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Jillian Barberie
Big Thank You to @jackiejcollins for hanging with me & @Johnnydontlike @KABCRadio Can't wait to read this!
@askjillian "You don't get into trouble -- you live in trouble." - John Wolf Bahahahhahahahhah
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@askjillian Go Green with Us!! Help us to create a happier and healthier planet for our kids and families!!…
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OMG! Thank You kind sir! @Kelvington: @askjillian Your Discs in the mail I'll DM you the tracking! Enjoy!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MI CABRONA @katedelcastillo !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋👙👙👙👙👙👙👙I will see you in Miami!!!!! Xoxoxox
DUDE Thanks @lisafromcali: @askjillian dude, do you kno how much we miss you on tv. we lost our best, most trusted friend. #comeback
Wait..... I'm so confused. Just hope they're happy.
So ..... I'll be in my fav city #Miami Should I do @TheBetsyHotel @fountainbleau ? I wish I still had the condo on 5th & Ocean! #help
Not anymore! Lol @cstevenson7: @TKO365 @askjillian @TheBetsyHotel on Ocean drive has great beach access and is quieter..”
What is the hottest #Miami #hotel ??? Used to be the #Delano when I was there. What's happening now????? @cstevenson7 help! Lol #1993
Just booked a few trips. Let's just say one is family and two is @katedelcastillo #Miami #sexy #myfaboritecity #latina #tropical #southbeach
Tough day in Canada - my thoughts and prayers are with him and his loved ones Cpl. Nathan Cirillo #OttawaShooting
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Thanks Matt! Xx @matthewchadd1: my names Matt I am big fan of you, you are so beautiful I am autistic and got learning difficulties as well
#CatchHell #Misery meets #Deliverance in the age of #socialmedia ..... I love the suspense..... (And @HowardStern reference) @RyanPhillippe
Finally about to see #CatchHell and not just bc I'm in it. @RyanPhillippe directed. #suspense
Thanks @BillyUnger @SpencerBoldman 4 being so kind & good to my kids on #labrats set today. You are good role models
That was a fun sit com!!! @Kelvington: @askjillian Now that is some blown out hair! So lovely! #GoodMorningMiami
@askjillian I love you more then my sardine sandwiches! Want to go get yogurt with me? I bring my own berries!
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Jack you are the best!! I miss you!! Xx @jacksimm: @askjillian I have a set of Skating With Celebrities DVD's for you!”
The shoes are uncomfortable lol @H_Combs: I love to live vicariously thru ur shoes. Close up of my Louboutins””
time for a super buzz @sethrogan Superbad Amazon Instant Video ~ Jonah Hill… via @amazon
THE END OF A MARRIAGE @Sia Zero 7 - Distractions: via @YouTube
MISERY MEETS DELIVERANCE IN THE WORLD OF SOCIAL MEDIA Catch Hell (2014) - Ryan Phillippe Thriller HD: via @YouTube
Thanks Chris! Can't wait !!!!!! @CPetey222: @askjillian see you tomorrow!”
They said the spider was the size of a puppy. Brutal! @ju112969: @askjillian
We are!!! Can't wait until tmrw! @CPetey222: EAST COAST!! THERE'S A BRAND NEW LAB RATS IN LESS THAN 2 HRS!!! WHO'S WATCHING????
Taking kids to see a taping of favorite show #LabRats They can't wait to meet the cast! (I'm now a hero officially) @HalSparks @CPetey222
Yes you do!! Gorgeous baby. @asktheking: I make beautiful Grandkids!! #westindianblood
These were the best of times!!
@askjillian I sent you a DVD of it, you TALKED about it on GDLA! Did you loose the DVD? Go to 20 seconds in! LOL
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Wow! Thank you so kindly!!! @manorguy23: found it. i'm gonna try to re-edit for just your performances and i'll try to put it up on youtube”
If anyone has Skating With Celebrities please let me know! I never dvr'd it (sadly) now my kids want to watch me figure skate on the show.
Lol! I'm def not his type. @LerakeshVizo: @askjillian @KABCRadio @Johnnydontlike you guys banging?”
Yes! Thanks!! Xx Kelvington: Coming Soon! Good Morning Miami on DVD. Is it OK to send it to your work?
Besos mamacita!!!!! Xx @ JackieGilliesTV: @LATINAS_R_iT @askjillian 😘💋”
Awe thank you sweets! Xx @SmMeegan: Jillian...I JUST CANT WATCH (BAD DAY LA) NOT TO BE MEAN. BUT. YOU❤🙌 you made it the funnest & FUNNEST❤💪”