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Asa Akira
Los Angeles! I'm doing a reading at the Sunset Marquis on October 5th- come join me!…
Is the line at Apple in sherman oaks mall too crazy? Should I just wait Til tomorrow?
It's weird that the breasts are the least fatty meat on chickens
I suppose I'm a milf, my babies just didn't make it past the first trimester
Everyone's story is different. I very much enjoyed the @belle_knox documentary:…
Bitches love pumpkin
If u like music, @davidchoe, @quangou, @moneymarkmusic, laughter, & anal sex get the new MANGCHI album for FREE at
I feel more violated by iTunes adding this U2 album to my phone now, than when I got molested by a dude with a ponytail 3 yrs ago
How do I delete this U2 album off my iPhone? I fucking hate them
If I ever used your shower, I peed in it.
It's 8pm, I'm still wearing the same shirt I woke up in, but I assure u I was doing very important work
Which is older, a milf or cougar? Or is milf just a type of cougar? Or r they the same age, just milfs have kids and cougars don't? #science
(Ur job sounds almost as easy as mine) RT @omar713son: we smoke weed all thru our shifts and listen to music on the loudspeakers
What does RadioShack do for the 11 months per year that a new iPhone isn't being released?
Word is that @wickedarmstrong 's HOLLY WOULD starring me and @MissSaintXXX is officially done... SO EXCITED to c it! @WickedPictures
It's no longer cute for me to use the term "grownup." I understand this now.
The only book where my asshole is considered "art," #SnowmanMonkeyBBQ by @davidchoe is available now on
Taking selfies while @TheGirlzOfBlue melt fat off my body at @bluespa ... I'm so LA right now
The moon is having a really great PR year
Nothing makes you sound crazier than defending your sanity
Ironically, my first time in @Playboy is as a writer:
Stayed in a hotel for 4 days and didn't masturbate once. If my scientific calculations are correct, the world is ending.
There's a hooker site falsely advertising a bunch of girls in porn. I just hope whoever's impersonating me is good.
UB40 is Sublime for old people
Guys and Girls 18+, if u think u have what it takes to be a pornstar, follow @TheSxFactor and stay tuned for audition info coming soon
I've officially joined reality porn competition @TheSxFactor as the new host! Awarding the NEXT BIG PORNSTAR w a $1M prize - Could it be u?
Ok it's announcement time! Ready?
In two hours, I'll be announcing something I'm super excited about : )
Big announcement tomorrow!!!!
RT @Playboy: "F**k you. I’m a feminist." - Asa Akira talks labels and gender inequality -
One of the smartest people I've ever met in real life, @choitotheworld 's book "Oh, Never Mind" is hilarious. Here:…
Cum in my pussy when I've forgotten to take my birth control pill for a week straight so I know it's real
A really long @DVDASA press release by @davidchoe followed by a 2hour video :
Aesthetically, there r about 5 diff types of vaginas. But dicks r like snowflakes: all unique. Trust me, I know. Hence dickpic > pussyshot
Celebrity dick pics > Celebrity pussy shots
Real whores work on Labor Day
If I ever favorited your tweet, it was a mistake.
I held a rabbit's prolapsed asshole in my hand today. It was sooooo soft
Feeling Dr. Miguel's fingers in your pussy is worth the abortion. Season 3 of HONG DYNASTY now up exclusively on
Who's ready to watch me fuck @thejessicadrake and @danadearmond LIVE on ?? One more hour!