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Dan Stemkoski
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Reviewing some OGN Hearthstone VODs and watching Doa's dog vs @Artosis' dog round 2. Fight!
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was much fun tonight thanks for coming on @x5_PiG @Liquid_Bunny @FnaticHarstem and Sam for producing! :D
wow, for people who haven't been playing sc for at least ~13 years, go here to see how we used to watch games:…
META tonight with @x5_PiG @FnaticHarstem and @Liquid_Bunny ! 3:30pm CEST / 10:30pm KST. Reddit question thread here:…
Starbow needs you to test some potential changes. Read more here:…
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Little park near the center of Seoul.
Hanging with Pippa at the park :D
Deconstructing Zest's entire game. This +8 pages more of notes so far. Barely started.
Ok I didn't check this but watching #wcs makes me think you should take 2 ovies into a ling/bane/ultra fight vs t to mess up Thor ai?
Watching… - quite nice games and casting by @feardragon64 and @rmdelucua
I can't wait any longer. Is there some way to buy the attack on Titan manga on iPad?
Beautiful little stretch. For a moment you can forget that you are in a giant city.
RT @redbull: Long Form: @day9tv, @Artosis, @AcerMMA + others on the effects of travel on eSports athletes. http://t…
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The Tabletop Episode #3 VOD is up! Gogo! @Ekop1337 vs @KitkatzHS in some epic funny/bm/epic games!…
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The One True Dong. Zergling man. Most Consistent Player. God. This is the last group of the ro16.
Anyone excited about flash today?
META Tuesday normal time (3:30pm CEST), will definitely be talking about WCS quite a bit!
Tabletop is done! Now tune in for Turn2 Episode #35 w/ @Frodan @GnimshTV and guest @Kolento!!
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If youre not watching Tabletop right now you're missing out!rule is players have to insult each other before turn LOL
We are LIVE with The Tabletop Episode #3! @Ekop1337 vs @KitkatzHS in this super duper serious match! @ThatsAdmirable
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In 3 hours we have The Tabletop Episode #3! This week @Ekop1337 vs. @KitkatzHS! w/ Host: @ThatsAdmirable Tune in!
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lovely weather today; finally starting to feel like fall
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[GSL Code S Ro.16] 오늘 저녁 6시, 김정우 선수의 GSL 코드S 16강 놓치지 마세요! Don't miss out the match, effOrt's GSL Code S! 6pm Tonight!
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Today's absolutely ludicrous GSL Code S group.
GSL Code S! - RT pls!!
Just 1 hour till GSL Code S ro16 Group C! Maru, PartinG, INnoVation and Stats play for 2 spots (should be 4 IMO).
cant believe @IEM released the replay pack this quickly. having the sickest awesome morning before GSL.
Not feeling ready for the EU Qualifier this weekend? Book a session with a HUGE discount code! The code is 'HUGE'!
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Check out @JaKaTaKSc2's latest video "TheCheeseCase – Learn to Play Starcraft with Cheese"…
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Still absolutely nothing in the world like getting home.
Hong Kong is so insane. Love it here.
Tasteless and I know how to have fun.
Looking for people to play Starbow with? Join the Starbow ladder tonight!…
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