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जयप्रकाश नारायण के छात्र संघठन का नाम छात्र युवा संघर्ष वाहिनी था, CYSS सिर्फ नाम से ही नहीं काम से भी उससे प्रेरित है #AAPkaCYSS
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AAP youth wing is not a PoliticalaWing instead it's a SocialWing, which will raise voice against Social Injustice #AYWSalutesBhagatSingh
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Changed power equation will bring many break ups in relationships . Shiv Sena and BJP is the first one .
A perspective about Mangalyan worth reading and feel proud --…
कोयला घोटाले के खिलाफ लड़ी गयी लडाई के बड़े योद्धा & @AamAadmiParty पार्टी के नेता प्रशांत भूषण जी का सम्मान समारोह।
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A new revolution has begun. First meeting of AAP Youth Wing today. My God what energy !!!
#AAPkaPrashantBhushan 's speech on 26 Aug duering protest against Coal Scam. when he said both party is guilty..…
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Most funny part is BJP is trying to take credit for Coal cancellation whose govt was also involved in the coalgate..#AAPKaPrashant
Coal Blocks cancellation is vindication of AAP relentless campaign against Corruption. Salute AAP spirit.#AAPKaPrashant
Coalgate was a classic case of loot by all political parties.That is why SC cancelled between 1993 till present.
BJP should not forget that coal blocks allocated during Vajpayee time were also scrapped by SC.
It was AAM Aadmi Party which pursued this coal gate to the hilt. Arvind, Manish,Gopal Rai sat on hunger strike on 26 August to 3 March 2012.
We salute Prashant Bhushan for relentless campaign on coal scam.Mow his efforts have reached to logical conclusion and all but 4 canceled .
Editors'Guild concerns are valid. A transparent and democratic govt does not need to curb informations
As a former member of Editors Guild of India,I understand concerns of guild. What is there that govt does not want media to know ?
Sanjiv Chaturvedi case is a reminder that THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BJP AND CONGRESS.#BJPExposed
True face of BJP. Dr Harshwardhan should be sacked for protecting corrupts and punishing crusader.#BJPExposed
Today AAM Aadmi is super proud. Salute the मंगलकारी Achievement of our scientists .
Modi govt for MNCs-anti middle class- Govt curbs power of regulator to cap HIV, cancer drug prices @timesofindia-…
हरियाणा में बीजेपी के एक नेता हैं जो बीजेपी के टिकट बंटवारे की जांच सीबीआई से करवाना चाहते हैं! ईमानदारी बेमिसाल!…
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Tavleen Singh was a great Modi supporter. Why is she disappointed today? Read and RT…
RT @AAPWomenWingDel: AAP Women meeting Palam.. Inviting every woman in Delhi to come out and join.
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Tickets being sold in Haryana BJP? Shocking. We hope Modiji will intervene. Pl RT…
Incursion in Chumar. China ready for regional war ? Modi govt rolls out red carpet for Xi ? Do I need to say more ?
Modi govt has messed up China policy ?? Why army chief has to call off Bhutan trip !!! Country should know !!!
Nationalism in BJP style ! Insult your own country men and pay respect to those who had fought war with India .
@AAPMumbai team in solidarity with @mayankgandhi04. A big thanks to @aapkipreeti for exposing the whole conspiracy.
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Cong slams Gujarat govt for depicting Arunachal, J&K as disputed territory
I feel v bad for Mayank. Completely false case slapped against him. Mayank, we all r wid u. It may take time but truth will win. God bless u
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I salute Prashant Bhushan for the exemplary courage shown by him .
Gujarat Model .. Development through Photo Shop being applied to Delhi #PhotoShopSarkar
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साथी गॉव-गॉव जा कर जनसंपर्क कर रहे है ताकि मदद पहुचाई जा सके,कई दिनों से घरो में खाना नहीं बना है सरकारी मदद नदारत है
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बाबरपुर विधानसभा में सफाई आंदोलन के पहले चरण में आज से चेतावनी सभा प्रारम्भ ... पहली सभा आज शाम 6 बजे बलबीर नगर में..
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Riding in a metro on Saturday is fun . Relatively calm and comfortable .
आप जो अच्छी बातें मीडिया या भाषण में कहते हैं उन पर एक्शन क्यूँ नहीं लेते? अरविंद केजरीवाल की मोदी को चिट्ठी।…
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Kejriwal is asking Mr PM please speak up. Kucch to bolo Modi mahoday . मोदी महोदय कुछ तो बोलो ।
27 MLAs of AAP wrote to delhi govt to transfer Rs 20 lakhs from each MLA's funds to J&K CM fund. Sources- LG has objected to it. Why?
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Speculation in Congress- deal between Sheela and BJP . Sheela will help BJP form govt in Delhi and BJP govt would not process Sheela cases.
दिल्ली में गंदगी है क्योंकि एमसीडी में बीजेपी का राज है । बीजेपी को भ्रष्टाचार से फ़ुरसत मिले तो कूडां साफ़ हो ।
दिल्ली बीजेपी ने राजधानी को कूडें के ढेर में तब्दील कर दिया है ।
Why BJP lost byelections - my perspective -…
Prashant Bhushan is right in not disclosing name of whistle blower. Disclosure will set bad precedence/will weaken fight Ag corruption.
Modi strolls with Xi, and Chinese army Strolls in Indian territory. Where is BJP's nationalism ?
BJP did not learn lessons from history. Why BJP lost in byelections-an analysis-my column in…
सपोलिया को सरकार वापस लेकर आई, फिर दिल्ली का सचिव बनाया।फिर शीला दीक्षित ने बीजेपी की तारीफ़ की & अब ताई के 650 करोड़ के घोटाले की फाइल गायब
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Rs 650 cr CWG scam & British Hawk jets acquisition files go missing - ideal examples of maximum governance !
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जरुरी नहीं कि सज़दे हो हर वक्त, और उसमे खुदा का नाम आये, जिन्दगी तो खुद एक इबादत है, शर्त ये है कि ये किसी के काम आये... 🌞सुप्रभात...
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