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Asia Argento
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Photo by Helmut Newton, Milan, January 1998
Helmut Newton, Milan January 1998
Photo Helmut Newton, January 1998
In A.D. 1549 such a manifestation was seen around the moon in the Ries and in Swabia on a clear night.
To annihilate one's self is to become yet another dead soul, a walking-wounded, a passive piece of shit.
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"What? Do you suppose the intellect can work separately from the heart?" Ivan Gončarov
The capitalist state is a fascist state that is bent on the very destruction of human psychology.
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@scottderrickson A great film,indeed.I'm sure Santino 'll appear in my dreams some night.Unforgettable movie Thank you.
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@NicolodiDaria A very satisfying thing to hear from the queen of the scream queens.
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@scottderrickson Your film 'Deliver Us from Evil scared Asia and me tonight like.. hell. Long time since I felt so terrorized by a movie!!
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Nothing will ever be the same now that my inner child is back to its atavic primal fears after watching #DeliverUsFromEvil @scottderrickson
@AsiaArgento arriving at Cannes airport to present her new film #INCOMPRESA at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival…
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@pirouette_d: @AsiaArgento my girlfriend in National Geographic 1862” 1992
Oh, the devil will find work for idle hands to do. I stole & I lied just because you asked me to...…
"There must be repressed truth even in lies." Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz & Nena Stachurska, 1931
"There must be repressed truth even in lies." Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz
Stanisław I. Witkiewicz & Nena Stachurska, 1931
Bob is in the house, what're you gonna do?
@EgyptianShumba Washing Their Babies In The Glory River : Born Again For Love Is The Giver : Turn On The LIGHTHOUSE
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A pain, well-known like to eyes – a palm, like to lips – a name of a dear baby. Tsvetaeva, 1924.
I want you to be excited about ma nülaaf.
So excited about ma nülaaf, thank you Dr @milesjayne
Mizoguchi: just another sick rowdy fuck like the rest of us.
#incompresa out in Russia today
We may seem cold, or we may even be the most depressing people you've ever known. We are the last truly Italian people you will ever know.
In 2014, no parent should be reacting like this when learning they have a gay kid. Good job, gofundme:
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"I'm not your brother," says officer tasering black Minnesota man in front of his kids--VIDEO:
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Back in muthafucking Rome, August 29th 2014. Roma Homa Trauma.
You know what they say ma' man ❤️
You're gonna make me lonesome when I'm gone
@AsiaArgento ♥M♥ The why of the world is an answerless riddle Puzzlesome,tiresome,hard to unriddle. To the 17 devils ...Tra,la tra,la..Joyce
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