of #ThisIsWhereILeaveYou
Amazing @KABCRadio show today with a lot of laughs (except for the Professor) Now off to see the new #tinafey flick #ThisIsWhereILeaveYou
Omg @bronk THAT WAS CLASSIC!!!!!!! "don't put me in the elevator" hysterical!!!
#Toronto! Go see my friend @gilbyclarke: tonight 9/19 in Toronto @RockpileClub
LOVE IT! Thank you! Rexican: Gorgeous Jillian, thought you might enjoy this Howard Stern crossword puzzle:
Awe thanks! Miss it too! Onward and upward!! Xx @EvaMorse: @DorothyLucey still miss u and @askjillian on @GDLA :-(”
CANADA!!!!!! Take in this show!! @gilbyclarke: tonight live @ the Atria in Oshawa, ON”
Packed house for our @kabc Radiobroadcast today from Hennesey's Hermosa Beach!
Watch/listen to @Johnnydontlike @askjillian today as new flagship station @KABCRadio broadcasts from @HBHennesseys from Noon–3 pm!
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The Only version of Wonderwall that cuts me deeeeppppp @RyanAdams @butchwalker…
I want to be a villain bitch in a #JamesBond movie who lures 007 into her lair with lethal tatas that shoot darts
#tbt (early edition) hosting @VH1 RockHonors Award Show Red Carpet #vegas. Yes. I interviewed @davegrohl #bliss…
Watching #WishIWasHere movie by @zachbraff ..... what a gem of a movie. Slice of life. Touching and funny...... Entertaining to the end
I LOVE ME SOME @HowardStern @AsHeybub: Thanks for being a "broad", your words! I love that you're such a fan of the Stern Show!
JERRY JERRY JERRY ...... Now THAT was fun @jerryspringer ( how do you not have the little blue check mark?) #bentley #hooker #24years #tv
Hoping to hit the Massey Hall show! @butchwalker: Well........on the road opening @TheRyanAdams' dates in November
Yes if you have a green sticker. @mysocialevents: are u saying that if you have a hybrid that it is legal to ride carpool as a single
Yee Haw!!! My new @Toyota fully loaded #prius just took 25 mins off my commute. Thanks #carpool lane I LOVE IT!!!!! It's the small things.
Every year, California spends $62,300 per prisoner vs. $9,100 per K-12 student. We need more #SchoolsNotPrisons!
Such a beautiful shot of Debbie Harry and Chris Stein by Roberta Bayley, NYC, 1976.
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Adopt don't shop #angelsforanimalrescue b part of movement that helps the voiceless and defenseless! #foster #donate
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Anyone else watching Idiotsitter on the web? It's hysterical!!!!!!! Love @ederazzo is in it...... Its so wrong it's right.
Loved your call!! Can you always be on? Xx MeganMcGlover: Thanks for taking my call had you laughing when I said it's "too hott to screw"
Was Martha Stewart Too Harsh On Gwyneth Paltrow? #PluggedIn panel @bryansafi & @askjillian weigh in - WATCH: #AHLive
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Bed time! I'll be on @LiveAccess tmrw with @billybush @KitHoover and my boy @bryansafi to talk all things #RayRice #domesticviolence
How fab was that day!!!heart you @kymdouglas: great seeing you at baby shower You are as fabulous as ever!
Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope it's epic @jonkhicks: My 25th birthday is today!!”
Its 100 degrees here so it's a whole lot of poolside this weekend! #friends #bbq #bikini #fun #kids
I miss this show! Best 3 weeks lol!!!
Vote for @CityYearLA project to make LA a better place to learn in #LA2050 with @PartnershipLA
I'm a @TooFaced girl for sure. Either no makeup or full on glam gal. I love every moment in between.
Just saw #SkeletonTwins with #Kristenwiig & #BillHader Sweet slice of life movie. Funny, poignant and moving. There. I'm officially a critic
Playing Sarah Palin tape right now where she sounds a tad tipsy. Thoughts? @KABCRadio @Johnnydontlike
Inspiring story from our @KABCRadio co worker Dan who was in South Tower of WTC on 9/11 #911anniversary #NeverForget