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Sheshan was Chief election commissioner. He has cleansed election from all kind of vices. Today I see all those vices haunting back .
Good morning . As a reporter I have seen T N Sheshan working and his impact. Today I am missing him in the mist of election.
AAP Nukkad Sabha in Kabir nagar , Varanasi .
Modi is losing in Varanasi that is why he has decided to camp in Varanasi for few days and do road show again .
BJP released manifesto on polling day. Modi did road show on other polling day and now PC with party symbol today.will EC react?
Good morning.How come Modi be allowed to hold a press conference with party symbol on voting day. violation of EC guideline.Will EC react?
If he becomes PM, India will be set on fire: Mamata on Modi
Open letter to Narendra Modi from Captain Batra's mother
Media has lost its credibility. It was not sold like this ever. I wish Prabhash Joshi was alive.
I.I.T se Nandan Mishra 3salon se Sab Kuch Tyag kr Desh k liye kam kr rhe hai BJP ko janta jawab degi
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And who has funded media houses, which party,leader and business house and take action to stop such practice.
Today I demanded in Lucknow a committee of Supreme Court sud investigate paid media allegation in election, identify promoters, editors.
I salute my friends - Ankit and Nandan for showing courage Gandhian way. Did not resort to violent retaliation which they were capable.
This election will be d blackest spot in d history of Indian media. What I am experiencing is horrible.Indian media never stooped so low.
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These are organised attack, fascist in nature. Modi wants a violent India.
Attack on AAP volunteers by BJP goons can't intimidate us but it's sad to see administration in Varanasi keeping quite.
Nandan ko Aaj Varanasi me BJP k Gundon ne Mara usne bataya wo Bahaduri se khada tha Gunde khud Bhage Nandan Ko Salam
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.@narendramodi and his team is one of worst people living in this country...if you guys still voting for BJP...Go to hell #BJPKeGundey
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RT @Donkeyji: करीब 20 लोगों के ग्रुप ने किया हमला. @AamAadmiParty वालंटियरों को पीटा. भेलूपुरा पुलिस स्टेशन में मामला दर्ज. #BJPKeGundey
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The attackers were allegedly from the BJP. Will Varanasi reward attempts which are clearly aimed to intimidate? (2/2)
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क्या #BJP इन हिंसक हमलों से कार्यकर्ताओं का मनोबल तोड़ना चाह रही है?गलत गणना है, बिन पंखों के भी हम आफताब का माथा चूम आते हैं। #BJPkeGundey
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Last of the meetings of Javed Jafri , AAP candidate , in Lucknow.
ये कहाँ की अखबार है?और इसे कौन पड़ता है?यह सब झूठ है।मोदी को बदनाम करने की कोशिश ताकि उनकी जगह राजनाथ PM बन जाएँ।
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Live interaction with students of para medics in Lucknow.
Projection of PM candidate is an attempt to turn Democracy presidential where as ours is a prime ministerial form of governance.Needs debate
Projection Of prime ministerial b4 election is a debatable issue as per constitution elected MPs choose PM in parliament not people outside.
BJP will not respond to Ramdev's rotten statement as it is in its ideology anti woman and anti Dalit.
Good night. In Lucknow. Going to address Nukkad rallies for Javed Bhai . Last day of campaigning .
Now I am in Unnao to address a public meeting and tonight will drive down to Lucknow for tomorrow's road show.
Very good response to Road show by AAP candidate In Kanpur by Mehmood Rehmanj .
Last night had rare opportunity to listen to Great Chhannu Lal Mishra in Varanasi. Thanks Sanjay ji.
Sardar Patel had forced RSS to accept Indian constitution and salute Tiranga in writing to lift ban after the killing of Gandhiji .
Why not in Modi posters Shyama Prasad Mukherjee-Deen Dayal Upadhyaya?Because he knows nation have rejected them.So he is borrowing leaders.
Why Modi is having Gandhi and Patel in his posters ? Why not Hedgewar and Golwalkar ? Because he knows people have rejected them .
Today I am going to Kanpur and Unnao for campaigning . Tomorrow I will be in Lucknow .
Good morning.Last night Modi supporters again tried to disrupt Arvind's Sabha.More they oppose, stronger is our resolve.
In Varanasi the election battle will be mother of all battles . Just watch and wait for upset .
Good morning.Last night has fever and face still little swollen. Will see a doctor today and planning to take half a day rest .
Visited 7 villages in Varanasi, Were told 200 Rs were offered to ride bus and go to Modi road show and petrol to 2 wheelers.
Wow ...Crazy People of Varanasi ..listening Arvind Kejriwal #AAPtimistic
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Visiting villages near Varanasi.People are telling how buses were parked out side villages and were paying 200 each to go Modi road show.
Tremendous response in near by villages of Varanasi . Now I am confident.
Good morning . Today I am feeling better . Had some allergy, swollen face and hands . Tome to go for campaigning .
Today There is Martial Law in Varanasi. Money,Muscle power and security guards all around. Why Modi can't mix with people
Arvind Kejariwal will hold a press conference at 8 am on murderous attack on Somnath Bharti ..
India TV's allegiance with Modi is known . Was attack on Bharti pre planned? When their camera was rolling why they are refusing footage?
It happened in India TV show.As per police has not taken permission fm EC for debate.Now India TV is refusing to give Video.
Bharti was chased with knives, his driver was beaten, wind screens of car was broken. Thanks chaube for saving him.